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What is CHINA FAMOUS for: things china is known for


What is China famous for? When we all think about what is China known for around the world, the things that come to our minds are its hard language and the millions of people walking on the streets. We also think about the typical Chinese temples and about their mystical songs. Other people would say China is famous for their Pandas, their believes on dragons or their delicious noodles.

But if your mind stops there, if you think these are the only things China is known for, then you are missing out. China is one of the most surprising destinations we have been too. In despite of being such a famous country, everything about the Chinese culture and about their famous places is different when you get to see it. That´s why we want to go deep into
What is China mostknown for:

What are China most famous places to visit?


One our list of “What is China famous for” we should include the China most famous places to visit!! The best of being a huge country, is that in China you will never get bored of visiting new places. From the big cities of China, to small towns and from natural areas and national parks, to the Oriental Hawaii…. The list would never end! China is really big and that means there is an amazing variety of places you can find there. Not matter if you are the type of tourist that likes to see the most famous places or if you are the one who likes to get lost in undiscovered destinations. China will always have what you are looking for!

5 Most famous places in China:

As it is so hard to decide which ones to visit, we have decided to do a list with the top 5 most beautiful and famous places in China:



It may be a cliché, but not mentioning Beijing would be a crime. There are of course good and bad things about Beijing, but if you don´t mind getting to know the culture you wont mind the crowds either.

Enjoying the great atmosphere of the capital of China is a must. There are many people on the streets and it´s all chaotic, but when you see it for the first time, it´s impressive. Another great thing about Beijing are the surroundings, where you can find a lot of nature. Plus in Beijing you will find some of China´s famous landmarks.

The worst part, of course, it is how poluted the whole city is. The two days we spent in the city, we had a kind of fog covering the city the whole time.


In case you didn´t know, Shanghai is China´s largest city. Shanghai is a modern city and you will probably recognize it because of its famous skyline and huge buildings. Although that´s a very interesting thing to see if you like architecture, usually what everyone enjoy the most about Shanghai, are the water towns that surround it. These small towns are like the Chinese venice and they have canals all over!



Sanya, known as the Oriental Hawaii, is located in Hainan province, in the south east of China. It´s a very popular destination for Chinese and Russian people, but it isn´t so famous in other countries. It´s a paradise place with beautiful beaches, a lot of palm trees and mountains that surround the area. We spent there three weeks and had a wonderful time.


It´s totally different from the places we have talked before. It´s one of the most famous china natural wonders. You probably have seen many photos from this place on Instagram, but if not, you may know it from the Avatar movie. The most known part of Zhangjiajie is the National forest park, it´s where you will find the landscape with many big rock columns that almost look like if they were floating on the air.


Yangshuo is also a very famous destination in China. An interesting thing about Yangshuo is that it´s really cheap. Of course you are not going to go just because it is cheap right? Well the real reason why Yangshuo is worth visiting is its epic natural sight. This place is called Guilin and the shapes of their mountains will make you feel like you were in Vietnam.

Famous landmarks in China


A lot of China famous landmarks are very well known all over the world. You will find most of them in the capital, places like the Temple of Heaven, Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City or the Great Wall, are icons of China. But there are many more spread all over the country, like The Bund of Shanghai, the Terracotta Muesum in Xian… Which are your favourite landmarks in China?

Famous mountains in China

Once again people tend to judge the places just by what they have heard. In this case, many people believe China only has big cities and temples. But the truth is that you can find many natural parks and huge mountains to do hikes. Most of the highest mountains in the world, the 8000´s are located either in China or bordering China. One example of it, is the Everest mountain, which is bordering the country and there is even a chinese side. Another example is Mt. Qogir, the second highest mountain on earth. Other than the highest ones, you can also find mountains that are famous because of their landscape views, for example, the Yellow Mountain or Mt. Taishan.

Famous temples in China


Of course you can´t miss the Chinese temples when asking yourself what is famous in China? Due to the many movies that have been filmed about chinese culture, China is well known for these famous buildings. The importance of the famous temples in China is huge as it´s a big deal in the Buddhist heritage and its culture. But not just that, they are also an important part of the Chinese history. Some of the most famous temples in China are:

  • The Temple of Heaven in Beijing.
  • The Nanshan temple in Sanya
  • Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou
  • Yonghe Lama Temple, Beijing
  • South Putuo Temple, Xiamen.

What food is China famous for?

If we had to choose one thing that China is famous for, that would be food. Everyone have tried the famous Chinese food or a variation of it. And of course, we all have done one of the most typical Chinese things, eat with the sticks (hard right?). We could easily say, Chinese is the most famous food in the world (sharing the 1st place with Italian food, of course)

Although most of us have tried it, what you don´t know is that Chinese food is way different in your country than in China. As it happens with many other international dishes, we adapt them to our taste. Therefore, if you eat Chinese food in the United States, for example, it will be totally different than if you eat it in China.

That said, if you travel to China, the most famous chinese food you should try is: Sweet and Sour Pork, Spring Rolls (our favourite), Chow Mein (fried noodles) and the Dim Sums.

What is the geographical location of China

One of the things China is famous for is because its location and the size of the country. China is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada.

How big is China?? The size of China is 9.6 million square kilometers and it owns a coastline of 18,000 kilometers. That´s why when you see China on the map of the world, you feel like it covers the whole map!!

But the best of China geographical location, is that there are many possibilities to travel to the country, just so you know there are 14 countires that border China.

What countries surround China? Russia, North Korea,
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Mongolia, Laos and Vietnam

Other things China is famous for

These were just some of the main popular things in China, but there are way more. Other interesting facts about China are:

The Chinese zodiac:

One of the most popular things associated with China is the Chinese zodiac. Everyone wants to know the animal and the attributes you own depending on when where you borned.

Feng Shui:

The Feng Shui is one of the most famous things in China. It´s an ancient art and science originated in China more than 3000 years ago. The Feng Shui it´s used to bring good fortune, but it can also give you bad one. It´s related with the wind and water and it is based on a good balance of elements in life.

Kung Fu and Martial arts:

These arts are sometimes confused with Karate because of its similarity. The Kung Fu is famous basically because is shown in many movies, who have never heard of Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? The Kung Fu is for sure one of the things China is most famous for!

Hope you enjoyed learning about why is China famous!

These were some of the most famous Chinese things you should know! We are sure there are many more things related to China!! If you have any suggestion to our “What is China popular for?” we would love to know about it!