What is Portugal famous for??

What is Portugal famous for?? Other than the famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal is well known all over the world for many things! Furthermore, is a country that is increasing its number of tourist every year more and more! Of course, they don´t visit Porugal for its famous people, there are many more reasons, like its food, landmarks...and more! In our case, the many photography opportunities there are, is the main reason why we keep going back to this country! Let´s see if you find your own with our list of things Portugal is famous for:


Portugal famous places to visit

Portugal is just a small part of the coast line of the Iberian Peninsula. But even with such a small size, Portugal has many beautiful and must see places. It offers all kind of different destinations so it´s perfect for literally everyone, no matter what your preferences are! Below you will see some of the most famous places in Portugal:

Things to do in Miranda do Douro

Miranda do Douro is a small town located in the Portugal-Spain border and right next to the Douro River. It´s charming streets and locals will make you fall in love with it, but if there is one thing we really enjoyed of it was the impresive…

What is Lisbon famous for?

Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. That means there are many things to do and see in the capital, that´s why before going you want to know everything about it! Here are the things Lisbon is famous for!

Is Porto worth visiting?

Although Porto is one of the most famous cities in Portugal, it still feels like if you were visitng another small town. That´s the best of Porto, it has the best of a cit and the best of a town! But there are more reasons why we can promise you Porto is worth visiting…

Famous Portugal Sunsets and sunrise

If there is one thing why Portugal is famous, that is its sunsets. When someone asks us, where have we seen the most impressive sunsets and sunrise, our answer is always the same, Portugal. They are known as some of the best sunsets in the world. During all our trips to Portugal, there has not been one day without enjoying a magical sunset. Most of the days at sunset time in Portugal, the sky starts changing its colors, and you may get to see 4 or 5 different colours at the same time. There are many beautiful places where you can enjoy the sunsets and sunrises, either cliffs, cityscapes view points, or whatever, you can see them from everywhere!

Can you imagine a perfect beach with amazing colors, reflections, seagulls and many more things, all in the same place?! We have never seen something like that, and that´s why is the best sunset of our lives!

Famous beaches in Portugal


There are good and bad news about Portugal famous beaches. The bad news are that the ocean in Portugal has one of the coldest waters we have been to. The good news are that the beaches are long, with clear water and white sand. The famous beaches in Portugal are perfect to do snorkel, as there is a lot of wildlife under the sea and also the water is transparent, which makes it really easy to see everything. Anyway, as we said the water is very cold, so good luck trying to stay there more than 20 minutes.

Photography in Portugal


When talking about what is Portugal famous for, we should not forget that Portugal is a paradise for any photographer. As we trully like photography, every time we visit this country, we end up with our sd cards full! In our case, the landscapes and cityscapes of this country are what mainly gets our attention. Do´t worry if you are into any other type of photography (portraits,urban or whatever) this place will also be great for you! And the best part, this is not just if you are a photographer, everyone can take good photos in Portugal!

Portugal famous food


Portugal have the same problem that Spain has, there are many delicious dishes, and you can not leave the country without trying them all, and some of them you will want to eat them more than once, which makes really hard to stop eating during your trip. Meat dishes in Portugal are exquisite, but one of those famous things about Portugal is their seafood, as is unique in the world.

What is Portugal currency?

Portuguese currency as 19 other countries of the Eropean union is the Euro (€). The Euro has been the oficial currency in Portugal since 1999.

Old Portuguese currency

Before the Euro in 2002, the currency of Portugal was the Portuguese escudo. Even the Euro was introduced to the country in 1999, it wasn´t until 2002 when the escudo was removed from circulation in Portugal. Just so you can have an idea of the value of the escudo, 1000 escudos would be equal to 5 €uros.

Transport in Portugal

The transport in Portugal in general is good, of course in the bigger cities is better. In cities like Porto or Lisbon you will even be able to use the tram. There are different types of long-distance services: The Regional, the Interregional, the intercidade and Alfa Pendular Deluxe. From cities like Sintra, Cascais, Setubal or Braga, it will be really easy to get to the main ones, which are Porto and Lisbon. Another option is traveling with FlixBus, which is our most favourite option to travel around the country, as it´s normally the cheapest. Also the availability is very wide, so you can take the transport to move around the city whenever you want. You can also take a taxi or an Uber in Portugal.

Local Markets, events and festivals in Portugal


Markets and festivities in Portugal are a must. It´s the best way to feel the real vibes of the country, to see how they live and their routines. You will be more connected to the culture of Portugal. There are different types of markets, but the best examples are the flea markets and the farmer markets. On the other hand, there are many important events and festivals during the year, like the Funchal carnaval or São João Festival in Porto. Any of these experiences will make you feel like a local, and you will not ust get to know more about Portugal, you will also have a lot of fun. It´s highly recommended!

What is the history of Portugal famous for?

One of the things Portugal is famous for is its history: The Portuguese history began in the 12 centruy, when Portugal is recognized as a nation by the Vatican and when an agreement between Portugal and Spain was made to not take any of each other´s lands. The Portuguese history went through glorious moments, they even became one of the biggest empires and a leading trading nation, until an earthquake in 1755 ruin the coutry and lead it to poverty moments. During the World War I Portugal took part as one of the Allies and during World War II, Portugal was a neutral country. In 1986 Portugal joined the European union and become a more stabilized country.

Enjoy visiting Portugal!

Hope you have enjoyed reading about our "What is Portugal known for" list! If you have any question or sggestion, let us know. If not, just enjoy your trip to Portugal!!

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