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Puebla de Sanabria – Spain

Recently, Puebla de Sanabria (Spain) won the famous Ferrero Rocher awards “Envuelve de luz tu pueblo”, as the most beautiful town in Spain. We visited it just about a month ago. It surprised us, how much this place could offer. An impressive old town and the nature that surrounds it, are beautiful. But would we say, it´s one of the best towns in Spain?  For sure! But it is hard for us, saying which town the best. In Spain, the small towns are the wonders of the country. From a medieval Spanish city in Catalonia like Besalú, to the charming towns of the south like Ronda. There are amazing towns in Spain, so highlighting one, isn´t easy. Anyway, we understand why Puebla de Sanabria would win this award.

Centro lobo ibérico Puebla de Sanabria, Spain

The Iberian Wolf is an iconic animal of the Iberic Peninsula. Unfortunately, in the last decades, its population has been decreasing. Of course, because of humans actions. Although that also happened in this area, the surroundings of Puebla de Sanabria are some of the only places that we can still call “Iberian Wolf habitat”. We weren´t able to have any wild wolf experience, but we saw some in semi-liberty. We usually don´t support this kind of places, unless there´s a good reason, and they have it. At “Centro del lobo Ibérico” they take care of the wolves who are hurt and couldn´t survive in the wild. It´s a way to help them live longer. They study them and try to put an end to wolf hunting. If nothing changes, this would be one more animal to add to the list of extinction of species due to man intervention.

La Laguna de los Peces, Sanabria, Spain


A must do excursion if you´re visiting Puebla de Sanabria, is doing a hike to Laguna de los Peces and Laguna da las Yeguas. You can walk from one place to the other and it won´t take you much time. It isn´t also far from the town, about 15- 20 minutes by car. La Laguna de los Peces by itself, is impressive, a beautiful lagoon, in the middle of nowhere. The perfect place to connect with nature. You should definitely try to arrive there before sunrise time. You´ll see every kind of colors all over the sky behind the lagoon, while the sun shines, with a beautiful golden light. It´s a great place for landscape photography, and if you visit it in winter, you may even get to see the whole place cover with the snow. Should we consider it one of the most bautiful lagoons in the world??

Sanabria lake natural park (Parque natural Lago de Sanabria)

You should also visit the Sanabria lake. Not just because they have many different beaches, but also because it´s the iconic place of this area and it is impressive from everywhere you see it.
Sanabria lake, is the biggest lake in Spain, in the Iberian peninsula, and one of the biggest lakes in Europe. There are many things to do in this natutural park. You can have some fun at the beach and diving in the water or doing some hikes to admire the views from above. On your way to the lake, you´ll find many view points. Make sure to stop in at least one of them, it will not disappoint you. The last activity you shouldn´t miss, is joining the environmental cruise, which by the way you´ll also find in Miranda do Douro, and it´s the best way to relax and get some rest.

Puebla de Sanabria old town

You may be thinking Puebla de Sanabria just have landscapes and nature. But it doesn´t stop there, you can not imagine how charming is the old town.

Since you enter it, it will surprise you how green it is. Many of the houses have leaves hanging from the top, so it is not like any other kind of old town you have seen before.

Although the whole old town is on a slope, it is worth it making it to the top. When you arrive, you´ll see the beautiful building of the city hall, and you´ll have impressive views in both sides. In one side the town of Sanabria and the river and in the other side an outstanding view point of the landscapes of the area.

Castle of Puebla de Sanabria, Spain
(Castillo de Puebla de Sanabria)

Castillo-Puebla-de-Sanabria, Spain

If that doesn´t convince you yet, to go up hill and see the town, this will. Other than the views at the top, you will also find the famous Castillo de Puebla de Sanabria (the castle), named, el Castillo de los Condes de Benavente. It has been the monument of Sanabria, since the XV century and now a days, it is one of the reasons why Puebla de Sanabria is one of the best small towns in Spain. Don´t forget to check out the views from the top of it.

Relax by the Tera river

After all the walks and all the exploring, you may be ready for some rest. The perfect place for it, is by the Tera river, right after going downhill, and before arriving to the city. Either if you just want to sit or have a walk it is perfect. You will be right by the river and enjoy a great view of the castle, all that while the ducks come closer to you checking if they can get some food.

These are just some of the reasons, why Puebla the Sanabria is one of the best small towns in Spain, but there is way more, which you will have to find out during your trip to Puebla de Sanabria.