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Hidden gems in Madrid: unique & unusual things to do


We all here love to travel and find out about new places… But rarely we decide to discover our hometown, to explore those not so famous places or to take pictures at our own city. That of course, happened to us as well. That´s why, one day we decide to discover the secret places in Madrid. The best of travelling in your own city is that the time is unlimited. You can spend all the time you want, and if it´s needed you can always come back. Apparently, there are many unusual things to do in Madrid, and tourists don´t know about it… So, take this advantage and learn about our list of hidden gems in Madrid we have recently discovered:

Before we start, if you don´t have a clue about Madrid, we recommend you reading our article about “the 7 things Madrid is famous for”.

Segovia Viaduct Madrid


Don´t confuse it with the famous Segovia Aqueduct! The Segovia viaduct is one of Alfonso´s favourites hidden gems of Madrid. We have visited more than a few times and this place is always empty.

The bridge located in La Latina neighbourhood was built in 1874 after a few fails and then it was replaced in 1934. The idea of building this bridge and its main function is to facilitate an access to the Royal Palace of Madrid form the town.

Although the Segovia Viaduct has been a common site for suicide in Madrid for many years, now is just a beautiful spot and definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Madrid.

Atocha train station tropical garden

Visiting Atocha train station as a tourist may sound as one of those weird and strange things to do in Madrid, but its tropical garden will surprise you, believe us!

The truth is that this place is like a waiting room. But instead of being a normal room, what you will find there is a tropical garden that will make you feel like if you were in the jungle.

There are more than 260 different tropical species of plants and if you go early in the morning, you will fall in love with the rays of the light that goes through the windows of Atocha´s interior.

If you are travelling through Spain and you stop by Madrid´s Atocha train station, you can actually visit cool places without the need of going far away! How amazing is that??

CaixaForum Madrid


One of the most non tourist things to do in Madrid is visiting the CaixaForum. The building is a cultural building, made to promote and spread the culture in Madrid. This means that of course you will find people, but the majority are not tourists.

The place is perfect for either photography or a filming location, but it´s true that you need to be patient. It´s most famous spot (more for moody photography) are the stairs, which from the top flor looks amazing. There is another beautiful perspective on the outside where you will find the vertical garden (really cool!)

A while ago we visited it and discovered many tips about the  CaixaForum Madrid Museum don´t miss them!

Calle de la Fe, Lavapiés, Madrid


Many of you would include Lavapies in the list of famous places to visit in Madrid instead of the hidden places of Madrid. And you are right! But this street called “Calle de la Fe” is not famous at all. All the times we have visited, it was always empty, and not many people know about it.

It´s located about 5/6 minutes walking from the Lavapies metro station. As soon as we got there, we knew it was one of the best photo spots in Madrid. Its colourful houses and the San Lorenzo church at the end made it just perfect for photos.

Rey Juan Carlos Park
4 towers of Madrid view


Everyone knows about the 4 towers of Madrid, but there are a million places to take photos of them. The Rey Juan Carlos Park is one of Madrid´s hidden gems as it has one of the best views to the skyline of Madrid.

There is just one problem…getting there is a nightmare! It takes about one hour from most of the places in the centre of Madrid, and you may need to take more than one or two public transports.

And although from the park you will find a great view and you can get a nice picture if you have a big lens, we recommend you looking for the bridge to take the road shot you can see below!

Santa Maria Magdalena: Madrid church


The Santa Maria Magdalena church of Madrid is actually a Russian orthodox church. We still don´t know how it´s possible to include this place in the list of alternative things to do in Madrid and not on the most visited places. Anyway… better for us, right??

This Russian style church is located about 20 minutes far from Chamartín station. We recommend you visiting it during spring season as it will be way more beautiful with the greens and the flowers of spring.

The church opens every day of the week and even on weekends from 10Am to 21Pm on Saturday and from 8:30Am to 18Pm on Sunday. It´s beautiful on the inside but what we enjoy the most are it´s 5 golden domes of its architecture.

Concepcion church Madrid


To finish our list of best hidden gems in Madrid we advise you visiting the Concepcion church, known in Spanish as “iglesia de la Concepcion de nuestra señora”.

Its access is very simple as the church is located right in front of the Nuñez de Balboa metro station. By the way from there is where you will find the best perspective to take pictures, but it´s also nice to move around and look for new ones!

It´s opening hours are from 8Am to 20:30Pm.

Enjoy the secret places in Madrid!

That´s the end of the best hidden places in Madrid, hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the most unusual things to do in Madrid! If you have more recommendations, any question or suggestion, please let us know in the comments!!