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What is Romania Famous for?

What is Romania famous for? Romania is a country that not many people visit. Although is getting famous there are many things about Romania that most people don´t know yet. Some time ago we did a long trip, almost a moth travelling through all Romania. That´s why we are going to tell you all you need to know about Romania: Including travel tips and best places and cities to visit. At the end of this blog, you can ask us any other question you may have about this beautiful country.

Romania famous places to visit


Is Romania worth visiting? Many people ask this before planning a trip to Romania, and the answer is YES. We always recommend Romania as one of the best places to visit. The reason is not just because it´s beautiful but also because what you find there is totally unexpected. Romania is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe.
There are a million things to do in Romania, and a lot of places to visit: From beautiful charming towns, to a lot of natural parks. Some of the most famous places to visit in Romania are:

Bran castle in Romania:


Bran Castle with more than 800.000 visitors is the most visited place in Romania. And this is mainly because of the legend of Dracula. The castle offers a lot from inside, but also from the outside where you can find one of the best viewpoints of the country.

Sighisoara Citadel:

Sighisoara is a fairy-tale small city, with colourful and beautiful houses, an impressive viewpoint at the clock tower and also a huge history, definitely one of the best if not the best stops of the trip. And if that wasn´t enough, Sighisoara is not big at all, so one day will be more than enough to see everything.

The Moldovița monastery:

The monasteries of Bucovina are impressive, but the one that surprises the most is the Moldovita monastery. Is a Romanian orthodox monastery and is one of the eight painted churches from UNESCO heritage, which tells how impressive it is just by its name.



The capital of Romania may not be the most beautiful place in Romania, but visiting it has many advantages. For example is where you will find the cheapest flights to Romania. But not just that, Bucharest is the big city of Romania and there you can go shopping or enjoy nightlife parties.

Visit Sibiu:

Visiting Sibiu is a must, for many is the most beautiful big city of Romania. The architecture of the city, their tower but specially the old town makes Sibiu one of the best reasons to visit Romania.

Brasov the best city in Romania:


Sibiu vs Brasov? That is the eternal question, these two cities are definitely the best cities of Romania. Brasov is also known for the architecture and its old town. Being surrounded by a more natural area makes it beautiful as well.

Castelul de Lut Romania:

The Castelul de Lut is the hidden gem of Romania, it may be getting more popular and famous every year, but it´s still a must if you are travelling to Romania, because we think this place it will be really crowdy in a future compared to how empty is now. By the way, it was our favourite location of Romania.

Romania famous food

When talking about what is Romania known for, we should add their food to this list. The Romanian cuisine is unique and different from the rest, the reason is that Romanian food culture has a good influence from all the places around, like turkey or Ukraine, it also has a huge influence from the Balkan cuisine and even from the old times of the Roman empire. So, you will basically find a good mix of food from all these places. These are some of the most famous Romanian dishes:

Romanian polenta:

During our trip to Romania we ate Polenta at every place we visited. The polenta is an easy dish to make and one of the most traditional plates of the country, those are the reasons why they serve it so much at restaurants, it´s a way to be proud of their Romanian food. The polenta is served with many other dishes, but the common thing is to see polenta with cheese.


This plate is based on three (it could be more or less, but locals normally order three) sausages which are open-fire grilled. These sausages are a mixture of pork, beef, lamb and many spices, which translates to a chaos, but believe us it´s delicious. It´s normally served with bread and mustard.


These small rolls are probably the most traditional Romanian dish. You can find them everywhere in Romania, but also in the neighbour countries, like Turkey or Hungary. The rolls wear rice and meat inside, and normally something on the side, generally polenta. Depending on the region of the country, this plate is cooked in a different way, try them all and let us know how you like it.

The famous Romania mountains and hiking trails


Romania is famous for its mountains and hiking trails. As we said Romania is not really well known, but our impression from when we visited the country was that Romania was the cheap Switzerland. Let us explain you this. Romania is a country with beautiful landscapes, a lot of mountains views, hikes and full of nature adventures. And as Romania is a very cheap country, we came to the idea that Romania was the cheap Switzerland. Some of the most famous hikes are: The hike through Bucegi mountains, the Piatra Craiului mountains and the hike through Făgăraș mountains.

The famous and brief history of Romania

The oldest “modern” humans were discovered in Romania 42000 years ago. But that was when the history was not written yet, the first written facts talk about the Getae tribes, about the Dacians and about the Romans. All changed on the 11th century when Transylvania became an autonomous region of the Hungarian kingdom.

In 1848 the revolution set the goal of the Romanians: “Become a single state”. In 1878 Romanas was declared an independent nation. Romania joined the Axis during World War II, then changed the side and Romania was united to the allies.

Between 1940 and 1980 Romania became a communist country by the leadership of Nicolae Ceauşescu and thousands of people were killed. The bloody revolution of 1989 end with the leader Nicolae and Traian Băsescu was elected president. Romania joined the European Union in 2007.

Other things Romania is known for


This were just some of the most important facts about Romania, the things that Romania is known for. But if you are planning a trip, there are many more things you should know, this are some of the most common questions people do before going to Romania:

Romania capital and currency

The capital of Romania is Bucharest since World War I. Bucharest is also the largest city of the country. When talking about currency, the currency in Romania is the Romanian Leu. And the value of the Leu compared to the Euro is 0,21 € is equal to 1 Leu. And 1 Leu is equal to 0,24 US dollars.

What is Romanian language?


The official language in Romania is the Romanian. The Romanian comes from the Latin, the same as Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese. All of them are closer languages and for the people who speak them it´s easier to understand Romanian.

Do they speak English in Romania

Yes, although many people talk French and Gerrman, young people is starting to learn English and now it´s the second language of Romania. Other common languages in Romania are Hungarian, Spanish and Italian.

Where is Romania located on a map

Romania is inside the continent of Europe, on the south-eastern part of central Europe more concrete. Romania shares frontier with 5 different countries: Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia and maritime border with Turkey.

Is Romania a safe country?


Unfortunately when thinking what is Romania known for, many people think of the danger of this country and that´s why we left this question to the last one. Although many people think is a dangerous country, we spent a month in the Romania, and we always tend to leave our bags on the street while filming or taking pictures and nothing happened. Alfonso lost his phone on an uber at 1 Am at night and the driver was really kind and gave it to him back. Of course, bad things happen in every country, but what we felt there was the opposite of danger.