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Best places to visit in Delhi for photography


For us content creators it´s really hard to find our perfect habitat. There is always something that misses out in a city, we just can´t have it all. But this time was different, during our last trip we were lucky. We had all kind of photography places in Delhi. From places for street photography in Delhi, to nature, locals, temples and even places for night photography in Delhi. There´s all kind of Instagrammable places in Delhi and that´s the reason why you will find many influencers and photographer all around New Delhi. But as you know India is a bit chaotic. Next we are going to help you find the best places to visit in Delhi for photography:

Images of Lodhi Garden:
One of the most exotic places in Delhi


We needed to start this list of best places to visit in Delhi for photography with our favourite one, which is Lodhi Garden. Although there were not bears, wolves or tigers, this place felt for us like being inside “The Jungle Book”. Lodhi Garden is a park with a lot of green areas and all types of plants. It´s one of the best places to see nature in Delhi. Just so you can imagine is one of the few places where you can see animals in Delhi: monkeys, many types of birds and a lot of squirrels.

But one thing Lodhi Garden is known for is for being one of the best locations for photoshoot in Delhi. During our 4 days in New Delhi, we came 2 times to this spot as there are different temples and it takes time to take photos of all of them.

Photography at Safdarjung Tomb


Another of the most photogenic places in Delhi is Safdarjung Tomb. Although many people tend to compare it with Humayun tomb, for us it was way better. We went at sunrise time and it was all empty for ourselves and with a beautiful light.

The reflection at the fountain they have, the greens around the monument and the building itself make Safdarjung Tomb one of the best photography spots in Delhi for sure. It is true that to enter you have to pay a small fee (one of the cheapest tickets in Delhi) but it´s totally worth it. We enjoyed this place so much, that we decided to name it the “Taj Mahal of New Delhi”.

Qutab Minar photography spots


The Qutab Minar is by far one of the most famous photography spots in Delhi. There are some things you should know before going:

  • Visiting the Qutab Minar at sunrise is a must! Not just because of the colours, which will make it beautiful, but because of the crowds. The Qutab minar is one of the most visited tourist places in Delhi and around 9/10 Am everyone is there and it´s impossible to take photos. Wake up at 5 and enjoy the place all for yourself.
  • There are many different spots so try to get them as soon as possible before the crowds are coming.
  • Do not bring the tripod. It still gets us mad the fact that we were not allowed to use the tripod at almost all the photography places in Delhi, as it makes it really hard to take photos of ourselves.

Pictures of Indian Gate


The Indian Gate is one of the most famous places not just in Delhi, but in the whole country. It´s one of those unique places to visit in Delhi and that means that no matter when you decide to go you will find a lot of people visiting it.

In our case (once again) we visited the Indian Gate at sunrise, but we still had to share it with a bunch of people more. On the other side, the colours were beautiful which was perfect to take pictures.

Another thing you should know is that at the Indian Gate, if you go early in the morning you are able to take pictures from the road, but during the day is not allowed as many official cars pass through this important monument.

Photo spot at Jama Masjid

Although there is a price and it is normally really crowded, going inside the Jama Masjid is totally worth it. At first, we were scared when we saw all the people that was going inside this huge monument, but once we got in, we realised it was still one of the best Instagram spots on New Delhi.

The Jama Masjid is where you will get to see most photographers and influencers in Delhi, and the reason is because it´s full of different spots, not just on the outside but also in the inside. It is also a great location for filming, as you will see many people praying and the architecture is impressive. Of course, a great tip to photograph the Jama Masjid is to bring a wide lens as the monument is huge…It´s a must!

Street photography in Delhi


We know it´s not one of those “photoshoot location in Delhi”, but doing a little bit of street photography in New Delhi is needed. The people of India are really authentic and there are a lot of actions going on in the streets, that´s why we enjoyed so much doing portraits in Delhi.

Although there are many markets in New Delhi, like the Chandni Chowk or the Janpath and Tibetan Market, which we recommend you visit, you will be able to do street photography in Delhi everywhere you go. Just so you can have an idea some of our best street shots were taken at a random street located right by our hotel.

You don´t need to worry about the people, if you ask properly and you respect them, they will be really nice and sometimes they are the first ones asking you to take them pictures.

Gurudwara Bangla Sahib:
Night photography in Delhi


The Gurudwara Bangla Sahib is a place you need to visit as it´s different from anything you have seen before. It´s one of those places where they practice the Sikhism in Delhi. There are many crowds at the temple which make it not the best place to visit in Delhi for photography. Specially if what you are trying to show is the building. So you have two options, wake up early to see it with less people or photograph the people.

In our case we went really late and it was still packed, but we enjoyed it, as it was our first place where we did some night photography in Delhi. The temple with the lights and the atmosphere at night was beautiful.

Finisih at the Rashtrapati Bhavan and parliament house


The Rashtrapati Bhavan and Parliament house is the official home of the president of India. Once you start seeing it on the walk through the Rajpath Area after visiting the Indian Gate, you will realise that the building doesn´t look like the rest of the places in Delhi. It´s a more modern building and it makes you feel like if you were in Rome.

Anyway, here you will also find another of the best photo spots in Delhi. With a big lens and from far away you will be able to capture the parliament house with the atmosphere around it. Maybe you are lucky and get to take the photo with a tuk tuk which it looks really nice.

Hope you enjoy the photography tour in Delhi

That´s it, these are our 8 best places to visit in Delhi for photography. Hope you enjoy them and take the best photos possible. If you find any other amazing spot, do let us know in the comments!