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What is China famous for?

What is China famous for? Pandas, Dragons and the Grat Wall are the first things that come to our minds, but there is much more. China is one of the most surprising destinations we have been too and that´s why today we are going to deep into all the famous Chinese things:

This is why we love China!

🏯 China is famous for its popular places


If you are doing a list about te popular things in China, the first thing you must mention are their incredible places.

Since China is such a huge country, you will find all kinds of places all over the country. No matter if you like to visit hidden gems, natural atmospheres or ancient temples, you wil be able to see them all in China.

We could spend hours talking about the popular places of China, but believe us, the list is endless. To make your life easier, have selected the top 3 most famous places in China. You must visit them!

🏯 1) The Great wall of China


Without any doubt, the Great Wall is by far one of the most famous Chinese things (if not the most).

The Great Wall of China is known for being one of the 7 wonders in the world, and just so you can have an idea of its popularity, it receivesmore than 10 million visitors per year!

It has a length of 21,196 kilometers (impressive right?), and although some parts are not very well conserved, others have been rapaired and we totally recommend you visiting them.

2) The Forbidden City


Another of the famous things from China is the Forbidden City. This popular landmark of China is located right in the center of Beijing and it´s a must if you travel to the capital of the country.

Of course, the Forbidden city is recognised as an Uneso World Heritage, plus it is known for being the world´s largest imperial palace.

Since the palace is very well located, it has way more visitors than the great wall. Around 20 million people visit the Forbidden City every year.

3) Terracota Army


We are going to continue our “What is China most famous for?” list, with the Terracota Army, which is for sure another of the most visited places in China.

The Terracota Army is also a World Heritage Site, and it´s a collection of sculptures that were built over 2000 years ago with the intention of guarding the emperor Qin Shi Huang after his death

The Terracota warriors were discovered in 1974 by local farmers, and now you can actually visit this historical wonder of China located very close to Xi’an.

🎎 What are Chinese known for?

Another of the reasons why China is famous is their people. Chinese people are known all over the world, plus they are so many that you will see them spreading its culture not only in China, but also in other countries.


There are many stereotypes about the people from China, and some of them are not so good. Let´s see what are Chinese famous for:

4) Largest population in the world


China is well known for their crowds and for having the largest population in the world.

There are more than 1.3 BILLION people living in China, just so you can have an idea how crazy is that, about 19% of the world´s total population is from China.

Although the government tried to reduce the population with very strict laws like the one-child policy (until 2015), these didn´t work too well and the number it´s still increasing nowadays

The crowdest cities are Shanghai with over 24 million people and Beijing with around 21 million

5) There are over 50 Ethnic groups


One of the results of being so many people in the country is that there are also many ethnic groups. Being more concrete, there are 56 ethnic groups living in China.

Although some of them are very small, the majority still have their own culture, with an unique writing system and language.

The largest ethnic group is the Han, which is formed by over a 90% of China´s population. There are other important groups like the Zhuang and the Miao.

6) Languages and dialects in China


Of course, Chinese are known for speaking the standard Chinese, but there are up to 300 hundred different laguages in China.

About 92% of the Chinese population speak the standard Chinese, which is based on central Mandarin. All the related languages are a variation of the Mandarin and they are known as Hanyu.

Other than that, there are around 300 minor languages that are spoken only by 8% of the people in China. Some of the most popular are: Tibetan, Zhugang and Mongolian.

🐲 Interesting things about Chinese culture

The culture is another of the popular Chinese things. Chinese culture is so unique that many tourists visit the country not to see their beautiful places or to try their delicious food, they go to China to experience their culture, to see how is their daily life or to find out how they celebrate important festivities.


Next we will tell you some important facts from the Chinese culture. You will be surprised:

7) Feng Shui


First of all, you should know that the Feng Shui is an ancient art and science that originated in China over 3000 years ago, and now it´s one of the most typical Chinese things.

Feng means wind and Shui meas water, as these two elements are always associated with good health in China.

The practice of Feng Shui it´s done to have a good fortune and prevent the bad luck. It´s said that the earth has energy and with the Feng Shui, you will balance these two elements, which will give you good health and fortune.

8) What does the dragon represent in chinese culture?


We couldn´t forget the dragon when talking about the famous things in China. The symbol of dragon is used everywhere in China: Festivals, art, legends, astronomy…

Well, the main reason why dragons are so important for Chinese people is because they are a symbol of being powerful, lucky and noble.

A random fact about the importance of Dragon in the Chinese culture is that the emperors were known as the sons of dragons in the ancient China

9) China is one of the ancient civilizations


Here is one of those great things about China that you probably didn´t know… China is one of the FOUR ancient civilizations.

This means that there has been official documentation of China´s history for over 3,000 years

The other three ancient civilizations are: The Babylonian, the Mayan and the Egyptian.

🥢 What food is China known for?

If someone ever asks you what is popular in china? You will never be wrong mentioning the Chinese food. The food of China is known all over the world, you can actually find a Chinese restaurant almost in every country and yes, their dishes are all tasty.


Let´s learn a little beat more about the food from China and about why it´s so popular all over the world:

10) Chinese food is different in China than in your country


We are pretty sure that we are not the only ones who had this experience, but before going to China we had a completely different idea of how Chinese food tastes

There are Chinese restaurants all over the world, but in each country the food it´s done in a different way to adapt it to the country.

That´s the reason why when you try the authentic Chinese food from China you realise about how different is from the one you have tried in you country. Anyway, both are delicious!

11) The use of chopsticks in China


Another of the famous things of China is the use of chopsticks. Have you tried eating with them? it´s hard, but not impossible

It is said that chopsticks were invented in China more than 6000 years ago, and the reason it was because they thought it would be better to use the sticks instead of the fingers and the hands.

Although you can order a fork and a spoon in a Chinese restaurant, the people from China keeps using the chopsticks nowadays.

12) They drink hot water!


It may be surprising to you, but in China drinking hot water it the common way…and not just water, almost every drink

No matter if it´s winter or summer, Chinese people prefer to drink hot beverages in the majoriy of the cases, as it´s better for your health.

The hot water will increase your blood circulation and it will als help detoxify your body, while the cold drinks causes the opposite effects… I guess they have good reasons to drink hot drinks

🌏 China is known for its geography facts

Why China is famous in the world? we would definitely say something related with its geography. We could mention its huge size or the fact that the himalayan mountains pass through the country, or maybe some of their important rivers like the Yangtsé or the Yellow sea.


There are many interesting facts about the Chinese geography, but the next two are by far the most important ones

13) China is the third largest country in the world


How big is China?? The size of China is 9.6 million square kilometers and it owns a coastline of 18,000 kilometers. That´s why when you see China on the map of the world, you feel like it covers the whole map!!

After Russia and Canada, China is the third largest country in the world, and that´s basically the reason why you can find so many different types of weather and landscapes

14) China has the most international borders


Another of the most curious and best things about China, is that it´s the country with most international borders in the world

With 14, China is tied with Russia in countries with most borders, something that makes sense, as they are two of the biggest countries.

Those 14 countries that border China are: Nepal, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Bhutan, India, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Vietnam.

🐼 Animals that are unique to China

We can´t forget that one of the reasons why China is famous in the world are its animals. The advantage of being such a huge country, is that there are all kinds of flora and fauna


Some of the animals that are native from China are the clouded leopard, the Golden snub-nosed monkey, the red panda, and of course the animals know for being one the most iconic chinese things…the giant panda

15) China is famous for being the home of Pandas


We told you earlier about the Great Wall and it´s true that is one of the most famous things about China, but if there is one thing that can compete with it, that is the Giant Panda

The Giant Panda is an endemic animal from China that unfortunately is in danger of being extinct. There are only around 2000 pandas left and that´s why we should not promote the zoo´s and let them enjoy their freedom in their natural habitats.

🏮 Other things associated with China

We just told you some of the most important facts about China, but there are many other things related to China that you should keep in mind before doing a trip there

16) Chinese traditional clothing


If you know a little bit from the Chinese clothing, you probably know that it has changed a lot during the years, but there is one that reminds as traditional from the country and it keeps being used nowadays

We are talking about the Chinese suit known as Cheongsam for women and Tang Zhuang for men

This clothes are not only famous for being stylish, but for being the some of the most comfortable clothes in the world

17) The Chinese zodiac:


One of the things China is famous for is the Chinese zodiac. It is also known as Shengxiao, which means birth likeness and now it´s popular all over the world.

The Chinese Zodiac tends to be compared with the Western Zodiac System, and its main difference is that the Chinese zodiac correlates with 12 years instead of 12 months

Each of these 12 years is associated with an animal and its attributes

18) Kung Fu and Martial arts:


To answer why is China famous, you can always say that China is famous for its martial arts and of course the Kung Fu.

These arts are sometimes confused with Karate or taekwondo because of its similarity, but they are very different sports.

The Kung Fu is famous basically because is shown in many movies, who have never heard of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or the most recent one Kung Fu Panda.

19) Famous temples in China


Of course you can´t miss the Chinese temples when asking yourself what is famous in China? China is well known for these famous buildings as it has a big importance in the Buddhist heritage and its culture.

They are also an important part of the Chinese history. Some of the most famous temples in China are:

  • The Temple of Heaven in Beijing.
  • The Nanshan temple in Sanya
  • Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou
  • Yonghe Lama Temple, Beijing
  • South Putuo Temple, Xiamen.

20) What is China known for producing


We needed to finish our “What is china best known for” list with one of the most common topics about China, their production.

Who have never seen a product that “is made in China”, We see it everyday with many many products, and that´s basically because they produce all kind of products and they offer really cheap prices

This is actually the reason why nowadays China has become one of the richest countries in the world

Hope you enjoyed learning about the famous Chinese things

These were some of the most famous Chinese things you should know! We are sure there are many more things related to China!! If you have any suggestion to our “What is China popular for?” we would love to know about it!

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