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What is Brazil famous for?

What is Brazil most famous for? Its fantastic festivals, the rhythm and friendliness of the locals and of course their stunning natural wonders. Their delicious drinks and foods are also other famous things in Brazil, but that is not it!

This is why we love Brazil

10 famous things in Brazil


It is one of the biggest and most popular countries in the world, therefore the number of things that are famous in Brazil is uncountable. We would love to tell you about all of them, but it would take forever, so we have decided to make a short list with the top 10 things Brazil is famous for:

🎭 1) Brazilian Carnivals


Of course, we had to start this list of the famous Brazilian things, with the Carnivals. Carnival is for sure the biggest event of the year in the whole country. It isn´t just an important part of their culture, but also of their economy. 500,000 foreign visitors attend carnival every year and about 2 million people take to the streets each day.

The Brazilian Carnivals are considered by far the best ones in the world. Just imagine, all those crowds partying and dancing in the streets to the rhythm of the Samba, everyone dressed up… The vibe is amazing and attending this event, is one of those things you must do at least once in your life.

🌳 2) Amazon rainforest


Amazon is the biggest rainforest on earth. There is a common saying that says Amazon produces about 20% of the world´s oxygen and because of it, many people call it the lungs of the world. This theory has never been proved, but no one can deny that 2.1 million square miles of rainforest are a lot and they must play an important role in the cycle of life.

Another reason why the Amazon is so important, is its biodiversity. The Amazon is home to 390 billion trees and one tenth of all the species on the planet.

The main reason why the Amazon is famous of Brazil, is because 60% of the rainforest is located there. The rest is divided in 8 more countries.



Caipirinhas are also one the most popular Brazilian things and they are even considered as the national drink of Brazil.

Trying it during a visit to the country is a must and it would be super easy as almost every restaurant and bar have them in their menus. Don´t worry if you are not traveling to the country, because every Brazilian restaurant in the world offers them as well.

If you want to try to make it at home, just know that it is mixture mainly made of cachaça, lime, and sugar.

✝️ 4) Christ the Redeemer Statue


One of the main reasons why Brazil is famous, is because it is the home of one the 7 wonders of the world, which is Christ the Redeemer Statue. This huge and impressive landmark is for sure the most famous things in Brazil and it is located at the top of Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro.

We are sure you have already heard everything about Christ the Redeemer, so instead of boring you with statistics and data, we are going to give you a tip, which is to enjoy the whole trip there. Of course, making it to the statue is great, but on your way there, you will be seeing the whole city from above and the ocean and paying attention to the views is totally worth it.

💃 5) Samba dance


Brazilians are well known for their happy vibes and great atmosphere they spread, therefore, when making this list of “What is Brazil known for?”, we couldn´t forget about the national Brazilian dance, Samba.

This traditional dance is a mixed between European marches and African drumming, it is usually danced during Carnival time, but doesn´t matter when you decide to go, you will always see people dancing it.

It has gotten so popular in the last decades, that now a days, people from many other countries in the world dance it as well.

⚽ 6) Football (or soccer)


Football is for sure the most popular sport in the whole country and almost everyone either watch it or play it. Although it is more common between men, you will also see many women interested in this sport as well. Furthermore, two of the best soccer players in history (both, Men´s and Women’s Football) are from Brazil, Pelé, and Marta Vieira da Silva.

Another reason why football is so popular in Brazil, is because they are the country with more World Cup Titles with 5, one more than Germany and they are the only team, who have played every single tournament.

Many other famous players such as Ronaldo, Kaká, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Zico, Cafú… were also from Brazil. 

💦 7) Iguazu Falls and National Park


Iguazu Falls and National Park are another must when visiting Brazil. This natural wonder is in located between three different countries, Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil and although most people tend to visit the Argentinian and Brazilian sides, we must recognize all of them are impressive.

There has always been a constant fight to see which of the three falls (Iguazu, Victoria, and Niagara) is better, but in our opinion the answer is clear, Iguazu Falls get the 1st position. The almost 3km of waterfalls and 275 different cascades are something that will truly leave you speechless. The best of all is that it isn´t just about the falls, the surroundings of it, are full of nature and wildlife.

🥖 8) Pão de queijo


There are also many Brazilian famous things when talking about their food. Out of all of them, there is one that stands out, as it is served constantly and everywhere you go. We are talking about de Pão de queijo, also known as cheese bread, which is basically what it is.

This origin of this dish took place in a region called Minas Gerais, located in the south of the country. The main ingredients to make this snack are cassava flour and queijo Minas (Brazilian cheese) and there isn´t an exact time to eat them, but many people do it for breakfast.

🌆 9) Favelas


Favelas are also another one of the most famous things of Brazil and now a days Brazil isn´t the only country where you will find them, but also in other countries like South Africa.

For those who have no idea what a Favela is, they are slums or shantytowns located within or in the surroundings of the largest cities of a country. The most famous favelas in Brazil are found in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. About 6% of the Brazilian population, live in Favelas.

If you want to know a real story from people living in Favelas, you should watch the movie City of God, which is what made them famous in first place.

🏖️ 10) Baia Do Sancho


If you want to discover the paradisiacal side of Brazil, you must head to Baia Do Sancho in Fernando de Noronha. This beach has been ranked by TripAdvisor in 1st position as the best beach in the world.

Baia Do Sancho is perfect for anyone, you will be able to either, spend the whole day relaxing doing nothing, do some hikes exploring the surroundings or go snorkeling or diving and admire the marine wildlife of the area.

Brazil is well known for its incredible beaches, so if Baia Do Sancho isn´t on your way don´t worry, because the country is full of astonishing beaches.

Other things associated with Brazil

What we have just shown you is a list of the most famous stuff in Brazil, but there are many other things that are popular from this country. Below we are going to tell you some other things to know about Brazil, they are less popular than the ones we mentioned before, but still important:

🏐 11) Volleyball (and beach volleyball)


If you end up going to popular and crowded beaches in Brazil, like the ones from Rio or Recife, there are two things you will always see,people playing football and people playing volleyball.  

Volleyball is the second most important sport in the country. It´s the most practiced sport by girls and it is one of the only sports broadcasted regularly by free-to-air TV stations. A research made by Atlas do Esporte Brasileiro back in 2006 showed that volleyball was played by 15.3 million people in the country. It is believed that the number have been growing since then.

👫 12) Beautiful women and men


Not everyone will agree on this, as it depends on each one’s preferences. We aren´t even saying it is a fact, but what it is true though, is that many people who travel to Brazil or met Brazilian girls or guys, end up saying they are some of the prettiest.

Of course, being tanned and bronzed thanks to the summer weather and being as friendly as they are, helps on making everyone look much better.

If you do go to Brazil or if you have Brazilian friends, let us know what you think about it, is it real or is it just an old legend.

🏜️ 13) Lencois Maranhenses National Park


As we told you before, Brazil is popular for its impressive nature, but when you think about nature in Brazil, the things that come to your mind are usually lots of greens and beaches, no one would expect to find dunes in Brazil, as if you were in the middle of Africa! Well, let us tell you something, Lencois Maranhenses is exactly it, dunes. That said, you should know these dunes aren´t like the ones in Africa, as the torrential rains during the month of July create these gorgeous lagoons between them.

It is possible to swim there if you make it in the right months but be advised that the water is super warm.

⛰️ 14) Sugarloaf Mountain


We are going back to Rio de Janeiro, because we could not finish this list of “What´s Brazil famous for”, without mentioning one of the most visited places in the country, the Sugarloaf Mountain.

Sugarloaf is a high peak that rises about 400 meters (1,300 feet) above the mouth of Guanabara Bay, an iconic spot of the city. The views from the top of it are absolutely insane, but what really makes this place so special is how it is visible from every spot of the city and how stunning it looks. Anyway, of course if you can take the cable car to make it to the top, you should absolutely go ahead.

☕ 15) Brazilian coffee


You will find people that say it is Vietnam, some believe it is Colombia and many others choose Brazil, there isn´t a right answer to what´s the best coffee, but what we can all agree on, is that Brazil is for sure on the top. The main reason why we say so, is because Brazil has been the world’s number 1 coffee producer for more than 150 years. Just so you can have an idea, Brazil produces around 2,600,000 tons of coffee and the country ranking in second position, Vietnam, produces about 1,650,000.

Don´t you think that coffee is all for themselves, Brazil is also the largest coffer exporter in the world, so there are big chances that the next coffee you will try was born in this country as well. 

Hope you have enjoyed learning about the famous Brazilian things

That´s the end of our list of “What is Brazil known for”, we are sure there are many important things in Brazil that we have skipped, so if you have any suggestions or you want us to expand our list, please let us know in the comments. Oh, and if you end up traveling one day to Brazil (which you should), enjoy it!

🦋 What is Brazil famous for? 🦎 15 Popular Brazilian things
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