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Lisbon Cathedral opening hours, entrance fee…


On our second visit to Lisbon, Se Cathedral was probably the spot where we spent most time. Let us explain you. There is a narrow and deep street with the cathedral at the end where yellow, red and green trams, tuk tuks and locals are passing by all the time. You can also appreciate the cathedral from different perspectives, it´s just a paradise to take good photos. But unluckily, although it´s a beautiful place, as it normally happens, it gets really crowded, so we will be talking about things like the Lisbon Cathedral opening hours, mass times or the best time to visit it, but not just that also the entrance fee, its history and more!!

Best photo spot at the Cathedral of Lisbon

Lisbon Cathedral was one of our favourite places in the the ctiy to take photos. If you go up through Rua Augusto Rosa there is a beautiful view of one of the sides of the cathedral. During sunset time, the golden light reflected in the top of the cathedral makes it great for some shots. But the photo gets even better if you wait for any of the trams to come.

Lisbon Cathedral Opening Hours

  • The Lisbon Cathedral opening hours are from 9:00Am t 19:00Pm
  • The cloister of Se Cathedral opens at 10:00Am and closes at 17:00Pm (During May to September closes at 19:00Pm)
  • The Treasury hours are from 10:00Am to 17:00Pm and it closes on Sunday.

Lisbon Cathedral Mass Times

The mass time at Se de Lisbon are:

  • On Sundays: At 11.30Am and at 19:00Pm
  • From Tuesday to Saturday at 18:30Pm

Best time to visit Lisbon Cathedral


Even if you are looking for the best time to visit Lisbon Cathedral interior or if you just want to know the best time for great photos, you should go as early as possible. In our case we were looking for the best shots from out of the cathedral. The first day we went at sunset time, it was beautiful, but packed, so it was hard to take the shots. We came again during the day and there were a lot of people too and the light was really bad. So, we got the conclusion that the best time was during sunrise. It was empty at sunrise time and the light was perfect. And if you wait a little bit after sunrise but when it´s still early, you will have trams passing by and you will be able to capture the cathedral with a tram, good light and no people.

Lisbon Cathedral entrance fee

  • Lisbon Cathedral entrance fee is: FREE
  • The Cloister and the Treasury cost 2.5€ each. If you buy both the price is 4€.
  • Children under 11 years old have a FREE entrance ticket and students have a 50% DISCOUNT.

Where is Lisbon Cathedral?


You can find the Cathedral of Lisbon at Largo da Sé 1100 or here on the map.

We can say that Lisbon Cathedral has an easy access from most of the places of Lisbon, as it is really close to the centre. We were staying right by Rossio square and it would take us no more than 5 minutes to get to the cathedral. From places like Commerce Square is just 380 meters away São Jorge Castle is about 430 meters from the Cathedral.

How to get to Lisbon Cathedral?

  • The easiest ways to get to Lisbon Cathedral is by tram on lines 12 and 28 or by bus, number 37.

Lisbon Cathedral history

The Se Cathedral or officially known as Santa Maria Maior was built in the 12th century by the Christian Crusaders. It´s located at the same place where an old mosque was destroyed. The cathedral has suffered many natural disasters and although there has been times like after the earthquake of 1755 where there were only Lisbon Cathedral ruins, through the years Se do Lisbon has always been renovated.