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Rossio Square Lisbon Portugal: Map, hotels…


Rossio square (Lisbon, Portugal) is one of the main plazas in Lisbon. Many people recognize this square because of its fantastic location on the map or because of the great atmosphere. There are many hotels, restaurants and bars all over the Rossio area. But the truth is that Rossio Square it´s a beautiful place with photo opportunities and a great history to learn.

Rossio Square Lisbon Map


We said many people know Rossio Square because of its location on the map and it´s true! From Rossio Square you can move to any place in Lisbon…and not just in Lisbon. It has a perfect location so you can go walking to most of the places in central Lisbon, like Bairro Alto which is literally less than 10 minutes far from the Plaza (Also the famous Bica elevator), you will also see in less than 3 minutes the Commerce Square, and it will not take you that much to go to the rest of the places.

Other than being really close to many places, near Rossio Square you will also find many public transport facilities. There is a metro station, more than a few bus stops, the possibility of riding the tram and also the Railway Station to go out of Lisbon, and all that together near the square.

See the location of Rossio Square here!

Rossio Square Lisbon Hotels

We have been two times in Lisbon, the first one it was out of the city and the second one, 1 minute away from Rossio Square. If we have to choose a location for our hotel, after both trips, we would definitely say Rossio is the best option.

The great news is that there are many hotels around this area, some of the best hotels are: Hotel Santa Justa, My Story Hotel Rossio, Portugal Boutique Hotel and Gat Rossio Hotel. The last one is where we stayed during our visit to Lisbon, let us tell you more about it.

Hotel Gat Rossio Lisbon

We spent 4 nights at Gat Rossio Hotel, and we had an incredible time. We made it to Lisbon at 6 in the morning. Although it was really early, we didn´t have any trouble to leave our luggage at the hotel. They even have a room to relax until your room is ready. The Hotel receptionist were always kind to us and gave us indications and tips forour adventures in Lisbon. And what is most important, the room was amazing, it felt very luxury, we had two beds, a coffee machine, a huge tv, a great bathroom…but the best of all was the view from the room!

If all that wasn´t enough, every morning we had incredible breakfasts! With Belem cakes included!!

Rossio Square Lisbon Restaurants

One of the best things of the Rossio Square of Lisbon is the atmosphere. There are thousand streets around with a lot of terraces, bars and restaurants. Whenever we were walking through any of these streets it was really hard to resist ourselves and not stop to enjoy some Portuguese food at any of those places (The fantastic weather of Lisbon made it harder).

Anyway, after some days walking around the Rossio area, we discovered some realy good terraces and restaurants near Rossio Square:

  • Belcanto Restaurant Lisbon: If you are looking for something classy, the only restaurant with two Michelin stars is your best choice.
  • A Merendinha do Arco Bandeira: The best to try local food. Try the menu of the day.
  • Fabrica de nata: In Despite of what people say, there is more than one place to try Belem cakes, and this one is delicious!

Rossio Square fountain and statue


Other than talking about the surroundings of the plaza, let´s talk about the Rossio Square. What can we find on it? In the middle of the Rossio Square you will see a column of the king Pedro IV; this one was built in 1870. At the bottom of the statue, there are 4 woman that represent the justice, wisdom, strength and moderation (4 of the most mentioned qualities of the king). On the square we can also see the fountain, if we combine all these elements with the beautiful flowers on spring season, we will see Rossio Square as a perfect photo spot!