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Igreja dos Carmelitas & Igreja do Carmo Porto


Igreja do Carmo Porto, known as the Igreja da Venerável Ordem Terceira de Nossa Senhora do Carmo, is one of the many beautiful churches in Porto. But there is one thing that makes this church special. It´s located literally 1 meter away from another church called Igreja dos Carmelitas. This is something that barely happens at any church in the world, so it is something to highlight! Before going it´s important to know which are the Igreja do Carmo opening hours, entrance fee and all its information!

Igreja do Carmo, Porto


Igreja do Carmo is the one located on the right and it´s the most famous one. Although both are located in the same square and  are almost part of the same structure, Igreja do Carmo is the one everyone recognizes the most, the main reason is because of its tiles or “Azulejos”. Porto azulejos are known all over the world. Many people visit the city just to see the beautiful blue tiles. On the side, where the azulejos are at, is where you can find the famous instagrammable spot! 

Igreja do Carmo opening hours

The opening hours of Igreja do Carmo, Porto, are:

  • Monday to Friday: From 7:15am to 7pm
  • Saturday & Sunday (and holidays): From 09:00Am to 6:45Pm.

Carmo chruch entrance fee

There is no entrance fee for Igreja do Carmo and the entrance is totally FREE.

Carmo church history

Igreja-dos-carmelitas-e-do cormo

The Igreja do Carmo of Porto was built in 1756 and it was finished in 1768. It was built in Rococo (late baroque) style by Jose de Figueiredo Seixas. The tiles of the exterior represent scenes of Mount Carmel from when the Carmelite order was found. This art was made in 1912 by Silvestro Silvestri.

Igreja do Carmo location

Both, the Igreja dos Carmelitas and the Igreja do Carmo of Porto, are located at Rua do Carmo and really close to the Clerigos tower and Lello bookshop.

Best time to visit

These two churches are very popular as one of the most photogenic spots of the city is there. Plus many locals and tourist come here to the terraces of the main square which is very near. So, if you are trying to avoid the tourists or you want to make a good photo, we are sorry, but you will ned to wake up early. The Best time to visit the Igreja do Carmo and Igreja dos Carmelitas are between 12:00Pm and 15:00Pm 

Igreja dos Carmelitas, Porto

Located in the left we find  Igreja dos Carmelitas. The church was built in the XVII century and it´s separated from Igreja do Carmo by one of the narrowest houses in the world. The reason why they are divided was to avoid contact between the nuns and the monks. Igreja dos Carmelitas used to be a convent at the beginning and it was used as a barrack during the French invasion of Porto between 1808 and 1814.