We are Alfonso and Gonzalo, The Traveler Twins,welcome to our blog! Follow us while we explore the world and share the most beautiful destinations through our travel photograpy and videos.


In the traveler twins discovery series, you will find not just the beauty of the different places on earth, but we will also give you the best travel tips and exciting things to do while traveling.

Twins Adventures

Meeting new people, getting to know the cultures and exploring new countries is great, but sometimes things can get really interesting.
Some of our adventures took us to do crazy things, like going from taking cheap flights and sleeping in airports, to staying at one of the best hotels of the city. We never know what´s going to happen, but we know it will be a story to remember. Don´t miss any of the traveler twins adventures!

Travel Photography

We will show you the best travel spots of our trips and we will also talk about how to improve your landscape,cityscape, wildlife and portrait photography skills.