What is France known for?
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What is popular in France? As you may have heard, France is the most visited country in the world (around 90 million visitors per year). This recognition makes it a very well-known country, so there are uncountable reasons why France is famous. You may know about the Eiffel Tower, about its delicious crepes, or maybe about its fashion style…but the list of things France is known for is just huge. Although it´s true that many people visit the country to see Paris or to try their wines, there are many other interesting things…That´s why we have decided to tell you all about “What is France known for?”:

What is France famous for in places?

One of the most famous things about France without any doubt are its places. We all know about some of the most popular places in France like Paris or the Blue Coast. But France is known for having a huge variety of places, from small towns to big cities, or from amazing beaches to huge mountains ranges:

Popular cities in France to visit


Although it´s not possible to think about the famous big cities in France and forget about Paris, you all should know that France has many other beautiful cities.

Of course, it´s a must to visit the city of love and admire the Notre-Dame Cathedral or the Champs-Elysées. We are just saying that there are more options. Some of the most famous cities in France are: Bayonne, Nice, Toulouse, Marseille, Lyon or Strasbourg.

These popular cities of France are most known for its beautiful architecture. The only problem is that usually these cities get really crowded, but we can guarantee you that it´s still worth visiting them.

Famous small towns in France


If you are not the type of person who enjoy being in crowdy places and prefer small areas with less people, France has a lot of charming small towns to visit.

Some of the most famous towns in France are Colmar, in Alsace or Saint-Émilion in Bordeaux popular for its wines.

Best and famous beaches in France


The beaches of France are probably not as famous as the ones in their neighbour country Spain (you may also enjoy reading about “What is Spain famous for”), but they are still really good.

When talking about the famous beaches of France, the first thing coming to our minds is the Blue Coast. The southeast of France has an incredible area of beaches. Nice and Cannes are the most visited areas of the blue coast.

The temperatures get lower during winter, so if you want to go the beach or just spend a sunnier Christmas, we recommend you going to Corsica as it´s the warmest area.

Famous mountains in France


Last of all to end with our list of popular places in France, you should know that one of the reasons why France is famous is its mountain ranges. Many people visit France to practice winter sports at the mountains.

The French Alps are the ones everyone knows it´s highest peak is Mont Blanc (which is also I Italy and Switzerland). The Pyrenees shared with Spain are also very popular for ski lovers.

What is France famous for food??


What food is France known for?? Food is by far one of the most popular things in France. One tip we can give you if you are visiting France is to forget about your weight, because if not you will miss many delicious French dishes.

Their croissants, their crepes and their chocolate (well their sweets in general) are the best. Another must try food in France are their million varieties of cheese.

But what seriously remarks on the top of our list of things France is famous for, are their wines. We are not much into wines, so we can´t really tell you about it, but our dad says that French wines are amazing, so they must be good!

Famous castles in France


When we think of France, we always imagine big castles and palaces. Even in movies or series, like in Vikings when they show us the city of France of a long time ago, the first view is from a huge castle.

One of the things France is famous for are its castles, there are a lot and all of them are huge and impressive. Some of the most famous castles in France are Mont Saint-Michel near the coast of Normandy and Carcassonne which is close to Toulouse.

What sports is France famous for?


Another reason why France is famous is its football team. They are one of the countries who have won the world cup, plus they were the last ones winning it in 2018.

Other than football, there are other famous French sports. Between these sports we must include cycling, since they have the most important cycling tournament, the Tour the France.

French people also play tennis, rugby and skiing.

The famous fashion in France

French people are known for being very classy and stylish. They have a strong influence in the rest of the world when talking about fashion. Just so you can have an idea, Paris is one of the four fashion capitals of the world. (with Milan, New York and London)

But is not just that, the reason why France is famous for its fashion is because most of the fashion brands are from France: Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton…

What are the French known for?

Although there are many French stereotypes, not all of them are true.

Of course, there are some things that are true, for example, they love eating their delicious cheese and drinking their wines. 

But on the other hand, everyone should know that French people is not as romantic as they said (they are as normal as the rest of the people). They are not rude neither and their English level is better than what people say.

Famous people of France

Could you name some famous people from France?? The list is huge, so we bet you don´t have any problem finding one. From intellectual people, to sport players or people who were very important in the history, there are all kind. Here are some of the most famous people of France:

  • Napoleon Bonaparte: One of the greatest commanders in history, since he controlled almost all Europe.
  • Nostradamus: He was known for having the ability of predicting the future
  • Claude Monet: the founder of French impressionist painting style.
  • Roman Polanski: one of the best film directors of XX & XXI century (the pianist)
  • Coco Chanel: she became famous for its dressing style and now the brand she built is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world.
  • Zinedine Zidane, who is one of the greatest football players in the history.

The amazing weather of France


Another reason why France is famous is its nice weather. As it happens in other areas of southern Europe, the weather in France is defined as the perfect one. Although it tends to be a little bit colder than other countries like Italy, Portugal or Spain, it´s true that during summer is not that hot.

The incredible weather is for sure one of the main reasons why people choose France for their vacations!

Facts about the history of France


France is known for being one of the oldest countries in the world. You may know about the famous conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte or about the French revolution of 1789, as these are some of the most important facts about the France history. But there are some fun facts about the history of France that you probably never heard before:

  • French people hated the Eiffel Tower: Believe it or not, when the Eiffel Tower was built Parisians didn´t like it at all. They though it would horrify the city…years later is the most famous monument in France and in the world!
  • Louis-Antoine Duke of Angoulême is the name of the king who reigned for just 20 minutes (He owns the record)
  • There are rock formations older than the famous Stonehenge in England. It may seem impossible, but Carnac, located in Brittany, it´s about 100 years older.

Other facts about France


That was the end of our list of things France is famous for, but there are many other interesting facts about France that are not so popular, but we are sure you will love to know:

France is the largest country in the EU

That´s right with 551,394 square km is the largest country in the EU and the third largest in Europe, just Russia and Ukraine are larger.

There are 28 dialects spoken in France

Although French is the official language (about 88% of the population speak it) there are 28 other different dialects. The second most spoken language is not English, it´s the Maghrebi Arabic which is spoken by more than 2% of the population.

The only Disneyland in Europe is in France

There are six Disneyland (Castle park) in the world: California, Tokyo, Florida, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Paris. If anyone from Europe wants to go to Disneyland, the closest option is in France as is the only resort in the old continent.

Enjoy France!

That´s it! Hope you enjoyed reading about “What is France know for?” and if you are visiting France soon, hope you enjoy it! If you have any question or suggestion, please let us now!

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