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CaixaForum Madrid Museum: opening hours, price…


A while ago we talked about the best hidden gems in Madrid and there, we mention the CaixaForum Madrid museum. Apparently, not many of you knew about it. It´s not a popular place in Madrid so we can imagine that if you come from outside it´s even harder to know about it.

Anyway, the CaixaForum in Madrid, is popular for being an incredible location to take photos. There are different spots, we enjoyed a lot shooting at the stairs, but the vertical garden of CaixaForum is also a fantastic spot.

Next, we will tell you all about this place: the CaixaForum opening hours, the entrance fee and much more…

What is the CaixaForum museum in Madrid?


Before we start telling you about the photo spots or the best time to visit it, you probably want to know what is it? what will you find in the CaixaForum museum of Madrid?

The CaixaForum Madrid museum is a building made to promote the culture of Madrid. Here there are many activities to encourage the modern and contemporary art, the music… there are also workshops for families and for education.

Other than that, the CaixaForum structure is famous for two things:

CaixaForum stairs


The stairs of the CaixaForum is what everyone likes the most. These are not very popular in Madrid, but everyone who knows about it, wants to take photos there.

The shape of the stairs is the reason why the CaixaForum is considered a floating building. We recommend you going to the top flor and admiring the view, it´s incredible!

Vertical Garden CaixaForum Madrid

The Vertical Garden of the CaixaForum, also known as the green wall, is the second reason why most of the people visit this building. It´s located on the outside of the building and you will stand at it a few times wondering how it´s possible!

Patric Blanc built this fantastic 78-foot green wall right by the CaixaForum, proving the theory that plants don´t need soil to grow. This piece of art, it´s a vertical garden with about 250 species of plants, how cool is that??

CaixaForum Madrid tickets price

We have really good news for you! If you want to go to any of the places mentioned before, you won’t have to pay anything. There is a FREE ENTRY to the CaixaForum of Madrid.

On another hand, if you want to go to any of the workshops or activities, the entrance fee for the exhibitions is generally 6€ per person.

There is a guide tour that shows you around the whole building that costs just 3€. Unfortunately it´s only in Spanish for the moment. In case you are still interested you can find it here

CaixaForum Madrid opening hours


The CaixaForum opening hours are from 10:00 Am to 20:00 Pm every day, including festive days.

During the 24th and 31st of December and the 5th of January the CaixaForum hours are from 10:00 Am to 18:00 Pm.

It closes the 25th of December and the 1st and 6th of January.

CaixaForum maps

Where is the CaixaForum located?? It´s very simple, the CaixaForum is located right in the “Paseo del Prado”. Getting there is easy, you can go there from Lavapies and admire the colourful streets of this area. Or you can go walking from Atocha and see the whole Paseo del Prado. Estación del Arte is the closest metro station to the CaixaForum of Madrid.

You can find the exact location of CaixaForum Madrid on the maps here:

CaixaForum Madrid history

The CaixaForum of Madrid history is very brief. It was inaugurated the 13 of February of 2008 by the kings Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofia and Isidro Fainé, the president of Caixa.

Before the CaixaForum, on this location you would find the old electric power plant (from the XX century). It was a reinstatement project made by the Swiss architects: Herzog & de Meuron.

Other than the CaixaForum of Madrid, there are other 7 CaixaForum in Spain: CaixaForum Barcelona, CaixaForum Sevilla, CaixaForum Zaragoza, CaixaForum Palma, CaixaForum Girona, CaixaForum Lleida and CaixaForum Tarragona.

Enjoy visiting the CaixaForum Madrid Museum!

That´s all you need to know about the CaixaForum Madrid architecture, hope the information is useful and hope you enjoy visiting it!! If you have any other question, let us know in the comments!