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Main square in Lisbon: Commerce square


Commerce square or Praça do Comercio is the name of main square in Lisbon. The most famous square in Lisbon, is used many times as a reference point. It isn´t just the gate to Lisbon´s old town, but it is also very close to many of the tourist spots in Lisbon. Other than that, It´s the most common meeting point in the city, not just for tourist but also for many locals. Here is all you need to know about it:

Where is Praça do Comercio? Map

As we said Praça do Comercio is close to all the touristic spots in Lisbon and it is the entrance to Lisbon city center, but where is Praça do Comercio exactly located?

Praça do Comercio is right by Tagus river and just about 5 minutes walking from Lisbon cathedral. If you´re going from Rossio or from Figueira square you´ll find it easy just walking through Rua da Prata.

Anyway, here you can find Praça do Comercio on the map in case you get lost!

What to see in the main square in Lisbon?

Don´t you think the square itself is just a great meeting point. The Commerce square in Lisbon is also beautiful and a place where there are many things to do and see. In one side of the square, you´ll find Rua Augusta arch, known as the Lisbon gate. Commerce square arch is surrounded by a beautiful yellow façade. In the other side, you will have a view to Tagus River and Lisbon´s bridge, 25 de Abril. Right in the center of Commerce Square, you will find the statue of Joseph I of Portugal. Joseph I was the king of the country during the earthquake that took place in Lisbon in 1755.  Admiring all these sights in Praça do Comercio is something you must do when visiting Lisbon.

Hotels near Praça do Comercio Lisbon:

Staying at a hotel near Praça do Comercio when visiting Lisbon is a very smart option. Most of the things there are to see in Lisbon, are around this area therefore you will be able to go walking everywhere you want. Plus, if you are lucky you may find a place with nice views of the old town. As you will probably imagine, there is no one inside the square, so we will just have to conform with the closest ones. These are some of them: Pousada de Lisboa, Yes Lisbon hostel, Pestana CR7 Lisboa…

Commerce Square Restarurants

From Praça do Comercio to Rossio Square you will find hundreds of types of restaurants. Of course, we always recommend trying local food, but if you are looking for something different, you will also find it here! Anyway, these are some of the most famous commerce square restaurants: Populi, Can the Can Lisboa, Taburia do Paco, Museo da Cerveja…

Best time to visit the main square in Lisbon


If you know as well, you probably already know the answer to this question for us. We don´t like huge crowds, so in Praça do Comercio´s case, we would prefer to arrive in the morning. The difference this time, is that seeing Commerce Square empty, although it´s great for photos, it wouldn´t be the same. Therefore, we are not talking about going there at sunrise time. The best time to visit Praça do Comercio would be between 10am and midday, when you start to feel the vibes, but it still isn´t that crowded. Anyway, no matter what time of the day you go, you will always have a great time in the main square in Lisbon!