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What is Turkey known for?

Turkey is famous for its incredible wonders like Capadoccia or the Pamukkale cotton castle, for their kebabs and tasty food, for its incredible bazaars, and of course, another of the things Turkey is known for is its geographical location.

What do you want to know about Turkey?

Right after this, we will start with our list of popular things in Turkey, but in case you are interested in any of these subjects, just click in the pictures to learn more about it:

10 Famous things in Turkey


Turkey is a huge country with an enormous cultural diversity and traditions, that´s why telling you all the popular things about Turkey is almost impossible. To make it easier for you, we have decided to do a list with the 10 reasons why Turkey is famous:

1) Cappadocia


The only way to start our “What is Turkey known for” list, is with their most popular nature wonder: Cappadocia.

Cappadocia is a region of Turkey known for its topography and its weird and incredible rock formations. These “fairy chimneys” made Cappadocia be one of the most visited places in Turkey and the best place to have a hot air balloon experience in the world.

This region is also very unique in Turkey because many photographers, artists, and even film directors use it for their sets or as an inspirational place.

2) Turkey is known for its tea


Visiting Turkey and not trying their delicious Turkish teas is like a crime, you will seriously regret it!

Although many people tend to think that the typical drink of Turkey is the coffee, the one they drink the most (all the time) is the tea, and is the one you must try.

The Turkish tea is popular for its red colour, and one thing you should know is that locals normally add to it about 3/4 sugar cubes.

3) A mosque paradise


Another of the most iconic Turkish things are their mosques. Many people think there are only huge and incredible mosques in Istanbul, but you will also see them in many other cities of Turkey.

Nowadays the mosques of Turkey are not only a religious symbol used as a praying temple for the locals. These are also touristic attractions and a huge inspiration for the islamic art.

Their beautiful paintings on the inside, and their domes and minaretes are some of the reasons why these buildings are so beautiful. Some of the most famous mosques in Turkey are Hagia Sophia or the Blue Mosque. They are considered one of the best Turkey points of interest.

4) Shopping at the Turkish Bazaars


What is Turkey famous for shopping? Well, first of all, you should know that one of the main reasons why tourists visit Turkey is to go shopping there and find unique deals and products.

You may already know about the Grand Bazaar, which is by the way, one of the oldest and largest covered markets in the world. It has more than 4.000 shops and we can guarantee you that you will find everything you need there. It´s located in Istanbul

The most popular products of Turkey are the carpets and the Turkish lamps. Carpets are very traditional and although nowadays you will find cheaper versions, they are normally handmade, which makes them very unique. On the other side, the lamps are all over the street markets of Turkey, they are very colorful and decorative.

5) Turkey is famous for its geographical location


One of the most interesting things about Turkey is related to its greographical location. It´s true that Turkey is a really big country, but what makes it so famous is the fact that is divided in two different continents.

That´s right, Turkey is one of the few countries that it´s located in two continents, part is in Asia and another part is in Europe and it´s division is in Istanbul. You can actually go from Europe to Asia in less than one hour…Crazy right?

Other than that, Turkey is a country surround by 8 different countries: Iraq, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Syria, which makes it even a more globalized country.

6) Hair transplant surgery in Turkey


Another of the things to know about turkey country is related to hair transplant. On our way back home when we visited Turkey last year, we saw many bold people with a band on their head, we didn´t know back then, but apparently Turkey is popular for having very cheap offers for hair transplants.

Although it´s not like a major tourist attraction, the truth is that the hair transplant is one of the reasons why many people travel to Turkey, as doing a trip there it´s cheaper than making the hair transplant at your own country.

You get the surgery done in a cheaper way and you get to travel to a new country, it doesn´t sound too bad right?

7) Kebabs are a must try


This “What is Turkey best known for” list, would not make sense at all if we wouldn´t add the kebabs. We all know what kebabs are and also most of us have tried if before (at least once).

Kebabs are referred to any dish of meat, fish or vegetables which is roasted on a rotisserie or grilled using a skewer. Nowadays you can eat kebabs all over the world, but the origin comes from Turkey.

As soon as you travel to Turkey, you will realise that there many kebab places (at least one in each street), but what is most impressive, they have kebabs of all kinds: From the most traditional kebabs to the spicy ones or even some for vegan people. You need to try this Turkey speciality

8) The Souvenir Evil Eye


We told you earlier about the Grand Bazaar and about the streets markets of Turkey, but of all of the things you can buy, there is one that we need to highlight: The souvenir evil eye.

This white and blue souvenir is known as “Nazar” and it´s an eye shaped amulet that is used to “be protected” against the evil eye. It´s typical from the Turkish culture, but you may find it in other countries as well.

Although now many tourists buy it as a souvenir, almost every local in Turkey (specially older people) have it in their cars, homes and offices.

9) What are Turkish known for?


Before travelling to Turkey, many people wonder about what are Turkish like? Are they are as mad and agressive as they are shown in the movies? Do they all wear a mustache?

Although, it´s true that they are hot-blooded people and it´s quite easy to see their emotions, this can be good or bad depending on the ocasion. For example, they are very nice and welcoming as soon as you met them, but on the other side, we wouldn´t recommend you arguing with them.

Some other facts you should know are: They love soccer, they take their shoes before going inside of a house and their laguage is not Arabic, is Turkish.

10) Pamukkale Cotton Castle


When you are talking about what is Turkey most known for, you can´t miss the Pamukkala Cotton Castle, as it´s recognised as one of the most beautiful natural places in Turkey and in the world.

This nature wonder is in Denizli, an area located in southwestern Turkey. They are considered an UNESCO World Heritage and they are natural bath hotsprings made of carbonate minerals that have been left by the flowing water.

The Pamukkale Cotton Castle is a 2000 year old wonder, and it´s perfectly conserved. Around 2 to 3 million torists visit it every year.

Other interesting facts about Turkey country

That´s the end of our “What is Turkey most famous for?” list. As you can see, it´s very different country and it has many unique characteristics. Although the ones we have just told are some of the most interesting facts about the country of Turkey, there are many other things associated with Turkey that we are sure you would love to know!

11) What is Turkey known for producing?


Appart from the souvenirs, the lamps, carpets and the products made for tourists, there are many other products made in Turkey.

You probably didn´t know it, but Turkey is a country that exports many goods and materials to other countries, as they have many resources. For example, they are responsible for 75% of the world´s huzelnut exports

Other than that, Vehicles, computer machinery, iron and steel, gems and clothing articles are on the list of top things Turkey is known for producing.

12) Santa Claus is from Turkey!


One of the fun facts about Turkey, that we are sure most of you didn´t know about, is that Santa Claus is from Turkey! It´s totally random, but it is said that San Nicholas was born in Patara, Turkey.

13) The world’s second oldest underground railway is Tünel


That´s right, if you ask us about what is famous in turkey? We have to tell you about it´s underground railway which is from 1875 and it´s the second oldest underground railway in the world, right after the one in London.

It´s known as Tünel underground funicular and surprisingly it´s still working nowadays!

14) Tulips were not introduced by Netherlands


Some interesting information about Turkey is that Although everyone thinks that tulips are from Holland, the truth is that its origin is not known. The only thing we know is that the Ottomans were the ones who made this flower so popular.

15) Turkey owns two of the 7 wonders of the ancient world


Another of the reasons why turkey is so popular is that two of the 7 wonders of the ancient world are from Turkey. Unfortunately, now you can only see its ruins. These are the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus and the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.

There is just one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world that is still standing and these are the Pyramids of Egypt

Hope you enjoyed reading about the popular Turkish things

That´s all about Turkey, hope you enjoyed reading about these cool facts about Turkey and if you are visiting it soon, have a wonderful trip!!

ᐉ What is Turkey known for? 【 10 most famous things 】
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ᐉ What is Turkey known for? 【 10 most famous things 】
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