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What is Indonesia famous for? 10 facts about Indonesia

What is Indonesia famous for? After our trip to Indonesia, we can confirm that almost everyone in the world knows something about this country. Some people know about Bali, others about their volcanoes and beaches, some others know it because of its wildlife and there are even people who know Indonesia for their locals, cultures, traditions or even their cheap prices. The truth is that Indonesia in someway has something that we all recognise as unique from the country. To help you get to know more about it, we have decided to do a list with all the things Indonesia is famous for, including the 10 facts about Indonesia that you should know before preparing your trip.

Indonesia most famous places to visit


When talking about what is Indonesia known for is important to mention their popular destinations. As most of you may know, the Indonesian Islands have a volcanic origin, and that´s the reason why you will be able to find thousands of mountains, green areas, beaches and most important more than 17,500 islands, which is a lot!
Some of the best places to visit in Indonesia are Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island, Mt. Bromo, Borneo and many more…But we also recommend you visiting Raja Ampat…is a completely different paradise!

What food is Indonesia famous for?

What food is Indonesia famous for?? Well there are two things you should know about Indonesian food. The first one, is that Indonesian food is very flavoury, its fresh herbs and the big amount of spices they use for their food is the main reason of its flavours. Second one and most important is that you need to be careful in the case you don´t like spicy food. There is something spicy in every meal. Just so you can imagine, we had the incredible idea of trying a small piece of chilli and it was really spicy… well, some Indonesian friends told us they need about 10 to 20 of those to feel it spicy! While they were saying that our mouths were burning!

Indonesian seafood and soups are a must when visiting the country!

Friendly Indonesian locals and people


Of our more than 30 countries we have visited without any doubts Indonesian locals have been the nicest ones. It is not just that we didn’t have any type of problem during our trip, is that in most of the areas we were even able to leave our stuff on the floor while we were taking pictures and we were never worried about them. But the best, is that everyone smiles at you or even try to communicate with you. We counted more than 50 people who asked us to take a picture with them during the trip. Generally, the Indonesian people is very nice.

Indonesian animal facts


One of the main reasons why Indonesia is famous is its wildlife. The flora and fauna of Indonesia is very unique, there are many endemic species, which means that many of the things you will find in the country, you cannot see them somewhere else…How impressive is that?

It doesn´t matter if you like terrestrial wildlife or marine wildlife as there are all kinds, plus there is also a huge variety of birds. The most popular destination to see animals in Indonesia is Borneo Island. Although the deforestation problems are huge and dangerous, there is still a big number of species on the island, including the famous orangutan of Borneo. There are also other areas known for its wildlife like Komodo national park, where you will find many Komodo dragons walking freely all over the Island.

Snorkelling and diving in Indonesia

Many people argue about this matter: Is Indonesia the best country to do snorkelling or diving in the world?? Is it Australia? Philippines maybe?? Which one is it for you??

It doesn´t really matter, but what is important is that Indonesia is famous for having some of the clearest waters in the world and of course if you add to it, its fantastic seabed, the result becomes outstanding.

There are many areas where corals are protected and that will allow you to see all kind of fishes like the clown fish (Nemo) or if you are lucky you will see turtles, mantas or even sharks and whales.

Famous Indonesian temples


Although Indonesia is not famous for its temples, there are some of them that are know all over the world. In areas like Bali or Java, there are very ancient temples which are beautiful and very photogenic.

Some of the most famous temples in Indonesia are Pura Ulun Danu Beratan in Bali or Borobudur Temple in Yogyakarta.

Street markets in Indonesia


Although the street markets are not as popular as the ones you may find in countries like India, these are still a must. As the people is very nice, visiting the street markets is less stressing than in many other countries. Of course, they will still try to sell you their products.

Of all the street markets, the one we like the most is the food market as the variety is incredible and they have all kinds of fruit.

Cheap prices in Indonesia

Indonesian´s economy is not very rich, the people of Indonesia leaves with about 2$ USD per day and 90% of the economy comes from oil and agriculture. That´s the reason why if you visit Indonesia you will realise about how cheap the prices are.

These prices are not just one of the things Indonesia is famous for but also the reason why many digital nomads choose Indonesia (specially Bali) as their “home” to live there.

Indonesia is the largest country formed by islands

Indonesia covers around 1.900.000 square Km and as we said there are about 18000 islands in the whole country, this makes it by far the largest country formed just by islands. It takes about 12 hours to fly from one side of Indonesia to the other.

Inhabited Indonesian Islands

During our trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia, we got to see many islands, and most of them were inhabited. In one of those islands we met a fisherman who was actually living in one of those tiny islands by himself. Then we learned that in Indonesia there are around 6000 islands that are inhabited.

If you decide to go and live there it will probably feel like you own a private island!

Indonesia population size

One of the things Indonesia is famous for is for being the 4th most populated county in the world. After China, India and USA. In the whole country there are about 270 million people and just in the island of Java you can find a 60% of them, which made it the most populous island in the world.

Hope you have enjoyed reading about Indonesia!!