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WHAT is INDIA famous for in the world? popular things

What is India famous for in the world?? It´s hard to resume this question right? India is so popular that describing it in a few words is almost impossible. Some people would say India is famous for its chaos, but you can go to the Himalayan mountains of India and find peaceful places.

Others would say India is known for it´s spicy food, but in India you can also find very sweet dishes that are the opposite. And last of all, what we all know is that one of the most famous things in India is the Taj Mahal and its popular monuments… But there are so many that you will be missing a lot of them if you focus on the most popular ones! In order to help you to get to know more about India we have made a list of 10 things India is famous for!

Travel video of India

Before we tell you all about the popular thing in India, you may enjoy watching one of our travel videos of India, from our trip to Gujarat!

What are the famous places in India??


There is a huge list of famous places to visit in India. Everyone in the world knows that India owns one of the seven wonders, the Taj Mahal, which is visited by more than 2/4 million every year and it´s the most famous monument in India. But there is more than that. Just so you can have an idea there are more than 300.000 active mosques in India, more than in any other country. Another of the things why India is famous is because of its temples, you can find more than 2 million temples in India, most of them are impressive. Last of all, India is such a huge country, that you will be able to see the differences from one place to another. Starting from the Himalayan mountains in the north, to big cities like Delhi (with old and modern areas) or places with nice beaches like in Goa.

Other places to visit in India

See below some of the most popular places in India, click to learn about our adventures there and the best tips!!

What is India famous for in food?


On our list of things India is known for in the world, we needed to mention the famous Indian food. Who haven´t heard about the amount of dishes that wears curry. Curry or other spices, Indians really like spices on their dishes.

Indian food is also known for being spicy and we would be lying if we say that´s not true. We spent some time in Gujarat and tried many local dishes and most of them were spicy. But also, they normally have sweet dishes to balance the flavors. Another interesting fact about Indian food is that vegetarian food is really popular. India is one of the countries with a higher vegetarian population.

Some of the most popular Indian dishes are: The Samosas, the Malai Kofta, the Naan (one of their million types of bread) and last of all we can´t forget about their teas, like the Masala Chai.

Different cultures and traditions of India


Indian culture is probably the answer to what is the most famous thing in India! You wont find any place in the world where people experience their culture like in India. We are not talking just about celebrations and festive days, which of course are spectacular. We are talking about their way of eating, their believes and religions, their dressing codes and more…
Imagine how unique is their culture that in some parts of India, when people eat, they do it with their hands, no matter what type of dish they are having or even if they have to eat with sauces. The reason is because God gave them hands to eat with them.

When talking about their clothing you should know that although it is starting to change, people still do it in their day to day. Women wear their colorful saris and men wear dhoti or a kurta.

Famous Indian festivals and celebrations

But for sure…What India is most famous for are their festivals, celebrations and dances! These are celebrated during days or even weeks sometimes! They have their traditional songs and dances which everyone knows. The reason why you would find so many festivals in India is because of the huge variety of cultures and religions you can find in the country.

The most famous festivals of India are: The Diwali, which is known as the festival of lights and people decorate their houses with candles and clay lamps. Another important festival in India is the Holi, which you probably recognize because of the huge use of colors. And other popular festivals are the Navratri, the Dussehra and the Ganesh Chaturthi.

Well known street markets in India


Bazaars and markets are one of those India famous things. If you are planning a trip to India, make sure you don´t forget to visit street markets. These are a little bit stressing as there are just too many people, but we recommend you visiting them. On the street markets of India is where you will find many types of shops, from their traditional food and spices to their clothes and more! For us, visiting the markets is the best way to discover the real India and to get to know the people and their way of living. Some of the best-known markets in India are: Sarojini Market, in Delhi; Baapu Bazaar in Jaipur and the famous Arpora Saturday Night Market in Goa.

Indian Locals and People


Locals and Indian people are on the top of our list of things India is famous for! There is nothing that represents more a country than their people. Some of the most asked questions about Indian people are: Is India safe to visit? Are Indian locals annoying? Did you have any bad experience?

We are not going to lie about this, the chaos of India is real, more in the big cities. That´s why we recommend you to always be aware of your things as pickpocket is more than normal in some places of India.

Other than that, we have never had a bad experience, locals were always nice to us. Mostly when you get out of the big cities is when they will treat you the best. They always smile at you and pose for your cameras and they really appreciate if you smile them back!

Famous Personalities of India


Who is famous in India?? Another of the things India is known for are its famous personalities. On this list of famous people of India, the number one is for sure Mahatma Gandhi. He lead with his non-violence speech to the independence of India. Gandhi is the father of the Indian nation and we truly recommend you learning about his history before going to India, it will make your trip much better.

Other hero to the Indian people is Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, he is the one who made possible the unification of the sates of India, and that´s why the biggest statue in the world is made on his honor, is called: The Statue of Unity.

On the list of famous personalities we can also find singers like Alka Yagnik, or sport players like Virat Kohli a huge Cricket star.

Famous Indian national parks and nature

Some people visit India because of their big cities, locals and festivals, but others visit it because of their great and huge nature areas and national parks.

If you are looking for natural places in India you have all kinds, from amazing beaches to some hidden beautiful lakes. From huge mountain ranges to desertic areas. In India you can also find waterfalls, caves and much more…

If you are choose mountain hikes you should visit the Himalayan mountains of India, if you decide to go to the beach, the best option is to visit Goa. To see waterfalls, the most beautiful ones are the Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya.

This huge variety of nature places make India have a great biodiversity of flora and fauna.

Famous animals in India


Another thin is very famous in India are its aimals. Maybe the jungle book has something to do about it, but who doesn´t know that you can find tigers, huge snakes or even “Baloo” the Asian black bear in India?

Unfortunately, it´s not all beautiful when talking about the famous animals of India. In one hand, the positive argument, which is that there is a huge wild and free land for them and that´s why there is a great variety. On another hand, in many places of India you will see caged animals or abused animals, so be careful when choosing the place to see animals.

Also do not surprise yourself if you find cows on the road or even elephants (not that common nowadays). Monkeys are one of the free and wild animals you will find the most so make sure you treat them with respect.

What is India famous for producing

Although it may not be one of the most famous things about India, India is also known for their production. Some of these products made in India are: The High-end diamonds, in case you didn´t know, India produces a big part of the diamond and gold jewelry sold in the United States and Europe. Another thing produced in India are the spices, the most common ones are the black pepper and the saffron. And when talking about clothes, silk sarees and woolen clothes are made in India.

Other interesting facts about India


Although this was the top 10 on our “What is India known for” list. There are many other things you should know before visiting the country. Here are some other interesting facts about India:

How many official languages are in India?


There are 22 official languages in India, and these are spoken by 95% of the people. But the truth is that in the whole India there are about 19,500 languages or dialects, which is crazy!

Most of the people speak either Hindi or English. Although not everyone speak English for tourist is very easy to communicate as most of them do.

The official currency of India are the Rupees

That´s right the official currency of India are the Rupees. 1 Euro is equal to 78 Rupees.
We recommend you to exchange money at the airport, as the rates are not to bad and is safer.

Bollywood, the Hindi movie industry

One of the things India is most famous for is Bollywood. It began in 1930 and now is one of the biggest empires on the movie industry in the world! It´s based in Mumbai, and in the city you can take a Bollywood tour.

Cricket, the unofficial national sport of India

Although the national sport of India is hockey, the sport that everyone goes crazy about is the cricket. It is like the football for Spanish people or like the American football for the people from United States. Other important sports in India are football, badminton and chess.

Old train network

One of the famous things of India are its trains. You should know that the number of people who takes the train in India is equal to the number of people living in Australia. It´s train system is one of the oldest in the world, but it still connects all the major cities of India.

Hope you enjoyed reading the popular things in India

This is the end of our list of “What is India best known for?”, hope you ennjoyed it. If you have any question or suggestion about the most popular things in India, let us know in the comments!!