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Facts and information about Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi!


The Safdarjung Tomb in Delhi is for us one of our favourite places in the city. It´s true that we went very early in the morning and seeing it without crowds always help. Still, we believe that a visit to Safdarjung Tomb is a must.

The entrance fee for Safdarjung Tomb is one of the cheapest in Delhi, plus there are generally less crowds than in many other tourist attractions. Of course, we also need to mention that the place is absolutely beautiful. Just so you can imagine how much we enjoyed, we decided to call it the Taj Mahal of Delhi. Anyway, now we are going to tell you all the information about Safdarjung Tomb so you can have a better idea of how this place is.

Things to do in Safdarjung Tomb

Before we start telling you all the information about Safdarjung Tomb, it´s important that you know what you will find once you get there. There are two main areas in the big space where Safdarjung Tomb is located. Of course, you will see the incredible architecture, and, on its surroundings, you will see a huge garden:

Architecture of Safdarjung Tomb


The monument is the main reason why people visit this place. The Safdarjung Tomb architecture reminds of the popular Humayun´s Tomb also in Delhi. Both of these monuments belong to Mughal leaders, that´s why the style is very similar.

Safdarjung Tomb Garden

As soon as you go inside you will see in front of you a hall full of palms that takes you to the building. On the sides and behind the tomb, you will see a huge garden. There are many types of plants and if you have enough time you can just walk around and use all that space to take better photos!

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Information about Safdarjung Tomb

Now it´s finally the time where we tell you all the information about Safdarjung Tomb.

Including its opening hours, prices, location, history and much more…

Safdarjung Tomb Timing

Although as we told you, this monument doesn´t get as crowded as others, we still recommend you to keep in mind the Safdarjung Tomb Timing, as there are some hours that are better than others:

Safdarjung Tomb Opening and Closing hours

The opening and closing hours of Safdarjung Tomb are from 7 Am to 6 Pm every day of the week.

Best time to visit

We decided to wake up very early when we visited this monument and at 7 Am, we were already waiting them to open the attraction. After our experience we can guarantee you that there is no better time to visit the tomb.

We had the whole place just for us, seriously, it was totally empty. We were able to take as many pictures as we wanted, and ones we finished taking photos, we decided to just enjoy the place and literally we saw just about 10 people in the three hours we stayed there.

Plus, although the sunrise was at the opposite site, the light and the golden light reflected was beautiful at that time of the day.

Safdarjung Tomb Ticket Price


The entry fee for Safdarjung Tomb is confusing, because depending where you look, they will tell you different prices. In our case they charged us 300 rupees for being foreigners, which is about 4€. If you are Indian, the price is only 25 Rupees.

Anyway, these prices seem to change very often so you can just check the official website of Delhi tourism. 

Online ticket

We wish we knew this when we were in Delhi, but apparently if you buy the online tickets for Safdarjung Tomb, the price is cheaper. It costs just 250 Rupees for foreigners and 20 Rupees for Indians. You will find online tickets here. 

The best place for Photography


The Safdarjung fort is a paradise for photographers. In general, most of the places in Delhi are amazing for photography, because these are different than what we normally see in other parts of the world. But there is always the same problem, everything is crowded and that makes it impossible for photographers.

In this case is different, we had an amazing feeling when we were taking pictures at Safdarjung tomb. There are not people at all, and you can spend all the time you want. Plus, all the greens of the garden combined with the tomb made it a perfect photo spot. 

Safdarjung Tomb location

If you are wondering how to reach Safdarjung Tomb? We have to tell you that It´s really hard to say if a place is well located or not in Delhi as the distances are huge and everything is far. We went there by Uber as we used Uber all the time, because the prices were very cheap.

The Safdarjung Tomb is located about 40 minutes from Red Fort or Jama Masjid, but just 11 minutes away from Lodhi Garden. Next you will see the Safdarjung Tomb exact address:

nearest metro station

In case you decide to take the metro, the nearest metro station to Safdarjung Tomb are:

  • S.J. Madrasa: It´s about 423 meters away, it will take you around 6 minutes walking.
  • Jor Bagh: located 429 meters far. Another 6-minute walk.
  • Prithvi Raj Road: A little bit farther. 756 meters away, around 10 min walking.

Safdarjung Tomb history

The Safdarjung Tomb was built by Safdarjung’s son Shuja-ud-Daula in 1754. This monument was also the last monument-tomb garden made for the Mughals.

Although he was known as Safdarjung, his real name is Mirza Muqim Abul Mansur Khan. One thing you should know about this popular monument, is that it was built during the years of decline of the Mughal Empire, and that´s the reason it has been criticized because of its not so good quality.

Safdarjung was a native Persian who served Muhammad Shah, the ruler of the Mughal empire on those days. On his last days, he tried to take the control, but he failed and that got him out of Delhi. Later on, in 1754, he died and that´s when his son made possible to build his father tomb.

Other Safdarjung Tomb facts

What we are going to tell you may not be the most important information about Safdarjung Tomb, but these facts may be very useful for your visit.

Tripods are not allowed!

We are sorry, but once again, as it happens in every monument of Delhi, the tripod is not allowed. To save you from giving them your tripod, we think is better if you don´t take it to the monument. If not, you will waste a lot of time and it´s not worth it.

Is it a World Heritage Site??

Yes, Safdarjung Tomb is a World Heritage since 1993.

Enjoy your visit!!

That´s it! That´s all the information about Safdarjung Tomb, hope you have enjoyed reading it, and you have a wonderful time there! If you have any other question or suggestion about the Tomb of Safdarjung, let us know in the comments!!