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Best 11 photo spots in LISBON: Places to photograph

Lisbon photography spots

As you may have seen in our Instagram, there are thousands of places to take pictures in Lisbon.  Lisbon photography is great for any kind of photographer, doesn´t matter your style. If you are into portraits, locals are very photogenic here, if you prefer urban photography, you will have many beautiful streets to take shots of and if the viewpoints are your thing, then you will sure enjoy this city too! It´s a paradise for photography! You will go crazy trying to find them all, that´s why we have made this list of the best 11 photo spots in Lisbon.

Best street photo spots in Lisbon with trams:

We wanted to divide streets and trams in two different sections. We wanted to tell you, in one side the best streets to take photos of and in another side the best photo spots with trams in Lisbon, but then we thought about it, and every cool street have a tram on it in this city, so we have combined them! Here are the best streets in Lisbon with trams:

The most famous tram in Lisbon in Rua da Conceicao:


The most famous tram in Lisbon is number 28 and the main reason is its epic trajectory. It literally goes through all the Instagram worthy places in Lisbon. Therefore, the only reason why we are mentioning it in Rua da Conceicao is because it´s the place where we were able to capture it… lol. Anyway, let´s talk about this photo location. It´s very easy to get to Rua do Conceicao, as it is right by the cathedral, you will just have to go down through Largo Santo António de Sé. Rua da Conceicao is beautiful, just wait for the tram, take the shoot and you´ll have your Lisbon postcard!

Tram in Lisbon Cathedral


As the cathedral is so close, this should be the next photo spot you should visit in Lisbon. Our favourite thing of the cathedral is that there are two possible shots. You can either take it from up or down the cathedral. If you are looking from the upside, we recommend you going there for sunset time as you will have beautiful colours in the background of the building. Of course, in both cases, it will be great if you get there early in the morning, to avoid the crowds!

Rua das Escolas Gerais in Alfama


As you can see, Alfama district gets many of the spots in our Lisbon photography tour! We jus love this area.

Rua das Escolas Gerias also offers two different photo spots! The first is the most famous one and very easy to find. Going straight from Miradouro de Santa Luzia, you will find some stairs that go down, well there it is! From the top, there´s a very nice view to Escolas Gerais, again, just for the tram. That one is great, but if you keep on walking at the end of the street, turn left and you will find our hidden gem. Colourful houses, São Vicente de Fora church in the background and the tram… the perfect shot! It´s the photo you see at the beginning of the article!

Rua de Cavaleiros


If you are looking for colourful streets with local vibes, then Cavaleiros is your place to be! The atmosphere is amazing and when the tram comes, it becomes one of the Lisbon most instagrammable places in Lisbon! The only problem is that you better catch it the first time… the next one won´t arrive right away!

It is not very hard to find Rua de Cavaleiros. It will take you just about 7 minutes walking from Praça de Figueira.

Rua de Sao Paulo Lisbon

Our last street of Lisbon is from Rua de Sao Paulo. The view itself is beautiful and worth a shot, but of course with the tram, the composition gets better. You probably have seen some photos in Instagram of the pink street in Lisbon, well Rua de São Paulo is right next to it!

There are many other photogenic streets, which means there are many more photo opportunities! These ones we have shown you are just a few of them that of course you should visit, but the fun part is when you find one that nobody knows about!

Best photo spots with views in Lisbon:

Of the many things Lisbon is famous for, the miradouros stand out! Some have a scenic view to the ocean and the bridge and others look straight to the colourful houses in Lisbon. It is hard to tell which ones our favourites are, but we are going to try. Here is a list of the best Lisbon viewpoints:

Miradouro da Senhora do Monte


Senhora do Monte viewpoint may not have the most famous views in Lisbon, but it is for sure one of the prettiest! If you come here hoping to get a good photo, we recommend you arriving a little before sunset time, set your tripod and wait for the colours to start popping!

We would tell you how to get here, but the truth is that we are not so sure… we found this place randomly when we were trying to go back to our apartment… lol. Anyway, it is a well-known viewpoint, so you will find it easily in google maps or just asking locals.

Santa Luzia viewpoint, Lisbon

Santa Luzia viewpoint is probably one of the most touristic spots in the whole city. It is packed all day long, but worth visiting anyway. The views of the charming Lisbon houses and the ocean in the background are stunning! You can take some of the best Lisbon pictures here!

Miradouro das Portas do Sol, Lisbon


Right next to Santa Luzia, there is an even more famous viewpoint, called Miradouro das Portas do Sol. The view in our opinion is even better and perfect for a shot! If you are looking for a sunrise spot, das Portas do Sol will be perfect, plus you will have the whole place for yourself!

Best landmarks photo spots in Lisbon

Of course, we could not forget about the top landmarks in Lisbon! Although they are usually very crowded, if you get there on time you will be able to get some nice shots. Even if you don´t, as it happened to us in Belem tower, there are ways to get a clean shot! Here are some of the best photo locations in Lisbon:

Praça do Comercio Lisbon

We had never seen this place empty before, not even in a picture! That is why we though it would be impossible to get an empty shot from Commerce Square. Anyway, we decided to give it a try, we set the alarm for 6 in the morning and went straight to it… and it was empty! In despite of random people occasionally, we had the whole place just for us, for about one hour and a half! We even got an empty photo of it with a tram! At that, it becomes one of the best places to photograph in Lisbon for sure!

Best photo spots in Belem Tower, Lisbon

In the opposite side, we couldn´t make it early to Belem Tower (we fall sleep), so of course there were thousands of tourists. Therefore, we ha to come up with an idea to not get that many tourists in the shot. Although we couldn´t take them all out, we managed to get clean shots of it, by taking them from a low angle perspective and from the grass.

Bica elevator, Lisbon


We had to finish of course with the famous Bica elevator! In despite of the many tourist, coming here to take some photos is great! The down hill street with the elevator looks beautiful, but our favourite thing is how you can spot the ocean in the background of the view!

We hope you have enjoyed our best Lisbon photo spots list and we wish they will be an inspiration for your next trip to Lisbon, if you have any spot in mind, that you think we should add to the list, please let us know in the comments below!