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What is BARCELONA known for? 6 things barcelona is famous for


Many of you know that we are from Madrid, and Madrid locals are always “fighting” with the ones from Barcelona. The reason is mainly because of their football teams, there is a great rivalry between these two cities. Although it´s hard for us, we must recognize that Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We have been there more than three times and we would visit it every year if possible. It´s an incredible place to go and one of the best destinations in Spain. As we already know a lot about this city, we are going to tell you “What is Barcelona known for”. Here is list of the 6 things Barcelona is famous for:

Barcelona famous architecture & buildings


If there is one thing we can not miss in our list of “What is Barcelona known for?” is its architecture. Visiting Barcelona and not seeing the famous buildings of Gaudi would be awful. There are plenty of these buildings, and we are not talking just about the Sagrada Familia, which is impressive and for many the most beautiful cathedral in the world (And that´s a lot to say).

Gaudi´s architecture style is famous all over the world and is the reason why Bacelona gets so many visitors every year. Some of the most famous buildings done by Gaudi are: Cascada Fountain at Parc de la Ciutadella, Casa Batlló and Park Güell.

Other than the architecture of Gaudi, the buildings all over the city are impressive and even the modern part of Barcelona will leave you speechless.

The most famous & best viewpoints in Barcelona


As many other big cities, Barcelona has a beautiful skyline. It´s really hard to not ask yourself where are the most famous viewpoints in Barcelona? Although most of the people will complain about going up and down all the time, these walks are worth it when you made it to the top and get to enjoy a fantastic view of the city. Many would choose Bunkers of Carmel viewpoint as their favourite, and for us is one of the best spots at sunset time. But our favourite is in Park Güell. From there the view is not just a beautiful cityscape, you also get to mix the cityscape with Gaudi´s artwork and that is something unique.

The famous beaches of Barcelona

Although big cities are not normally known for their beaches, Barcelona is different. Mixing the atmosphere of the city, the street artists, music, crowds, locals, bars and restaurants…that is something really special to see in Barcelona. We are sure it´s not something fun to see every day, but when you are walking through the beaches of Barcelona and you get to enjoy that atmosphere it does feel like a good moment.

If you want to enjoy the whole atmosphere we have been talking about, we recommend you going to the Barceloneta beach, it is definitely the most touristic beach, but we can guarantee you that you will not get any bored. And if you are trying to run away from tourists, try visiting Bogatell Beach. It´s the safest beach in Barcelona and although you will find some people it´s normally way more calmed.

What food is Barcelona known for?

What kind of food is Barcelona known for?? We can´t forget about the food when talking about things Barcelona Is famous for. In Barcelona and in the whole Catalonian region you can find one of the most delicious gastronomy in Spain. 

The delicious bread with tomato or better called “Pan tumaca” is one of the best things you can try. It´s normally served during breakfast but is that good that we could eat it at any time of the day. Other famous dishes tourists would eat on a trip to Barcelona would be the fuet or the typical Crema Catalana as a dessert (it´s delicious).

Barcelona is known for football

Believe us this was the hardest part to write in the blog. But we just could´t miss football when talking about what´s Barcelona known for. 

Of course, everyone in the world knows about the FC. Barcelona as It´s one of the best football teams in the world. Just so you have an idea one of the biggest reasons why people visit the city is either to watch a game or sometimes just to see the stadium.

Most famous streets in Barcelona


To finish our list of the 6 things Barcelona is known for, we want to end up with Barcelona´s streets. One of our biggest pleasures when we visited the city, was walking through Barcelona streets. We just enjoyed getting lost and finding hidden gems. The streets all over Barcelona are really photogenic, and it´s where we spent most of the time. If it´s part of your plan when you visit the city, we recommend you getting lost in the streets near the Gothic quarter, it´s surprisingly beautiful.

And if your idea is to have a walk enjoying the atmosphere then we recommend you the most famous street of Barcelona, “Las Ramblas”. A walk through the Ramblas, with an ice cream on your hand, the perfect weather during summertime while seeing all the artists of the streets is one of the best things to do in Barcelona.

Enjoy Barcelona

That´s the end of our “What is Barcelona famous for?” list. Hope you enjoyed reading about why is Barcelona famous, and if you have any other suggestion of typical things about Barcelona we would love to know about it!!