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Where is Victoria Falls located in Africa?


Victoria falls is the largest waterfall and one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Therefore, many people during all year long, plan a trip to this magical place and you might be one of them too! Maybe not, maybe you just want to know where they are located, but anyway, most of you are here to know where is Victoria falls located in Africa exactly, which country is Victoria falls in, right? Although the Victoria falls river, the Zambezi, is the 4th longest river in Africa and it goes through 6 different countries, the Victoria Falls is only located between these 2 countries: Zimbabwe and Zambia. Which side will you visit?

Location of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe


Victoria falls is situated in the middle of the Zambezi river, right in the border between these two countries.  When talking about its location in Zimbabwe, the Victoria falls are in the northwest of the country, surrounded by two of the most famous national parks in Zimbabwe; Victoria Falls National Park and Zambezi National Park.

For those hoping to stay more than one day in Victoria Falls area and see more of it, less than 3 minutes by car/bus from the main entrance of the park you will find a small town called Victoria Falls. The town is perfectly made for tourists and it´s totally safe if you decide to go for a walk. The only danger you may find are some monkeys and warthogs walking freely in the town!!

Where is Victoria falls located in Zambia?

In the other side, if you are traveling to the part of the Victoria Falls in Zambia, you should know they are situated in the southwest of the country. Being more specific, you will find them in the south of Southern Province. About 11 Km from the town of Livingstone. This side of the Victoria Falls, is again surrounded by the Victoria Falls National Park, locally known as Mosi-oa-tunya National Park, which means the smoke that thunders (the original name of the falls)

Where is Victoria falls located in South Africa?


We know the Victoria Falls aren´t in South Africa, but many people want to see them when traveling there, like we did, therefore this is like a guide for those who are traveling to South Africa and still want to see them.

If you´re traveling with an agency, your options of getting there will depend on them, many times they offer it as an extra. For those who are going by themselves, you´ve three options:

  • The most common one is by plane. Flying from either Cape Town or Johannesburg not only will take you way less time, but it´ll also be more affordable.
  • Your second choice is the famous luxury train that goes from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. It sure seems like a dream trip, but be advised that its price isn´t affordable for everyone.
  • The last option, is by car. For those who´re brave enough to do it, have in mind, that this will probably be a 15-20-hours trip!

Victoria falls location map

For those who don´t have it clear yet, here´s a map so you can see where exactly is the Victoria falls location: