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What is Morocco famous for?


What is Morocco famous for? Not an easy answer, some people love Morocco, others hate it. It´s true, there are many things that aren´t exactly good about this country. But Morocco also offers something different, something unique, something that you can´t really see until you experience it and something that it´s also very hard to explain, but that is what we are going to do today. From having one of the richest cultures in the world to it´s beautiful Kasbahs, there are millions of things that will make you fall in love with this country.

Is Morocco a safe place to visit?

what is-morroco-known-for

Before getting to the fun part, let´s start with all the things you should know before traveling there. Morocco is known for not being a very safe country, but it isn´t the truth. After making some trips to Morocco, we can say it is a safe country for tourists. Of course there are areas that are better than others, and you should always be careful with your stuff, as it is true that there are tourists that have lost their wallets or that have experienced being scammed, but if you´re a little bit aware of things, then don´t worry because you are safe. In some cities Morocco, there are policeman everywhere and that helps you feel safer when walking through the streets. Others won´t agree, but in all our trips there we felt safe and everyone was very friendly.

Most visited and famous cities in Morocco

Morocco is a country famous for their chaotic cities, but all of them have something special that distinguish them, here is a list of cities in Morocco:

The medina of Fez

Fez is a city known for the famous Fez Medina, and for being the most authentic city in Morocco. It´s a poor area, and it could be more dangerous than other cities. You will soon realize about the smells on the atmosphere all over the city. There is a mix of smells from markets, people and mainly the Chouara Tannery.

The city of Marrakesh

Marrakesh it´s still surprising and you´ll also feel the Moroccan vibe, but it´s a city more prepared for tourism. Of course, that makes it less dangerous (still need to be careful). One of the things we recommend doing when visiting Marrakesh, is leaving some free days of your trip to visit the Sahara Dessert, an unforgettable experience. There are also many luxury hotels and beautiful places to visit in the city of Marrakesh.

Rabat, capital of Morocco

The capital of the country isn´t as impressive as other cities, but visiting the capital is always special!

Chefchaouen: the blue pearl

Also known as the blue city. There are some places where you don´t need a map or any instructions on where to go and Chefchaouen is one of those. Our favourite thing of this place is walk and get lost through their blue and beautiful streets. It´s a must when visiting Morocco.

Ouarzazate: The door to the desert

The city of the movies, the Hollywood of Africa, a lot of movies have been filmed in this Ouarzazate or in the Kasbahs that are around, so if you like to spend hours watching the tv… this place is for you. Movies like Star Wars, or tv series like Game of Thrones have been filmed here.

There are many more cities in this list that could be endless, some others you would love visiting are: Casablanca, Tangier or Tétouan.

The famous Moroccan medinas


What is Morocco famous for? That is how we started this article and if we don´t add their famous Medinas, then it would be incomplete. The most famous one is in Fez, but almost every city in Morocco has one. The Medina´s function was to keep out the invasions of the city. Now a days, visiting the medina is like going back on time, it´s the old part of a city or a town, normally all the historical and big cities have a Medina. They are recognized by their architecture, their narrow streets, and normally you can see palaces or mosques inside.

The Moroccan kasbahs

The Kasbah was the place where the local leaders lived and where they would defend their cities when it was needed. It´s look is like a mud palace with huge walls. There are Kasbahs all over Morocco, the most famous ones are near Ouarzazate, like the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou, or even in the city of Ouarzazate, Tourirt Kasbah. There are many others all over morocco like the Kasbah of Udayas in Rabat or the Kasbah Bab Ourika near Marrakesh.

The famous oasis of Morocco


One of the things that will surprise you the most is walking through a desertic area and one minute later find a green place with hundreds of palms, like if you were at a garden or in the jungle. One of those things you see in the movies, but that it does exist. Some of the most famous Oasis are Dadès Valley, Todra Gorge or Tinghir.

Famous bazaars and markets in Morocco


Now seriously what is Morocco best known for? We couldn´t miss this one, their Markets are well known all over the world!! Don´t know if there are consider like markets, bazaars or just normal shops for them, but there are markets in the street everywhere! You would never know what to buy in Morocco, as the options are unlimited, and the prices are cheap. Some of the things you can find in these markets are from any type of clothes, like their typical shoes, to souvenirs of every kind and if that´s not what you want, you will not resist the Moroccan species. Now even though there are thousands of markets, and all of them have the Moroccan vibe, there are some that we could consider the best ones, and those are: The Medina of Fez, the Jemaa el Fna Square in Marrakech and the Central Marche in Casablanca.

Morocco streets and warm people


To live an authentic Moroccan experience, you just need to walk through their crowdy streets and meet some locals. They spend their lives in the street, they sell in the streets and the kids play in the streets too. Everything happens there, and that´s something unique of Morocco, something that you won´t´see anymore in Europe for example. It is true that they can be a little bit annoying when they try to sell you stuff, but if you get to know them you realize they are really nice people and friendly, most of them wouldn´t mind inviting you over their house to have lunch or drink some tea, without asking anything in exchange.

Visit Morocco!

Our trips in Morocco have been absolutely amazing and we always recommend a trip. No matter which area do you want to go to, you will enjoy it! If you have any question about traveling to Morocco let us know in the comments!