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What is Galicia famous for??


Galicia is a community of Spain, located in the north-weast of the Iberian Peninsula. It´s the closest area to the Portuguese country. Although their first language is Spanish, they speak their own idiom, which is the Galician or “Gallego”. Galicia is one of those places that Spaniards and even people from out of the country always have in mind. The reasons are its temperatures, the beautiful green areas and mountains, their beaches, their delicious food…the list is endless and that is why we decided to tell you “What is Galicia famous for”. We are sure after we are done you will be the first one who wants to visit the Galician community.

Famous Galician cities and towns


When talking about what is Galicia famous for, we should always mention the beautiful places of Galicia. No matter if these are big cities or small towns, Galicia has many amazing places to visit. The community of Galicia is divided in 4 different provinces: A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra. The capital of Galicia is Santiago De Compostela in A Coruña.

Other than the 4 provinces and big cities like Santiago de Compostela, Vigo or Ferrol, which by the way you should visit them all (Specially Vigo), Galicia is the perfect community to stop by in the small towns as many of them will surprise you in a good way!! Some of this towns are Ponte De Eume (to enjoy the natural park of Fragas do Eume), Betanzos or Baiona.

The famous “Camino de Santiago walk


As we said at the beginning, Galicia is known for many things, but if we could just say one thing on our “What is Galicia famous for” list it would definitely be the Camino de Santiago walk.

More than 200.000 pilgrims do the Santiago walk every year. The reasons are different, many of them their goal is religious, but others just do it for fun. The minimum of kilometer for the Santiago walk are 100km.

The Camino de Santiago is one of the most visited attractions in Spain, of course it´s hard but we highly recommend it.

Famous Galician food

One of the things Galicia is most famous for is the food. Some people of Spain would kill us for saying this, but Galician food is probably the best one in Spain. And that´s a lot to say. What they do best is the seafood, it´s similar to the one you can try in Portugal. The most famous dish of Galicia is the Galician Octopus, now it´s popular all over Spain but it´s originally from Galicia. Other delicious dishes are the Galician pie and the Santiago cake. And we can´t forget about the famous tortilla de patata (Spanish Omelet) of Betanzos, considered the best one in Spain.

The weather in Galicia


Believe it or not, Galicia is famous for its weather. Due its location, Galicia is where you can find the coolest temperatures in Spain. One of the reasons why so many people visit Galicia during summer is because its temperatures, as everyone tries to run away from the hot climate of the rest of Spain. It is true that it also rains way more than in the rest of the places, but if you are lucky you will have a perfect temperature of 25 degrees, with a sunny weather which will be the best to go to the beach.

Famous beaches in Galicia


Although this community is famous for having incredible green sceneries, you can also find fantastic beaches in Galicia. As we said earlier, in Galicia the temperatures can be a little bit colder and that means the ocean is colder as well. Other than that, the beaches in Galicia are great and in general emptier than in other areas of Spain.

Some of the most best beaches in Galicia are: Carnota beach; for being the largest beach in Galicia with 7km, Rodas in Islas Cies, every single beach spot in Cies islands is impressive and the famous Cathedral beach of Galicia; known for the cathedral shapes of their rocks.