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Cape Town view from Table Mountain & other facts!


The Cape Town view from Table Mountain is a must, doesn´t matter if you have a long time or if you are only for two days in Cape Town. The best of going up the mountain is that you will get to see more than just one viewpoint, plus seeing all the nature that surrounds is amazing as well.

We had two days in Cape Town, so we needed to see everything really fast, but we made it. That´s why we are going to tell you all the information about Table Mountain to make your trip easier!

View from Table Mountain:
Best picture spots

The view from Table Mountain is outstanding no matter from where you look, but there are certain spots that are perfect to take photos. If you have enough time you can do many different trails and find other viewpoints, but from the top is where you will get the best pictures:

City views of Cape Town from Table Mountain

Although you will find some really nice views of the city from the top, there is a really nice viewpoint right before getting in the cable car.

Cable car 360º rotating view


If you decide to go up through the Cable car, you will enjoy the rotating view. There are windows all over the cable car so everyone can enjoy a changing view while getting up to the top of the Table Mountain.

View of Devil´s Peak from the top of Table Mountain

As soon as you make it to the top of Table Mountain you will find one of the most famous views. The view is to Devil´s Peak, and it´s famous because of it´s story.

The story comes from a pirate named Van Hunk who used to smoke a lot. Another man challenged him to a smoking contest and this one turned out to be the devil. That´s why it is said that every time the mountain gets covered by the clouds it´s because they are battling each other.

Best picture from Table Mountain:
Lion´s Head


It´s recognized as the best viewpoint in Cape Town and definitely the best place to get a picture from Table Mountain. From this distance you will see not just Lion´s Head but also the city of Cape Town surrounding it,

View of 12 apostles of Cape Town

Last of all, right before finishing your visit to the Table Mountain plateau, you will have the chance to see an incredible view to the 12 apostles of Cape Town.

View of Table Mountain from Bloubergstrand

Once you finish your time at the top, you can complete your “Table Mountain day” going to the best spot of the city to see the Table Mountain. It´s called Bloubergstrand, and it´s far away, but if you have enough time it´s a great spot for sunset time.

If you can make it earlier, you may also want to enjoy the Bloubergstrand beach. Other than the amazing view another great thing about this area is that it´s normally empty!

Bloubergstrand map location

Here is the exact location of Bloubergstrand on the map

Other information and facts about Table Mountain


Enjoying a Cape Town view from Table Mountain is a must, but it will be very helpful if you have in mind these other facts about Table Mountain. The ticket price, best time to visit…are very important information about Table Mountain that will make your journey much easier.

How to get to Table Mountain?

First things first, what´s the best way to get to Table Mountain? Of course, it depends if you want to go fast or if you don´t want to pay much money.

In case you are not renting a car and you want to get there as soon as possible (as it was our case), you should take an Uber. Ubers are cheap, plus you won´t have to park and they´ll leave you at the entrance to the cable car.

If you want to go with the cheaper option you can take a bus with MyCiTi (open until 7Pm) or the City Sightseeing bus (more expensive).

Table Mountain hike or cable car??

If we could choose between doing the hike to Table Mountain or using the cable car, we would have done the hike for sure. It´s true that the cable car takes less time, but we are sure the hike is also a way to enjoy the whole atmosphere.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot more time to do the hike, so we had to go by cable car, which is also nice, and you can enjoy a nice view too. In case you want to do the hike, here you can find the best trails to Table Mountain.  

Table Mountain cable car tickets

If you decide to go by cable car to Table Mountain, these are the prices:

Prices in the morning:

  • Adults: 360R (return ticket) and 200R (one way)
  • Child: 180R (Return) and 100R (one way)

Afternoon tickets:

  • Adults: 300R (return ticket) and 200R (one way)
  • Child: 150R (Return) and 100R (one way)

Table Mountain hike or cable car??

The Table Mountain is one of those places that gets very crowded, that´s why if you are looking for the best time to visit Table Mountain, we would advise you to not go on weekends.

And if you are looking for the best time to enjoy the Cape Town view from Table Mountain, then we recommend you going at sunset time. You´ll love it!

Enjoy the Table Mountain,
one of the 7 nature wonders of the world


That´s all the information about Table Mountain, hope you have an amazing time and enjoy what is since 2011 one of the 7 nature wonders of the world!