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What to see in Cordoba Spain in one day?


It was the month of February when our parents told us to do a small family trip somewhere in Spain. As you may have heard, Cordoba is extremely hot during the summer months. So, when we were thinking on where to go, Cordoba came to our minds, as it was the perfect chance to visit the beautiful city of Andalusia. It was a five-hour trip from Madrid, and we were just going to stay one day, so we wanted to see as much as possible. Luckily, Cordoba is not that huge and in just one day we were able not just to see the whole city, but also to capture it with our cameras. We enjoyed the trip so much that we have decided to do a guide about “What to see in Cordoba Spain in one day?”

Visit Cordoba Mosque:
A must see in your one day to Cordoba.

We couldn´t do a list of “What to see in Cordoba Spain in one day” without the Cordoba Mosque. So, when we were planning our trip to Cordoba, we said we would wake up really early to make it to the city before the Cordoba Mosque FREE entry. And we did.

We couldn´t stay much time, but we explain it better on our blog about the mosque of Cordoba (Down below). Anyway, the time we had it was enough to enjoy the beautiful Mosque of Cordoba. The architecture and the colourful arches left us speechless and we are already thinking about visiting it back. Late, we got to see it from the outside which is also great, and it has a beautiful garden square.

Walk early in the morning through
the Cordoba streets

Many people hate waking up early, but you can do way more things when you are the only one awake! After we left the mosque it was still early so we decided to walk through the Cordoba streets. At that time there is no one out of their houses and the light is still really good, so walking through the white streets of Cordoba is an amazing feeling. And to take photos is an incredible opportunity!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in Cordoba

The good thing about one day trips is that you can treat yourself when is time to eat. We woke up really early that day and it was already late, so we had to look for breakfast place. There are a lot of restaurants and bars through the streets of Cordoba so finding one was not a problem. The first one we saw, we stopped and order delicious Spanish food. Although the Spanish “Pan Tumaca” is not from Cordoba we needed to have some as it looked really tasty. It was delicious and adding it to a good coffee gave us more energy to keep exploring.

Alcazar of Cordoba Spain

When we went to Cordoba it was Saturday, and that means CROWDS. We hate crowds, it´s impossible to take not good pictures, just pictures in general. Even it makes it harder to enjoy the place. Anyway, we are just saying that if you can, try to avoid going there on the weekend.

As soon as we got to the Alcazar of Cordoba, the queue was huge…We wanted to leave! But we knew it was the only chance to see it. So, we wait the line, pay the Alcazar of Cordoba tickets and try to enjoy it us much as we could.

The Alcazar is really impressive, the gardens are beautiful and the feeling of being in such a historical place is always the best. But definitely what we enjoyed a lot it was climbing up the stairs and getting to see the view from the top!

Medina Azahara Ruins and reconstruction


After doing the check in at our hotel, we left our stuff and went directly to the Medina Azahara ruins. We had to go to the base they have to get our Medina Azahara tickets, which are FREE to EU citizens and 1.5€ for the ones that are not from the EU. From the base they take you by bus to the ruins, it was a 5 mins trip.

The love-hate relationship started as soon as we took off the bus, the view from the top was not really spectacular. We went down to see the ruins and we got another surprise…The ruins were not exactly ruins! Almost everything we saw had been under reconstruction before which meant that the ruins were new, and that´s ironic. On another hand the arches and columns were beautiful and photogenic which made us had a better opinion of the place.

The Roman Bridge and the
Calahorra Tower of Cordoba


We didn´t even stop to eat and went directly to this spot to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. We heard about the sunsets from the other side of the Roman bridge of Cordoba and we needed to see if it was true what they said. So, we went there with enough time and got ready to get what was our best shot of the trip.

It´s still on our top 5 pictures and spots of Spain, which is a big deal. The situation was perfect, we crossed the bridge and went down of it. We placed our cameras almost by the river and wait until the colors of the sky were perfect. Then we run to get the picture and frame it with the bridge, the view of the cathedral, the river, the sky and us! It could not have been any better!

Dinner in Cordoba, trying the famous Salmorejo Cordobes

After we completed our list of “What to see in Cordoba Spain in one day” we needed to finish our incredible day in Cordoba by having an amazing dinner. We had a few traditional Spanish tapas, including the flamenquines cordobeses or delicious calamaris. But trying the famous Salmorejo Cordobes recipe was the best way to end our incredible one day in Cordoba, Spain.