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What is Spain famous for?


What is Spain famous for? That´s an easy, but at the same time hard question. As you may know, Spain is one of the most touristic countries in the world. There is a good reason for it.

 You can literally find everything in this country, and that is why it is so hard to define what is Spain most known for. There are a lot of tourist activities, you can either visit the amazing Spanish beaches or the high mountains of Spain. You can choose between a little Spanish town or one of the big cities of Spain. There are even tropical destinations in Spain! 

As you can see, it isn´t easy at all, but we are going to try to answer to what is famous in Spain, So here is our list of 10 of the most famous things in Spain:

What are the famous places in Spain

What are the famous places in Spain?? We have been in almost every community, but still there are so many of the famous destinations in Spain we haven´t been able to visit yet…

Anyway, Spain is not all about their popular destinations. Of course visiting the Spanish big cities or the famous Spanish towns is a must. But in the Iberian Peninsula you should be ready to explore and discover all the hidden gems of Spain. 

To help you choosing your next destination for your trip to Spain, these are a few of the most famous places in Spain we have see so far. Maybe not all are famous but definitely the ones we eenjoyed the most!

What are some famous landmarks in Spain?


One of the most Spanish things are landmarks of Spain. Although there are a million things why Spain is famous, its monuments and historical sites are one of those. 

What are some famous landmarks in Spain?:

Alhambra of Granada

Sagrada Familia of Barcelona

Plaza de Sol in Madrid

The Mosque of Cordoba

Alcázar Fortress of Segovia

What are the most famous Spanish beaches?


One of the things Spain is known for, is its famous Spanish beaches! As you may know, the whole Iberian Peninsula is surrounded by the ocean, therefore, Spain and Portugal have many cities located at the coast. Having in mind how warm it gets in Spain, the beaches are something to be thankfull for! There are all type of beaches, from the ones with rocks that are the best places to dive in Spain, to the Spanish white sand beaches, that are the best to relax. These are some of the most famous and beautiful Spanish beaches:

  • Mas Palomas beach, Gran Canaria
  • Cathedral beach, Galicia, Spain
  • Bolonia beach, Tarifa
  • La Concha beach San Sebastian
  • Ses Illetes beach, Formentera 

Famous Spanish fiestas


You will agree with me that another of the famous things from Spain are their Fiestas!! Who have never heard at least once about the famous Spanish fiestas? If someone tells you, Spanish people party until 10 am of the next day, trust them! We would even dare to say, that is more like a common thing to do and there is one of those parties at least once or twice per month.
But don´t worry if you are looking for something more relaxed! There is all kind of parties in Spain and one thing is clear, you will never get bored in Spain.
If you are planning a trip to Spain just to party and have some fun, then you should know, the best places to party in Spain are in Ibiza and Mallorca.

The weather and climate of Spain


The warm weather of Spain is also one of those things Spain is famous for. Although it has always been very warm, these last year with the climate change, the temperatures in Spain are going up and up. That is one of the things everyone in Europe loves about the country. Visiting Spain, is a cheap way to escape from the winter and if you are lucky, you can even go to the beach during the cold months. But it is not like that all over the country, big cities like Madrid or San Sebastian can get very cold during winter season. 

Although you will enjoy Spain during the whole year, there are some seasons better than others, depeding on which is your goal when you visit Spain

Famous Spanish holidays


As we said at the beginning, you can find the best places to holiday, in Spain. No matter if you are looking to relax or disconnect from everything or if you are looking for adventure and adrenaline. The famous Spanish holidays are for sure one of the things Spain is known for. There are many unique activities to do in Spain. You can either do the typical tourism in Spain, which means enjoying the beaches, visiting buildings and monuments…Or you can visit small towns, do surf in the north of Spain, enjoy a tapas and whine tour, etc. There are a million possibilities, but what we have clear is that vacations in Spain are the best.

What food is Spain known for?


People love to eat in Spain, they eat all the time, no matter what time of the day it is, you will always find Spanish restaurants open. A good beer with some traditional Spanish tapas is what Spain is known for. The best thing is, depending on which areas you visit; they have different types of Spanish food and there is also a different ways of serving them. They always make sure that what you are eating is something very special. But what food is Spain known for?? Some of the most famous Spanish dishes are the Valencian Paella, the Spanish omelet or the famous Iberic ham, if you eat any of that with a good Spanish wine, you will be served!

Famous Spanish events
and traditions

The Spanish bullfights and the flamencos dances are one those things that make Spain so famous all over the world. But we do understand many people do not agree with the bullfight’s tradition in Spain. At the end, no matter if you support it or not, it´s animal cruelty. 

Therefore, there are many other Spanish cultural traditions that are also very interesting. We will take off the San Fermines of Pamplona as it also involves animal cruelty. The Spanish Flamenco dances are very popular from Andalucía and it was originated in the XV century, since then it has been a very important part of the culture of this area of Spain. Other famous cultural traditions in Spain are the Tomatina which takes place in a Valencian town called Buñol. Another famous celebration in Spain, are the Carnivals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Fallas of Valencia and the Tamborrada in San Sebastian.

What is the history of Spain famous for?

Part of the history of Spain is studied all over the world, but in every place, we visit, they have a different version of it. Spanish history is probably one of the richest, as well as one of the oldest. We are not specialist on it, so we are not going to tell you everything, but there are two things we could highlight from the Spanish history: Spain was the country who discovered and conquered America which made it be the biggest empire of the time ( they even called it “the empire where the sun never sets”) and recently in the XIX century Spain went though a civil war that divided the country in two and ended up with a dictatorship leaded by Francisco Franco.

List of Famous
Spanish people in history

Another of the most famous things about Spain is that there is a huge list of famous Spanish people in the history. They are known not just in Spain but all over the world.

There are many famous Spanish people known worldwide, some of those names are: 

  • Miguel De Cervantes, who wrote the famous novel “Don Quijote De La Mancha”. 
  • On this list of famous Spanish people you can also find actors like Antonio Banderas, or singers like Enrique Iglesias. 
  • But if there is one subject where Spanish famous people stand out is in sports…Rafa Nadal, Mireia elmonte, Pau Gasol, Carolina Marín, Fernando Alonso are some of the most famous Spanish sport players in the world, but there are more!

Spain famous architecture

To finish our 10 things Spain is famous for we need to mention the famous architecture of Spain. Spanish architecture is not as famous as the Italian one, but it´s still one of the popular things of Spain. Starting from Barcelona with the famous Spanish architect Gaudi. He is the one that made the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona and many other important bildings of Spain. Other places and buildings that are part of the famous architecture of Spain are Plaza de España in Seville or the famous Alhambra in Granada.

Other 3
interesting facts about Spain

Although this was the list of “What is Spain famous for” there are many other things about Spain that may not be so famous but you still need to know!

Here is a list of not so famous but still interestig facts about Spain:

Spanish language and dialects

The Spanish language is the 4th most spoken language in the world. There are over 527 million Spanish speakers in the world.

But what you may not know is that in Spain, counting the officials and the non-official there are 13 more languages. These are:

  1. Catalan
  2. Basque
  3. Valencian
  4. Galician
  5. Balearic
  6. Asturian
  7. Aragonese
  8. Aranese
  9. Murcian
  10. Leonese
  11. Cantabrian
  12. Extremaduran
  13. Silbo gomero

Spanish Time Schedule Is Different

One of the most important facts about Spain you should have in mind is about the Spanish time schedule.  It´s different than in any other country in the world. Everything is done late…You will listen to the news later, of course you will have lunch later (around 2/3 or even later) and dinner is even worst, as many spaniards have dinner at 11/11:30 Pm. 

Spanish Religion is football!

We believe no one can denny that Spanish religion is football.

Although studies has shown that 70% of the people are Roman Catholic, the truth is that just 135 of the people goes to church.

Meanwhile, whenever there is a football game, you will find the streets empty and the bars packed. The number of football fans in Spain is uncountable and they go crazy about it.