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Why do you want to go to USA


USA is the third most visited country in the world. But still, we are sure many people are wondering “why do you want to go to USA?”. Although it seems like everyone knows everything about the United States of America, it´s still a country that will surprise once you first go there. Just trying to know more about it,is a good reason for making a visit. There are all type of fun activities, many beautiful landscapes and different cultures living together. It´s a huge country and you will need to go more than once if you really want to have the whole american experience. Anyway, we can guarantee you, visiting the States will not be boring at all.

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The tourism of the United States


The country is very well prepared for the tourists. All over the country, you will see there is a lot of security. It can be a little bit boring sometimes, but at the end it´s a good thing. That way you can be more relaxed and not all the time thinking if you´re safe or not. The services are also very good, no matter if it´s luxury or cheap travel. They will always treat you very well at hotels, restaurants… But anyway, if you still don´t like to prepare the trip by yourself, you could always do it with an agency, which, there are thousands that plan trips to the States.

Cultural diversity in America


We have been more than 5 times each in the United States, and there is something that always gets our atention, which is the diversity of the people who live there. Native american, european, african, middle east… in almost every city or even small town of the US, you will find people from different ethnics and countries. There is also a big influence from South and Central America, as there are many people living in the US who are from countries like Mexico,Venezuela or Colombia. The best of it, is that everyone adds a little of their culture to make a great mixture.

Food of the USA


Before anyone says anything, we agree, the USA traditional food isn´t exactly an answer to “Why do you want to go to the USA?”. As you probably have heard many times, the US is known for their fast food restaurants. Most of the more common fast food restaurants in the world were born here. Therefore, unless you´re fast food lover, you shouldn´t make a trip to the USA just for the food. That said, fast food isn´t all you can find there. One good thing about US food, is that you can get it from all over the world. Thai, Chinese,Italian or whatever you are looking for. It´s not exactly like in those countries, but you can still find some good ones.
The Texas Barbacue, the clam chowder of Boston, the biscuits or their hamburguers are traditional dishes in the United States, so the typical USA food does exist!

Geographic location of USA


As the United States is huge, you can not try to visit the whole country at once. Sometimes you can´t even visit more than one state in a trip. The distances between one place to another are usually big. If you´re visiting states that have a lot to offer is better to make sure you see that one. For example California or Washington are some states you wouldn´t be able to see in a couple of days. Other than that, being such a big country has a lot of advantages. The geographic location of USA, allows you to go from enjoying the beaches and the sunny weather of Florida, to going for great hikes in places like Montana or Oregon.

The many National Parks in the US

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One of the best things of the US, is that there´s enough spaces for humans and other species together, although there are huge polluted cities, you can also find many green areas like natural parks or reserves to protect endangered animals and plants. There are in total 58 National Parks in the United States and knowing how big they are, it´s quite a big number. If you can make it, you should definetly try to visit at least one, you will be impressed by their beautiful sceneries. Some of the most famous natural Parks in the US are Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park or Grand Teton National Park, there are all over the country and it´s always worth a visit. The national Parks should definetly be one of the main things to add to the list of “why do you want to go to USA?”

Transport in the United States


This isn´t neither an answer to why do you want to go to USA? But if you want to visit the US, you should know how to move around there, it isn´t easy.
Public transport all over the country is not as good as it´s for example in Europe. Unless you travel to big cities like New York, Atlanta,Chicago… the public transport barely exist. It´ll be very hard to find it in small towns and in big cities it isn´t very good. Therefore, your best choice is to travel by Uber or Lyft, which luckily is not very expensive.

Traveling between states


On the other side and the real reason why the transport is also in this list of “why do you want to go to USA?”,FlixBus has arrived in the US and that makes more affordable to travel from one state to another. For the moment they´re just in California, Arizona and Nevada, but they´re planning on getting into other states. Hopefully soon it will posible to travel for a low price all over the country. You can also travel from one state to another by plane. Although companies like Delta Airlines offer very good quality for not a high price, it still isn´t as cheap as other countries of Europe.