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The Traveler Twins

We are Alfonso and Gonzalo from The Traveler Twins,welcome to our blog!
Twins that travel around the world exploring the most beautiful destinations.

Through our travel photography and videos, we want to inspire others discover what´s out there with their own eyes!



That´s right! We are twins that travel! We have the same age! (that means we both are 22 years old), and we have similar goals! But there is something you all should now about us…

Gonzalo doesn´t feel pain when Alfonso does! Alfonso doesn´t read Gonzalo´s mind! And if Gonzalo dates a twin, Alfonso doesn´t need to date her sister. What we´re trying to say is… we have many things in common, but we aren´t the same person!!

Alfonso has been in 35 countries and Gonzalo in 38 ( so there is a winner… for the moment). Our first stop was Paris (the city of love) when we were just 6 years old, so of course we fell in love. Ever since then, we just can´t stop traveling and now we are dedicating all our time to reach our goal which is to visit every single place of this planet.

We are mainly photographers and film makers and we have been sharing our pictures in our instagram accounts and videos in youtube for some time now, but it wasn´t enough for us. We wanted to tell you with details all about our adventures. That´s the reason why we created this blog, so we hope you guys enjoy them and take advantage of our travel tips!!