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What is Czech Republic famous for?? 25 facts!

When you are travelling to Italy you know Italy is famous for its Pizza and the Colosseum. When you go to France, you first think of the Eiffel Tower. With most of the countries you visit you already have something in your mind that reminds you of it. But what is the Czech Republic known for?? What are the most interesting facts of Czech Republic?? And why is Czech Republic famous?? We are going to solve you these questions with a list of 25 fun facts about Czech Republic!! Let´s see how many of them you already knew!! And let us know if we forget about any other of the famous things Czech Republic is known for!!

Destinations you must visit in Czech Republic

Facts about the famos places of Czech Republic

What Czech Republic is known for is for its famous places and destinations to visit. Many people recognize Czech Republic for its castles, because of Prague, for their national parks, and more… But there are many options when talking about the destinations of Czech Republic. These are some of the facts about the famous places of Czech Republic:

1) Czech Republic is surrounded by mountains

Although Czech Republic is known for having beautiful cities and charming towns, one really cool fact about this country is that the whole area is surrounded by mountains!

2) Czech Republic is known for being the castle capital of the world:

There are over 2000 castles in Czech Republic including the ruins of the old ones. Keeping in mind that Prague castle is the largest castle in the world (7 hectares)

3) Three different regions

Czech Republic is divided in three regions, the two more popular are Bohemia and Moravia. The third region is called Czech Silesia.

4) List of national parks in
Czech Republic:

One of the things Czech Republic is known for are its green areas. There are many gardens and parks, plus there are 4 National parks: 

  1. Krkonoše National Park
  2. Šumava National Park
  3. Podyjí National Park
  4.  České Švýcarsko National Park.

5) List of Unesco world heritage sites in Czech Republic:

There are 14 Unesco world Heritage sites in Czech Republic. The most famous ones are Historic centre of the big cities like Prague or Český Krumlov and some of the castles.

6) There are more than 400 lakes in Czech Republic:

Some of the most famous lakes in Czech Republic are: Macha’s Lake, Black Lake and Hlucin Lake.

What food is Czech Republic famous for?

What food is Czech Republic known for?? The food of Czech Republic is very similar to the one you can find in countries of central Europe. The changes of the borders during the past have made a similar gastronomy between all these countries. But you can still find differences in the different dishes. 

7) Czech Republic beer consumption

In Czech Republic you can find the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. Just so you can have an idea, the famous beer Duff from The Simpsons, is from Czech Republic!

8) Czech food is known for being heavy

The food from Czech Republic is heavy and not really dietary. As an example, hot dishes like soups are really popular to support the cold of the winter months.

9) Some of the most popular Czech dishes are:

The Guláš, which is a variety of beef with onion and horse radish. And another traditional Czech dish and the most common one is the Vepřo knedlo zelo, which is basically roasted pork with pickled cabbage on the side.

What are some of the famous traditions in Czech Republic?

Of course, the traditions are one of the reasons why Czech Republic is famous. From popular dances, to celebrations or big events and more…there are many types of traditions, but this are the most popular ones!

10) Mushroom hunting in Czech Republic

At the beginning picking mushrooms in Czech Republic was one of the main sources of food. Now it has become an important tradition in Czech Republic during the months of May until September.

11) Easter traditions

One of the most famous Easter traditions in Czech Republic, is when girls decorate and paint eggs to give them to the boys during the Easter Monday.

12) Christmas Markets of Czech Republic

On our list of “what´s Czech Republic famous for?” we couldn´t skip their popular markets. Although you may have heard about the Christmas markets of Germany, the truth is that you can also see them in Czech Republic. These markets are the key of the Christmas celebrations. The markets are based on wooden huts decorated with Christmas lights where the locals sell food and hot whine from Czech Republic.

13) Famous Czech Republic
Crystal and Glass

Historically, Czech Republic has always been very famous for its glass and crystal products, which are beautiful and used ofently for decoration.

Important and interesting travel facts about Czech Republic


When travelling to Czech Republic you need to make sure you know which are the essentials for the country. For example, which is the currency of the country, how are the temperatures and if they speak your language or not. Next you will find some of the most important and interesting facts about Czech Republic:

14) The official currency of Czech Republic is the Czech Koruna

Czech Republic is known for being one of those countries that don´t use the Euro in Europe. The Koruna is the official currency of Czech Republic and 1 Czech crown is equal to 0,039 €uros.

15) The language of Czech Republic is the Czech

Everyone speaks Czech as their first language, but don´t worry because many people know English as their second language, and they always try to understand you.

16) Countries bordering Czech Republic

There are 4 countries surrounding Czech Republic which are: Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia.

17) Transport is cheap

If you want to visit more than a few cities of Czech Republic or any of the countries around, don´t worry because travelling by bus or train in Czech Republic is really cheap. You can find cheap offers for about 5-10€ to travel to different cities.

Famous People and history of
Czech Republic

Another of the things we should add on the list of “What is Czech Republic known for” are its famous people and history. There has been many important scientists and sport players in Czech Republic. Plus, the history of Czech Republic has some serious important events that you should know.

18) The Velvet Revolution in 1989

The Velvet Revolution is one of the most important historical facts of the Czech Republic history. Czechoslovakia was dissolved in two different states: Czech Republic and Slovakia.

19) Famous tennis players of
Czech Republic

Starting from Martina Navratilova, who is considered one of the best female tennis players in the history, to Tomáš Berdych another incredible tennis player of Czech Republic.

20) Contact lenses were invented by a Czech chemist

Another really cool Czech Republic interesting facts is about the contact lenses. His name is Otto Wichterle and yes, he is the inventor of the modern soft contact lenses.

Other interesting facts about
Czech Republic:

These are probably not the main reason why Czech Republic is famous. But these are still some interesting and fun facts you may want to know about Czech Republic before visiting it:

21) Czech Aquapalace Praha

In Czech Republic you can find the biggest water park in central Europe, which is for sure a really fun activity to do when visiting the country!

22) Is the Czech Republic safe to visit?


Czech Republic is famous for being the 6th safest country in the world!! Believe it or not if you are looking for a safe country to visit, Czech Republic is your destination!!

23) Czech Republic internet speed

Czech Republic is on the top 10 list of countries with fastest internet speed!

24) One of the oldest Universities in the world, Charles University

Charles University is the oldest university in central Europe and one of the oldest in the world. But it also has a really nice reputation and it´s considered for many the best one in Czech Republic.

25) The famous car brand: Skoda, is from Czech Republic:

Skoda is the largest car manufacturers in Europe. Skoda origins are in 1894 in the city of Mladá Boleslav and it´s one of the 4 oldest brands of cars in the world.