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Most famous mosques in Turkey

Mosques in Turkey are trully important, they aren´t just the main places of cult, but they are also tourist attractions that thanks to its unique beauty, bring millions of people from all over the world every year.

Best mosques in Turkey


Although most of the famous mosques in Turkey are located in Istambul, they aren´t the only ones and you will find many more spread througout the whole country. Telling you about all of them would take forever, so we have decided to make a list of the top 10 most famous mosques in Turkey:

1) Hagia Sophia


We had to start our list of mosques in Turkey, with the most popular one, Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia, is one of the most important monuments in the country, but also one of the most polemic ones. It was built in the 6th century, between 532 and 537 A.C. as a Christian church, but through the years its function has changed a lot. It became a mosque, later it was turned intoa a muesum and recently in 2020, it has become mosque again.

We try to not focus much on the polemics and just admire how it is one of the only cult places in the world that has hosted different religions. Even now a days, you can still see both islamic and christian symbols.

2) Blue Mosque


We won´t even have to change the city to show another one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey. The Blue Mosque, also known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque is also located in Istanbul and it is right in front of Hagia Sophia.

Even though, it isn´t as popular as the first one, in our oppinion the Blue Mosque is the most beautiful mosque in Turkey, from both, the outside and the inside. If you have the chance you should totally visit it.

The Blue Mosque is considered by many one of the best  Ottoman buildings ever made.

3) Kocatepe Mosque


If you are planning on visiting the capital of Turkey, Ankara, then stopping by Kocatepe Mosque is a must.

Kocatepe is the largest mosque in Ankara and one of the biggest in the country. It is so impressive that it can be seen from almost everywhere in the capital and it can host up to 24000 visitors or worshippers.

In despite of its impressive size and how beautiful ( in our opinion) is, Kocatepe isn´t as popular as other Turkish mosques and this is all due to its modern design, very different from the traditional ones.

4) Süleymaniye Mosque


Back in Istambul, another mosque you should visit is Süleymaniye.

Until 2019, it was the biggest mosque in the city, but surprisingly, its size isn´t what we enjoy the most. Süleymaniye is located in Third Hill of Istanbul, what makes it have an impressive viewpoint of the city. Best sunset spot after Galata Bridge.

Another advantage this mosque has, is that it doesn´t get crowded, most people visit the famous spots like Galata Tower or Hagia Sophia, so they always forget about Süleymaniye.

5) Çamlıca Mosque: Biggest mosque in Turkey


Çamlıca is another gem you should visit during your trip to Turkey. Other than its unique and modern style, the main reason why this mosque is becoming so popular, is because it is now the biggest mosque in Turkey.

The mosque started being built in 2013 and it was finished recently in 2019. It can host up to 63000 worshippers or tourist.

The main difference between Çamlıca and other older mosques, is that it hasn´t been made just for praying, but also for tourism as it has its own art gallery, library, and a conference hall.

6- Green Mosque


If your trip is all about visiting mosques in Turkey and you don´t want to miss any of the coolest ones, the Green Mosque should be on your list.

The Green Mosque, also known as Yeşil Cami is located in the city of Bursa. It definetly isn´t the biggest mosque of the city, but the reason why everyone love it so much is because of its incredible architecture (specially in the inside).

It was commissioned by Sultan Mehmet I Çelebi and finished in 1424. If you are wondering where is the name coming from, that´s thanks to the green-blue tiles of the interior.

Bursa’s stunning Yeşil Cami | © Yahia Mokhtar/WikiCommons

7- Grand Mosque


Bursa was one of the most important cities of the Ottomna Empire, therefore don´t be surprised to find more than one iconic mosque in this list.

The Grand Mosque is another landmark you should visit if you are around Bursa. It is the biggest mosque in the city and it´s design and architecture are also pretty unique.

The Grand Mosque was made in 1399 becoming one of the oldest mosques in Turkey and it was comissioned by Sultan Bayezid I. Ulu Cami’i is considered by many the fifth most important mosque in Islam.

Grand Mosque in Bursa | © Haluk Comertel/WikiCommons

8- Eyüp Sultan Mosque


It may not be as beautiful and big as the previous ones, but it is one of the most important mosques in Turkey and stopping by during your trip to Istambul is worth it, even more if you like history.

To begin with, Eyüp Sultan Mosque is also one of the oldest mosques in Turkey. It was the first mosque built by the Ottoman Turks after they conquered Constantinopla. That isn´t it, the mosque is located on the site of the tomb of Eyup al-Ansari, one of prophet Muhammad´s clossest friends.

Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Istanbul | © Dosseman / WikiCommons

9- Faith Mosque


Faith Mosque isn´t that popular now a days, but back then when it was built, it was considered one of the most important mosques in Turkey.

It was built between 1463 to 1467, but due to the earthquake of 1766 it had to be rebuilt. The second time was made with a whole different design.

It was named after sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, one of the most important people in the history of the Ottoman Empire, he was the sultan during Constantinopla´s conquest in 1453.

10- New Mosque


Last of all, but not least important, another famous mosque in Turkey, is the New Mosque.

In despite of what the name says, it isn´t that new, as it was finished in 1665. The reason why it is called like that is because after being built in 1597, it had to be reconstructed just a few decades later.

The New Mosque is for sure one of the most beautiful ones in Istambul and its location is perfect, being right by the Galata Bridge with views to the Golden Horn.

New Mosque, Istanbul |© Nevit Dilmen/WikiCommons

Number of mosques in Turkey

The 10 mosques we have just shown you are just a few of the most popular ones, but Turkey is full of them. In 2013 the official number said there were around 82,693. Of course there will be many more nowadays, but that just shows how important they are for them.

Enjoy visiting mosques in Turkey

Hope you have enjoyed our article about the mosques in Turkey and if you end up traveling to Turkey and you find other cool mosques we should add to our list, please let us know!

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