What is Spain known for?


What is Spain known for? That´s an easy, but at the same time hard question. As you may know, Spain is one of the most touristic countries in the world. There is a good reason for it. You can literally find everything in this country, and that is why it is so hard to define what is Spain known for. From astonishing beaches, to high mountains, from cute little towns to big cities and from very cold weather to the warmest. You can even find tropical destinations in Spain! As you can see, it isn´t easy at all, but we are going to try to answer so here you have all the things that make Spain be so famous.

Destinations in Spain

We have been in almost every community, but still there are so many destinations in Spain we haven´t been able to visit yet…. Anyway, if you want to know any further information about any specific place, you may be able to find some good tips in our blogs about the cities and town we have been before. We love to write about the small towns of Spain. Not everyone knows about them, but there are many worth a visiting. Sometimes you may even prefer that, than going to other big famous cities.

The fiestas Spain is known for:


Who have never heard at least once about the famous Spanish parties? If someone tells you, Spanish people party until 7 am of the next day, trust them! We would even dare to say, that is more like a common thing and there is one of those parties at least once or twice per month.
But don´t worry if you are looking for something more relaxed, because there is all kind of parties in Spain and one thing is clear, you will never get bored in Spain.
If you are planning to visit Spain just to party and have some fun, then you should know, the best places to party in Spain are in Ibiza and Mallorca.

The weather in Spain


The warm weather of Spain is also one of those things of what Spain is known for. Although it has always been very warm, these last year with the climate change, the temperatures in Spain are going up and up. That is one of the things everyone in Europe loves about the country. Coming to Spain, is a cheap way to escape from the winter and if you are lucky even go to the beach during the cold months. But it is not like that all over the country, big cities like Madrid or San Sebastian can get very cold during winter season.

Vacations in Spain


As we said at the beginning, Spain offers almost everything to someone who wants to spend some good vacations. No matter if you are looking to relax or disconnect from everything or if you are looking for adventure and adrenaline. This is one of the things that makes Spain so famous. There are many unique places to visit in Spain, and although we would love to tell you about all of them, that would be impossible, that is why we have a made a list with the “best places in Spain to vacation”, including the best of different categories, so you can choose depending on your interest, summer or winter vacations, beach vacations, rural towns of Spain…

What food and drinks is Spain known for?


People love to eat in Spain, they eat all the time, no matter what time of the day it is, you will always find restaurants open. But if there is one thing Spanish people prefer than food, that is drinking. A good beer with some Tapas is what really Spain is known for. The best thing is that depending on which areas you visit; they have different types of drinks and food and there is also a different way of serving them. Some of the most famous Spanish food, are the Valencian Paella, the Spanish omelet or the famous Iberico ham, if you eat any of that with a good Spanish beer, you will be served!

What cultural traditions is Spain known for?

The bullfights and the flamencos dances are one those things that make Spain so famous all over the world. But we do understand many people do not agree with the bullfight’s tradition in Spain. At the end, no matter if you support it or not, it´s animal cruelty. Therefore, there are many other Spanish cultural traditions that are also very interesting. We will take off the San Fermines of Pamplona as it also involves animal cruelty. The Flamenco dances are very popular from Andalucía and it was originated in the XV century, since then it has been a very important part of the culture of this are of Spain. Other famous cultural traditions in Spain are the Tomatina which takes place in a Valencian town called Buñol. Another famous celebration in Spain, are the Carnivals in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Fallas of Valencia and the Tamborrada in San Sebastian.

The known history of Spain

Part of the history of Spain is studied all over the world, but in every place, we visit, they have a different version of it. Spanish history is probably one of the richest, as well as one of the oldest. We are not specialist on it, so we are not going to tell you everything, but there are two things we could highlight from the Spanish history: Spain was the country who discovered and conquered America which made it be the biggest empire of the time ( they even called it “the empire where the sun never sets”) and recently in the XIX century Spain went though a civil war that divided the country in two and ended up with a dictatorship leaded by Francisco Franco.

Public transport in Spain

Now that you know all the things Spain is famous for, if you´re planning to make a trip to the Iberian Peninsula you may want to know how to get around. Like in other countries, the public transport in Spain, is better in big cities than in the small ones. But still, even in the small towns there is public transport and it´s not bad. The public transport in Spain is pretty good. Another way to get around, is by taxi or Uber, we don´t recommend you taking a taxi, as they will try to charge you a lot, they won´t treat you well and they usually take the longest way! So, whenever you need it, choose Uber. Of course, another option is renting a car, which by the way, if you do it, one of the things we always recommend, is making a road trip in Spain.

What is the lifestyle like in Spain?

Spain has been nominated many years as one of the best countries to live. All the things we have mentioned before are reasons why it´s considered such a great place. The lifestyle in Spain is not very different from other occidental countries, but there is one big difference, everything in Spain is done latter that in any other country. They wake up latter, eat latter, get inout of work latter and go to sleep or party latter. It´s said that in general is not very healthy, but when you look at the statistics, people in Spain live longer than in many other countries and more import they are always happy!