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What is Lisbon famous for?


What is Lisbon famous for? In Lisbon´s case, this question is not easy to answer at all. If you ask the people who have been in Lisbon, most of them will tell you it is one of their favorite cities in Europe. Even for us! We are not going to lie; During our two trips to Lisbon we had the best time ever! Therefore, defining what is Lisbon known for, is not easy. There are many things that make this city famous all over the world. Anyway, that´s what we are here for, so below you will find all the things Lisbon is famous for and why it is worth visiting!

Lisbon famous landmarks and places

Portugal Is one of the countries in the world with more history. Lisbon as the capital of such an historical country has many monuments and buildings to remember it. If you aren´t looking for historic places, don´t worry because there are many kind of places to visit in Lisbon. The city is divided in different districts or neighborhoods. Each one of them have different things to see and do, but if you are in a rush, the places you must visit are Alfama and Bairro alto. Anyway, everything is very accessible and not very far, so instead of going by districts, try to make it too all the cool places in the city. Here you have some of the famous landmarks and places in Lisbon:

Lisbon famous trams

If we are making a list of what is Lisbon known for, and we don´t mention the famous trams of Lisbon, then we would know nothing about the city! In every street of Lisbon city center, you will find these famous trams. The most famous Lisbon tram is number 28. Although the ride of the tram 28 is amazing and you get to see some of the most popular neighborhoods, in our opinion it isn´t worth it. Not because it´s expensive (which it isn´t) but mainly because it´s almost all the time crowded, and the experience is way better if you go walking. If you want to have the tram experience you could always take another one. That said, if there is one thing we love about the trams, that´s the photos you can take of them!!  


Beaches near Lisbon

In the opposite side, although they aren´t famous at all from Lisbon, we need to remember they´re still here! Many people don´t even know about them, but if you decide to come to Lisbon, you should know, going to the beach is also an option. Not so far away, in the other side of the famous bridge, you will see some very nice beaches near Lisbon. Just about 20 minutes by car! Therefore, staying longer in Portugal´s capital is a great choice if you also want to have some beach days!

Some of the beaches close to Lisbon, are the ones in Costa da Caparica. Kilometers and kilometers of sand and ocean! The best beach in Lisbon for us, is a little bit further away but it´s impressive and so empty, it is called Fonte da Telha!

What food is Lisbon known for?


Food is also a reason why Lisbon is famous, like in any other Portuguese destination! You all probably have heard or even eaten the famous Lisbon dessert, Pasties de Belem, right? Although they are from a specific store very close to Belem Tower, in general this cake is delicious all over the city. Don´t blame us, but during our trip to Lisbon we had like three of them every day for breakfast haha! It was included, so we weren´t going to say no right!? Other than Pasteis de Belem, What food is Lisbon famous for?? you should also try the Lisbon Bacalhau, Cozido a Portuguesa, Chicken Piri-Piri…

If you have any other famous dishes from Lisbon in mind, that you think we should mention here, please let us know in the comments!

Lisbon famous buildings


Another thing Lisbon is also well known for, is it´s architecture. Other than impressive and famous buildings like Belem Tower or the Cathedral of Lisbon, the ones that everyone will recognize are the colorful houses of the old town. Walking through it´s charming and narrow streets. is one of the things you must do when visiting Lisbon! It represents all the Lisbon authentic vibes!

Famous Lisbon
sunsets and sunrises


Another of the things you should know about Lisbon are how beautiful sunsets and sunrises are! If you have been in Portugal before, you will probably know this and if you don´t, you should! In this country the sunsets and sunrises are some of the best you will ever see! Lisbon is no different from the rest of Portugal! Furthermore, we even saw our favorite sunset ever here! If you are visiting the city, you should try to visit at least one of the viewpoints or miradouros in Lisbon. They are just perfect to enjoy sunset time. Some of the best ones are Miradouro de Nossa Senhora do Monte and Miradouro da Graça.

Enjoy visiting Lisbon!

Hope you have enjoyed reading it and now you are able to answer if is Lisbon worth visiting?? For us, it is!!  

That´s the end of our “What is Lisbon, Portugal known for?” list, but if you have any suggestion about other famous things in Lisbon, we would love to hear it!