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6 Best places to visit in Ostrava Czech Republic


When we decide to go visit Ostrava, we didn´t know much about it. When we read about Ostrava on internet the reviews weren´t the best. But we saw some nice places and we didn´t want to believe the critics, so we went for it! After spending 5 days there, we can truly say it was surprisingly way better than what we expected and actually there are many places to visit in Ostrava and many things to do in the capital of the Moravia Silesia Region of Czech Republic.

Below, you will find all the things to do and see in Ostrava and its surroundings:

Ostrava video

Before we tell you all about the city, here is a video of Ostrava that you may enjoy watching! 

Places to visit in Ostrava:

1. Masaryk Square:
Ostrava´s main square


Of course, in like any other of our trips, we were looking for nice photo spots in the city, and our favourite was the first place we visited in Ostrava; Masaryk Square!

We went early in the morning, so we could see it without crowds, and it was beautiful. We went latter during the day, and we realized it never gets really crowded, not even during the week of the famous colours of Ostrava! That said, it is still the liveliest area of Ostrava! So, it is for sure one of the best places to visit in Ostrava, Czech Republic!

2. New town Hall tower of Ostrava:


Another one of the best things to do in Ostrava, is going to the top of the Town Hall tower! From there you will have the best view in the whole city! A 360 view with 4 different views! in one side the cathedral with one of the old mines in the background, in another side a beautiful cemetery surrounded by trees (which makes it perfect for a nice shot), in the other side the Ostravice river and in the last one is a another stunning view to the city!

3. Walk by the Ostravice River
(or go rafting):

One of things we enjoyed the most about Ostrava, was being able to go from the old town to the river in just 5 minutes walking! Either if you are looking for something more relaxed or for adventure, you will like this part of Ostrava. For those who want to relax, walking by the river hearing the noise of the Ostravice river and the birds will be just like being in the mountains. IN the other side, for those who want to stay active, go rafting in Ostrava is one of the top things to do!

4. Cathedral of the Divine Saviour in Ostrava:


The architecture of Ostrava was one of the things that surprised us the most, we got to see many beautiful buildings all over the old town. With no doubt, the most impressive one was the Cathedral of the Divine Saviour. It´s so big that you will se it from everywhere in the streets of the old town, so don´t worry too much about not finding it. We didn´t get to go inside, but pretty sure we spent more than an hour getting photos of it, lol.

5. Dolni Vitkovice of Ostrava (Colours of Ostrava)

Ostrava is mostly known because of its many factories and old mines and probably the most famous one is Dolni Vitkovice.

Other than being a must-see museum when visiting Ostrava, Dolni Vitkovice is also the place where one of the most important events of the year in Ostrava happens, Colours of Ostrava! We had an amazing time there and we trully recommend you going if you are a music festival lover. During Colours of Ostrava 2019, we got to see musicians like La Rosalia, The Cure and MØ.

6. Štramberk castle and town:


Our last place of the list was our favourite! It is for sure one of the best places to visit near Ostrava.  This charming town located about 40 minutes by car from Ostrava will leave you speechless. Once you arrive there, you will start seeing how charming this small town is with the colours of the houses and the beautiful Štramberk castle in the background.  But actually, the best part will come when you make it to the top of the tower, although the walk there isn´t so easy and there are many stairs, the effort is totally worth it, the views you  get from the top of it are out of this world! We were able to fly the drone there and it got even better! We always say that it totally reminded us of the castle of Shrek, don´t you think so?

Enjoy visiting the best places of Ostrava

That´s all you need to know about the best places to visit in Ostrava. After spending 5 days there, we got to see many interesting and nice places, but if you think we forgot any, please do let us know in the comments. That way everyone else will have the chance to go!