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What is Turkey famous for?

What´s the first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about Turkey? In our case, the main thing why Turkey is famous now a days, is Cappadocia. We can tell you, that if you open Instagram right now, in less than 5 minutes you will see a picture of that place. If it isn´t Cappadocia, then it would be a photo of the famous Turkey Tea, which is also all over the place. Maybe it´s none of those for you, it´s possible that you had something different in mind, as there are many famous things in Turkey, but that´s what we are here for! Below you will find our “What is Turkey famous for?” list, with all the popular and known things about this country!

What famous places are worth visiting in Turkey?


When you´re wondering about what Turkey is known for, you end up thinking about special places like Cappadocia or Pammukale. But there is much more, Turkey is known for having a huge variety and type of places!

From amazing beaches through its more than 8000km of coastline to big mountain ranges, including Mount Arat (over 5000 meters). You can also go to places like Istanbul or Ankara which are the most famous cities in Turkey to visit. 

Other Turkey famous places that are worth visiting are the ruins of Ephesus or national parks like the Munzur Valley. 

Below, you will find our experiences in some of the places we have been while traveling Turkey:

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What food is Turkey famous for?


One of the most important things Turkey is famous for, is its food. Even if you are not a foodie, we are sure you know about one of the most popular Turkish dishes, which is the kebab. For those who enjoy spicy food, we advise you t try the Adana Kebabs, they are pretty good.

Another thing you may have heard about, are its famous Turkish teas, they are well known all over the world and we totally recommend you trying them.
When you go to a restaurant in Turkey, something you should also try are their yogurts. 

To finish with the desserts, you should know that Turkish people add pistachio on every single dessert…Good luck if you are allergic! 

Other than that, you will love the Turkish cuisine! (it´s for sure one of the best things about Turkey). Let us know which one is your favourite dish!

Turkey is famous for it´s geographical location

On the top of our list of interesting things about Turkey, you will find its geographical location, which is one of the biggest reasons why Turkey is famous. 

The country of Turkey is located between east of Europe and the west of Asia. Therefore, Turkey is one of the few places on earth divided in two different continents. How cool is that? You can visit two continents in less than one hour!

Istanbul is one of the places that divides the two continents. This makes Turkey unique, as you will be able to see a great diversity all over the city, in the people and in their cultures. 

The country is surrounded by eight different countries: Iraq, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria, which makes it even a more globalized country.

Turkey´s location on the map:

What are the famous mosques of Turkey?


We are sure that if you ask someone “what is Turkey best known for?”, they would all say their mosques. Although it´s true that these monuments are used to pray, the famous mosques of Turkey are also a huge inspiration for the Islamic art. They are well known all over the world.

The beautiful paintings on the interiors and their domes and minarets on the exterior, make these buildings truly unique. 

Imagine how important these mosques are, that some of them are on the list of world UNESCO heritage sites in Turkey, like the Selimiye Mosque. The mosques are for sure one of the best Turkey points of interest.

What is Turkey famous for shopping?


Believe it or not, the country of Turkey is known for its products. That means many people takes the opportunity of visiting it to go shopping.

The best places to go shopping are the famous markets and bazaars of Turkey. There you will find everything you need. Plus, its local vibe is really authentic and it´s worth seeing.

Some of the most popular products of these markets are the hand-painted ceramics (which are very traditional), the famous Turkish carpets and their lamps. Of course, many people also take the chance to buy spices at the food market.

What is Turkey known for producing?

The ones we mention before are products typical for tourists. Things you will find when you visit Turkey in markets and shops. But other than that, you should know What is Turkey famous for producing? Since they export many important goods to other countries. 

Vehicles, computer machinery, iron and steel, gems and clothing articles are on the list of top things Turkey is known for producing.

Is it safe to travel to Turkey?

Unfortunately, we need to add a bad thing on our list of things Turkey is known for. As you may have heard, Turkey is also known for not being the safest country. 

That´s why before doing a trip to Turkey, we all wonder if it´s safe to travel there or not. When we visited the country, it was all good. Although terrorist attacks are still happening, the tourist’s areas are normally very safe.

History of Turkey country

Turkey is also very famous for it´s history. There has been many successions and many changes of empires, it has been a country dominated by the Persians, by the Greeks and by the Romans.

Turkey was known as the Byzantine Empire. All the empires have left their legacy and that´s one of the reasons why Turkey is full of history and knowledge and has so many cultures sharing the country. The Ottoman empire was the one who influenced the Islam through the whole country. After they fall in 1918, turkey become into a more modern country.

Now Turkish are 99% Muslims and have a powerful language that everyone speaks in the country.

Other interesting facts about Turkey (the country)


These were the important famous things about Turkey, which are very useful when you are planning a trip. But there are also some random but interesting facts about Turkey that we are sure you would love to know!

Hair transplant surgery in Turkey

We saw many bold people with a headband at the airport, and although we didn´t know back then, apparently Turkey is popular for having very cheap offers for hair transplants. It´s not one of those Turkey attractions to visit, but it´s for sure one of the main reasons why tourists visit the country.

Santa Claus is from Turkey!

We are sure most of you didn´t know about this one, but… Santa Claus is from Turkey! It´s totally random, but it is said that San Nicholas was born in Patara, Turkey.

The world’s second oldest underground railway is Tünel

It´s from 1875 and it´s the second oldest underground railway in the world, right after the one in London. It´s the Tünel underground funicular and surprisingly it´s still working nowadays!

Tulips were not introduced by Netherlands

Some interesting information about Turkey is that Although everyone thinks that tulips are from Holland, the truth is that its origin is not known. The only thing we know is that the Ottomans were the ones who made this flower so popular.

Turkey tourism

You probably didn´t know about this, but Turky was in 2014 the 6th country in the world with more tourism. It used to have about 42 million visitors per year. And in just two years Turkey tourism suffered a stong decline to just 25 million. During the last years the tourism in Turkey is increasing again.

Turkey own two of the 7 wonders of the ancient world

Two of the 7 wonders of the ancient world are from in Turkey, but now you can only see its ruins. These are the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

There is just one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world that is still standing and these are the Pyramids of Egypt

Enjoy the best of Turkey!!


That´s all about Turkey, hope you enjoyed reading about “What is Turkey known for?” and if you are visiting it soon, have a wonderful trip!!