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Famous places to visit in Madrid: Top 10 attractions


Visiting Rome and not going to the Colosseum, or going o Paris and not visiting the Eiffel Tower… no one does that right?? Well, in Madrid happens the same, although the famous places in Madrid are not as popular as the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, they are still a must, so you need to visit them!!

You may have heard about La Puerta del Sol, Retiro park or the 4 towers, but there are more attractions in Madrid!! Next you will find our list of the most famous places to visit in Madrid, Spain:

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Moncloa: It´s not just a bus station!


We decided to start our list of famous sights in Madrid with Moncloa. The reason is not because Moncloa is the most famous place in Madrid, but because is where Madrid begins.

It´s true that Moncloa is known for being a bus and metro station, and everyone stops there to go somewhere else, but there´s actually a lot to see in its surroundings.

Starting from the popular “Arch of victory” which is the most photogenic spot. You will also see the “Cuartel general del ejercito del aire” and of course the palace of Moncloa, where the president of Spain lives.

Another of the reasons why Moncloa is one of the most popular places of Madrid is because there are many restaurants and bars to hang out. It´s a nice place to meet with your friends.

Plaza Mayor in Madrid


It should be illegal to visit Madrid and not go to Plaza Mayor, which is for sure one of the top attractions in Madrid.

The best of this famous square in Madrid is its atmosphere. No matter if you go in winter or summer you will always find a lot of people here. During winter is where most of the Christmas markets in Madrid are located. And during summer is just the perfect place to stay in a terrace and do one of the things Madrid is famous for: eat a good “bocata de calamares”.

Plaza Mayor it´s also very beautiful because of its architecture. One of the most iconic spots of the square is the statue of Felipe III, which makes a great photo with the buildings at the back.

Royal Palace of Madrid


One of Madrid most famous places is the Royal Palace or also known in Spanish as “El Palacio Real”. The Royal Palace of Madrid, built during the 18th and 19th century is the official residence of the king and the Royal Family.

Nowadays, it´s used for state ceremonies, so you can actually visit it during the rest of the time. Other than being the house of the kings, the Royal Palace is one of the best places to visit in Madrid because of its majesty. It gets very crowded, so we recommend you going early in the morning if you want to take pictures.

Almudena Cathedral in Madrid


Almudena Cathedral is one of the most important cathedrals in Spain. Its construction was made in purpose to match with the royal palace, located right in front of the Almudena.

The Almudena Cathedral is one of the must-see places in Madrid. You can admire it being next to it (it´s located in the old town) or you can admire it from the square where the temple of Debod Is located. It´s a beautiful view!

Temple of Debod in Madrid

The common question when a tourist visits the Temple of Debod is: What is an Egyptian building doing in Madrid? The story is long, but just so you can have an idea, this famous place in Madrid was donated by Egypt when Spain decided to help with the floods when the Aswan Dam was made.

Now the Debod temple is one of the must-see places in Madrid. We totally recommend you going there at sunset time. Seeing the temple with the reflection and the colours on the sky is the best!

Gran Via of Madrid


Probably the most famous attraction in Madrid is the Gran Via. It´s with difference the most visited street in Madrid, we can compare it to the 5th avenue of New York. Some people call it “the Broadway Madrileño”.

People visit the Gran Via for many reasons, just to go for a walk, to go to the theatre, to eat in a terrace while enjoying the atmosphere or to go shopping. You will not get bored in Gran Via.

Another reason why Gran Via is one of the most popular places to visit in Madrid is its architecture. Some of the most important buildings in Madrid are located in Gran Via, like the capitol building or the building of Telefónica.

Metropolis building of Madrid

Right in the corner between Gran Via and Alcala street, you will find what is considered one of the best photo spots in Madrid, the Metropolis building. It´s actually just an office centre.

This French style building that was constructed between 1907 and 1910 is one of the symbols of Madrid. It´s a very crowded area and you will probably find lots of photographers when you visit it. It´s also an incredible option for night photography and more during Christmas times!

City Hall and Cibeles Square


City Hall and Cibeles are located between “Paseo del Prado” and “Calle Alcala”. Both locations together make a perfect place for photography in Madid. Other than that, the City Hall used to be the communication palace until 2007 when it became the City Hall. Meanwhile the Cibeles square is the most famous fountain in Madrid, plus it´s where the Real Madrid football team celebrates their titles.

It´s very easy to get there as many buses go to Cibeles, plus the metro line 2 stops there in Banco de España.

Puerta de Alcala


Another of the top 10 attractions in Madrid is one of our favourite places, “La Puerta de Alcalá”. It´s located in the independence square, at the beginning of the Alcala street.

It´s one of the most photographed sights in Madrid during the whole yar, but we must admit that when it looks better is in Spring season when the pink flowers are shinning!

Four towers of Madrid


We finish this list of the best places to visit in Madrid with the four towers. You will see them from most of the places in the whole province of Madrid. Impressive right? They are the main element of Madrid´s skyline.

As we said you can see them from everywhere, but their location is very close to the Chamartín train station. At the parking of the train station you will find an amazing photography spot of the four towers of Madrid!

Enjoy the famous places to visit in Madrid!!

These were some of the most famous places to visit in Madrid, hope you enjoyed reading about them and what is most important hope you enjoy visiting them!! If you have any suggestion with other famous attractions in Madrid or any question about any of these locations, please let us know!!