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National Pantheon of Lisbon


During our time in Portugal´s capital we visited the National Pantheon of Lisbon (also known as the Santa Engracia church) two different times. The first time we didn´t like it to take photos, the light was really bad and we just couldn´t find a great framing. So, we decided to come back and give it another chance. It was sunset time and it felt very different; in less than 30 minutes we were able to make a lot of photos and of course we enjoyed it a lot. Anyway, as we spent a lot of time at the pantheon, we decided to give you all the tips possible of this place, including the “National Pantheon Lisbon tickets”, the opening hours, the best time to visit it and of course we will show you the best photo you can take at the Pantheon.

National Pantheon Lisbon tickets

  • The National Pantheon entrance fee is 4€
  • The first Sunday of the month, the price for Santa Engracia church is FREE
  • 50% DISCOUNT for: Youth card, people over 65 years old and families of 4 members or more.
  • FREE for: Children under 12, disabled persons and unemployed from the European Union.
  • If you own the Lisbon card the National Pantheon price is also FREE.

National Pantheon Lisbon opening hours

  • During May to September: From 10:00Am to 17:00Pm (Last entrance 16:40)
  • October to April: From 10:00Am to 18:00Pm (Last entrance 17:40)
  • IMPORTANT: It closes every Monday. It´s also closed during the days: 25th of December, 1st of January, 1st of May and Easter Sunday.

Best time to visit Lisbon´s National Pantheon


As we said at the beginning, we visited the monument at two different times, and that is why we think it´s really important to have in mind what is the best time to visit the National Pantheon.

Not many people visit the church of Santa Engracia. But if you want to go inside, we would recommend you to go at 10:00Am, as soon as it opens, that way you will have It for yourself.  On another hand, if what you are looking for is to take the best photos of the place, try to go either at sunrise or at sunset time, where the light is best. There will not be many people at sunset time around that area, so you don´t need to wake up early for sunrise to visit the National Pantheon, but it would still be a really nice option.

National Pantheon Lisbon location

Pantheon Lisbon-hours

Many people wonder every day where is the National Pantheon. The reason is that although it´s one of the biggest monuments in Lisbon, is not that easy to find it.

The location of the National Pantheon is: Campo de Santa Clara, 1100-471, Lisboa, or you can find it here. It´s situated on the Alfama region and you can get there by public transport:

  • Tram: Number 28
  • Bus: Number 712 or 734.
  • Metro: Santa Apolónia (Blue line)
  • And if you decide to go walking it´s about 20 minutes from the centre.

National Pantheon History

The National Pantheon of Lisbon was built in the XVII century. But they didn´t finish It  until 1966. This is the reason why in Portugal many people compare every long project to the construction of the pantheon. Before the Pantheon there was a church (destroyed by the climate conditions). Now the Pantheon is used as a burial for important Portuguese people.