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Se do Porto cathedral: Opening hours and entrance fee

Se do Porto Cathedral

Porto cathedral, also recognized as “Se do Porto cathedral” is for sure one of the top attractions in Porto, not just its impressive architecture from inside, but also the view you can enjoy of it from the outside. As it´s one of the famous places in Porto, we decided to help you planning a visit to this Porto monument. Of all the things you need to know these are the most important: The Se do Porto cathedral opening hours and entrance fee, the mass times, its location and more…

Porto cathedral opening hours

  • From November to March the Porto cathedral opening hours are from 9 am until 12:30pm (The cloister closes at 12:15) and in the afternoon it opens at 2:30pm and closes at 6pm (The cloister closes at 5:30).
  • From April to October it opens from 9am to 12:30pm and again from 2:30 but until 7pm this time (The cloister until 6:30pm)
    • It closes during the afternoon of Christmas and Eastern days.

Porto cathedral entrance fee: FREE ticket

  • Cloister: 3€ (with the Porto card or for students the price is 2€, for kids up to 10 years old the entrance is FREE)

Porto cathedral mass times

The Porto cathedral mass times are:

  • The mass time of Porto cathedral during the Weekdays is at 11:00
  • The mass hours during sundays is at 11:00 as well

Porto cathedral cloister


The Porto Cathedral cloister in a must wen visiting the Porto.  It may have a price but is not too expensive and it´s totally worth it. It´s located at the right when you go inside the cathedral and you can find impressive bible paints. And what is most important, from the cloister you can visit the Casa do Cabildo one of the most valuable things of the building.

Best time to visit Se do Porto cathedral

As we said the Se do Porto cathedral is one of the best places to visit in Porto. For that reason, it´s a place that many people visit and that´s why you need to choose when you want to go.

For us, the best time to visit the cathedral of Porto is at sunrise as it has beautiful colors and there are less visitors. Another really good time is at golden hour, the light at the cathedral looks amazing right before sunset.

Porto cathedral history and year of construction

The history of the Porto cathedral is huge, its year of construction was 1110 during the 12th century. It was built at the old centre, where all the activity of the city happened.

The Porto cathedral architectural style suffered many changes. It started being Romanesque as it is the nave, but now most of it is baroque style and for example the cloister is gothic. The cathedral was built by Bishop Hugh a French who ruled the city until 11:30

Porto cathedral map location

Se do Porto cathedral is located at Terreiro da Sé, 4050-573 Porto, Portugal which is in the upper part of the city. If you are interested in going by metro, the stop is: San Bento which is line D. 

See the exact location here !!

View from Porto cathedral


Se do Porto is definitely a beautiful cathedral with an impressive architecture, but if that wasn´t enough, right before you go inside the building, you can find one of the best view points of Porto, from there you can appreciate a cityscape of the whole city. Visiting it at sunrise or sunset time will become on of your highlights of your trip to Porto.