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What is the Uk famous for? : Uk famous things!

When you think about what is the UK famous for? There are some things that come to your mind like: The UK is located in the northwestern coast of Europe. Its one of the strongest countries of  the continent, it has a huge history and you may also think about the many beautiful places you can visit.

As you probably know the UK isn´t going through it´s best days because of the Brexit. But a visit to Great Britain won´t be lees enjoyable because of the Brexit.

Unfortunately, many people thinks only in Enland when talking about the Uk. Here, other than mentioning what is England famous for, we will tell you all about the famous things in Uk.

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What are the “countries” in the UK?


One of the things you probably think when talking about what is the UK famous for is probably the 4 different nations that are in the country. What are the countries in the UK?: England, with the capital in London, Northern Irland which its capital is Belfast, Scotland, capital in Edinburg, and last of all Wales, with Cardiff as the capital of the nation.

Famous mountains and national parks in the Uk!

If you think in places like London is harder to imagine, but actually what the UK is famous for, is for its beautiful national parks and mountains! Being an island separated from the rest of the European continent makes the UK a rich area when talking about landscapes and nature places. There are a lot of fantastic green areas, national parks, cliffs, waterfalls and many more nature elements all over the Great Britain. You will probably recognize some of these places from movies. Here are some of the national parks you need to visit when travelling to the UK:

  • The Fingal´s cave, Isle of Staffa, Scotland.
  • Pistyll Rhaeadr, Powys, Wales
  • Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, England
  • Loch Awe, Scotland
  • The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

Famous places of UK!

Let´s talk about the UK famous places to visit.
Everyone knows about London, which is one of the most famous things in England. Or about Glasgow or Cardiff, some of the biggest and most famous cities in the UK.
The architecture, big buildings, street art, local activities, or beautiful cityscapes are some of the things you will find in the big cities. The best, is that all of them are different.

Although big cities are beautiful, something that stands out in GB are the small towns. The UK is famous for having incredible Medival towns with huge and impressive castles. The most popular towns in the UK are the ones located in England, as York, Oxford or Canterbury.

UK historical places to visit!


You also need to know about the UK famous history and all of the historical places to visit in the UK. As history is another important element on the list of things Uk is famous for! This is shown in many ways, an an example, the cuantity and cuality of their museums. Some of the best museums in the UK are the National Gallery in London, the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburg or the Titanic Belfast in Belfast. But there are also historical famous landmarks and really old castles in the UK, as well as many buildings with a lot of history, like Amberley Castle or Alfred´s Tower.

What is the most popular food in the United Kingdom?

Other than the traditional British tea (In the whole UK, more than 165 million cups of tea per day) or the typical fish and chips dish, there are many more traditional meals in Great Britain. Some of the popular dishes from UK are: The Scotch egg and the steak and kidney pie or other dishes typical from each area, like the Haggis from Scotland or the typical English breakfast.
There are all kind of traditional dishes in th UK? The food is always a great reason why visit the UK!!

The Royal family of Great Britain

We know it may sound like not the best reason why visit the UK, but the truth is that the Royal Family is on the top of our “What is the UK famous for? list. Their historical impact has been huge and a lot of people are big fans of their events! It may or may not be one of your interests, but definitely it´s something to be curious about. Why not visiting the places of the Royal Family and get to know more about it!

Photography in the UK


For us, as photographers and filmmakers, the UK is a paradise. You will find all types of photography possibilities. It´s a perfect place to be creative as there is always something going on. In the big cities you´ll be amazed by all the urban photography opportunities, moody streets everywhere! For Landscape or wildlife photography, the natural parks will make you happy! And if you are looking for events or traditional parties to photograph portraits, places lile London or Manchaseter are the place to be.

Famous Traditions and Sports in the Uk

We could say that UK people are really fanatic of sports and their own traditions. There are many celebrations and they have a different way to celebrate each one of those. As you probably know British live their football games like if it was the last one, but it is not just all about football, they also enjoy Rugby, Cricket and many other sports. When talking about big events, some of the famous celebrations are Burn´s night in Scotland, St David´s day in Wales or St George´s from England.

Brexit Affecting tourism

As we said, there are many reasons why visit the UK, but we cannot forget about the Brexit. If you are from Europe, visiting it before the brexit happens is a must. If the Uk leaves Europe, travelling between the United Kingdom and the rest of the European countries won´t be as easy as it is now. The conditions won´t be the same, and we don´t know how this will affect to their economy. Just as an example…You will need to bring your passport with you…such a tragedy…LOL. Of course, bringing your passport is not a big deal at all, but is just one more change in the Brexit process. It´s all really confusing for the moment, and no one knows what will happen, so we would recommend you visit the UK before the Brexit happens.

Flights after Brexit

Last of all, the UK is famous for having some of THE CHEAPEST FLIGHTS IN THE WORLD. Yes, you heard us right! London is one of the cities with the cheapest offers. Which makes it be the perfect place to stop by and get another plane to somewhere in the world. But unfortunately, this could be over soon! With the Brexit happening the flights between Europe and Great Bretain will be more expensive for sure. We would need to find another place to stop by when booking flights. That´s one reason more why visit the UK. The time to visit Great Bretain is now!

Enjoy visiting the Uk

That´s all about our “What is Britain famous for”. Hope now you are more prepared to visit the country and you know all the famous things in Uk! If you have any other question or suggeestion, let us know in the comments!