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Clerigos tower opening hours and entrance fee


The famous architectural building of the Clerics is one of the most emblematic monuments of Porto, it´s popular because of the tower, because of the church, and also for its museum. Imagine how important it is that is considered a national monument since 1910. We are going to tell you all you need to know about this historical architecture, like the Clerigos tower opening hours and entrance fee, its history and where is locate on the map.

Clerigos tower opening hours

The Clerigos tower opening hours are from 09:00AM to 19:00PM every day of the week

Clerigos tower entrance fee

  • The price for the Clerigos church is: FREE
  • Clerigos tower entrance fee: 3€
  • With the Porto card, you will have a 50% discount.

Clerigos tower map

  • The Clerigos tower is located at: Rua de São Filipe de Nery, 4050, Porto, Portugal
  • It´s very closed to the famous Livraria Lello & Irmão and Praça da Liberdade so make sure you visit those places on your way to the tower.
  • You can easily access there by metro, tram or bus.
  • The closest metro stop is Aliados in line D.
  • And if you want to go by tram, the stop is: Carmo in line 22

Clerigos tower history

The Clerigos tower was built from 1754 to 1763. Although the design is inspired in Tuscan campaniles, it also has a big influence from the Roman Baroque. The tower has six floors and 240 steps until you make it to the top. It´s a huge building, it goes to 75 meters high and that made it one of the biggest monuments of the city.

It´s a symbol of Porto because you can see it from almost everywhere in the city. The tower, which is part of the Clerigos church was designed once again by the “official” designer of Porto, Nicolau Nasoni, as he also took part in other monuments like the Porto cathedral.

Clerigos church Porto


When talking about the Clerigos tower is important to not confuse it with the Clerigos church, as it´s true that the whole structure is together, but it´s still not the same. Just as an example the access and the price is not the same to visit the church than if you want to go the tower.

The Clerigos church was built in 1735 and finished in 1748. The style of the church is baroque, and it was instructed by the Clerigos Brotherhood on the hill of the hanged men, where the prisoners were buried.

Clerigos tower view

Seeing the view from the top of the Clerigos tower is a must, you can admire the whole city from there. But other than that, we want to talk about the view you have from other places of the city where you will always find the impressive tower. The best spots to see the monument from far away are the cathedral of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia which is the other side of the Dom Luis I bridge.

Best time to visit

If you know us, you probably know that we would always
recommend you visit the places as soon as possible, and the main reasons are the light and that there is no one on the streets. In this case we are going to change our words, of course you can visit it early but the best time to visit the Clerigos tower is at golden hour or at sunset time, that way you will enjoy the beautiful view with impressive colours.