Where to go in Germany:
Top 5 places to visit

Sometimes planning a trip can be really hard. Germany is a huge country and there are a million things you can do, and many places you can visit. Germany is famous for their nature places and their castles, but you can also go to small cute towns or even big cities like Berlin. Definitely it´s a country where you can not get bored, but as we said it´s hard to choose “Where to go in Germany?" So, we are going to make it easier and tell you our list of top 5 places to visit in Germany.

Berlin, the capital of Germany


When talking about where to go in Germany, not mentioning the capital could be consider a crime. As you may know a big part of the history of Europe is based in Berlin. That´s why, visiting the East Side gallery and the rest of Berlin´s historical places is a must.

But it´s not the only thing you can do in the capital of Germany. There are more places to visit like the Reichstag building or the Brandenburg Gate. And a lot of activities…As an example, you can explore Berlin by bike or enjoy the nightlife of Berlin, which is probably the best place to party in Germany.

Explore Munich


You may have heard about places like: The Marienplatz, Frauenkirche, English Garden or the Neues Rathaus. Well all of those are beautiful spots you can visit in Munich.

In Munich you can try their famous German beers, which are considered some of the best in the country. And enjoy some of the cultural and traditional dances. And of course, you cannot miss the famous Oktoberfest. Munich is also known for its surroundings, as all the nature area that is around the capital of Bavaria, is beautiful and very unique.

A trip to Neuschwanstein castle


If we have to choose which of the famous places in Germany would join one of the 7 wonders, Neuschwanstein castle would be an option without no doubts.

In general Germany has this thing with castles, that none of them will disappoint you. But Neuschwanstein is one that stands out. Many people wonder what´s the best time to visit it, but it´s really hard to choose as in winter looks beautiful with the snow, and in spring looks amazing too, with all the flowers and spring vibes. No matter what you decide, you should at least go, you will regret it if not!

Another great advantage of visiting Neuschwanstein castle, is that the surroundings also look beautiful, so we recommend you taking a car and doing a road trip around the area.

Visit the city of Freiburg and the Black Forest


On our trip to Germany this was the stop that surprised us the most. Freiburg is a small city and the best of it, is the streets and the houses. It all feels really rural. Spending one day there is enough to see everything, you can no miss the huge cathedral! And once you are done visiting the city, you can start exploring the black forest. Which is also really impressive and is the best if you want to escape from cities and enjoy nature.

One day in Cologne


Adding Cologne to the "Where to go in Germany?" list is needed. It is true that Cologne is one of the biggest cities, the fourth largest more concrete! You should at least spend one day in Cologne.

We loved the city and of course we loved its cathedral. The cathedral of Koln is the best place to visit in the city and we recommend you crossing the bridge to get the spectacular view of Cologne. Is one of the most famous postcards of the country. Also Koln is famous for having a really good atmosphere and an awesome night life!

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