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Best places to see sunset and sunrise in Venice, Italy


A gondola ride through the magical Venice canals at sunset time, right before the night arrives… It´s one of the most famous things in Italy and just by hearing it, you can already tell that it would be something epic right? Well, indeed sunsets from a Gondola are something unique, but luckily, Venice has many more places to watch the sunset and sunrise. Something you should know, especially those who are looking to take good photos at these times of the day;  most of these spots are way better at sunrise than sunset, as it gets very crowded in the afternoon, and in the morning you will have the whole place for yourself. That said, here are the best places to see the sunset and sunrise in Venice, Italy!

Sunset view from Rialto Bridge


Rialto is one of the most famous places in Venice, but if there is something to highlight about this spot is its location. Rialto bridge goes through the Grand Canal. It is where you will find the best atmosphere and where everything take place. From the top of the bridge, you will see an impressive view of the canal and if you wait for sunset time you may probably see it with many colors in the sky. Make sure to arrive 20 or 30 minutes before sunset happens or you will not find an open spot. Although it gets very busy, we must admit Rialto is the place where we enjoyed the best sunset in Venice.

Sunrise from the most famous square in Venice: Piazza di San Marco


San Marco square is a dream spot at sunrise time! Although the best view you will find in the square is looking to the “Basilica di San Marco”, unless you get nice colors in the sky, this one isn´t exactly the best sunrise spot in San Marco. Instead, get a little bit outside of square and look to the side of Ducale Palace, from where you be able to see the rays of the sun going through it.

Riva Degli Schiavoni Venice


Really close from the previous spot, you will find another perfect sunrise view! By taking the right side from the square, you´ll find one of the many Gondola stations of Venice. What it is so special about this one, is the view in the background which looks straight to San Giorgio Maggiore church. In case that wasn´t enough, it is from where the sun rises every morning.

Accademia bridge sunset and sunrise


Here it comes what was for us our favourite Venice sunrise. It´s located just about 12 minutes walking from Piazza di San Marco. Accademia bridge, which also goes through the Grand Canal, is where that famous postcard we all have seen from Venice, was taken. We recommend you waking up early to see the sunrise, but the sunset from Accademia bridge is also amazing!

Sunset gondola ride in Venice


As we said at the beginning, this is something truly epic and unique. But we are not going to recommend you doing it. Will it make you feel like if you were in a movie? Yes! But, is it 10 times more expensive than riding a vaporetto? Also, yes! Therefore, although you won´t be able to go through the tiny canals, the vaporetto goes through the Grand Canal, which is where it will be way easier to spot the sunset, so we totally recommend you doing that instead. We understand riding a Gondola is a dream for many people, so we would still get it if you decide to take it (as we did).

Sunset in Burano Island, Venice


Heading to Burano is a must, no matter what! Although getting there for sunrise time is almost impossible, unless you are spending the night there, waiting for sunset is possible. You would never forget when the sun is going down and you see the reflected the golden glow n the top of the colorful houses of the island!

San Giorgio Maggiore at sunset


Although it won´t be possible to take the sunset shot during summertime, if you are traveling to Venice in winter season, at least you will sure be able to see the golden hour. San Giorgio usually opens at 8:30 and closes around 18:00 so, as sunrise isn´t possible, make sure you wait until the last minute to get there for the last turn of the day!

Enjoy the sunrise and sunsets of Venice

These were some of the best places to see the sunset in Venice, but if you discover another magical spot, please let us know in the comment, we want to know about it too!!