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Most famous food in China

China is known for many things, but if there is one thing it really stands out, that´s its food. The Chinese gastronomy is tied with the Italian as the most popular food in the world, almost every country has Chinese restaurants in their big cities, and everyone loves them.

Today we are going to tell you which is the most famous food in China, but first do you want to know any of these curiosities?

Top 10 most popular Chinese dishes

There are many famous dishes of China you would love to try, that´s for sure, but if you are going there, you will have a limited time, so it´s important to make sure you get to eat the beast ones.

Therefore, we have made a list with the most popular Chinese food in China. In case you are not traveling to China, but you are dying to try some of this popular chinese meals, don´t worry, because there are also many easy Chinese recipes you could try to make at home:

1)🥢 Spring Rolls


Spring rolls, also known as Spring Pancakes, are for sure one of the most famous Chinese meals and are also our favorites. This traditional Chinese food is a must try, and you don´t even need to travel to China, as they are usually found everywhere.

There are many different types of Spring rolls, you will find some that have a sweet taste and others who are saltier. The filling of spring rolls, it could either be vegetables or meat.

In China, it is quite common to eat them during the Spring Festival, to welcome the new season.

2)🍜 Chow Mein


Even though many people are trying to say now this an American dish, it isn´t. Chow Mein, which basically means stir-fried noodles, are typical Chinese food from the northern regions of the country.

The reason why there are so many people confused about their precedence, is because many American Chinese restaurants have altered the original recipe, to appeal it to Western tastes.

This authentic Chinese dish is made of stir-fried vegetables with boiled noodles.

3)🍱 Hot Pot


Alfon got to live once with a guy from China and he was literally obsessed with this special Chinese dish, imagine how important it is to them, that Hotpot is known as the food who differentiates a real Chinese food lover. If you go to a restaurant in China and they serve this meal, but you rather choose chow mein, spring rolls or other fried food options, then we are sorry, but you have not passed the exam.

Hotpot is one of those Chinese main courses that always satisfy everyone, as it involves serving many different types of vegetables and meats, so you will sure find something you like.

4)🦆 Peking roast duck


Roast Duck is known as the national dish of China, we got to try it during our trip to Beijing and it it was delicious. Unfortunately, sometime later we started to do research about this traditional plate of China and apparently, to make it taste so good, duck farms are force-feeding them 4 times a days, keeping them in very small cages and after a very short (40-60 days) and painful life are being killed.

We haven´t seeing this with our own eyes, but if you´re planning on trying it, we recommend you looking for more information to make sure you aren´t contributing to any kind of animal cruelty.

5)🥮 Mooncake


Of course, we needed to include at lest one Chinese dessert in this list of the most popular foods in China, so here it is.

Mooncakes are typically eaten during the Mid-Autumn festival, one of the most important celebrations of the year in China. This festive season takes place when the moon is at its fullest, that´s the reason why this pastry is called like that and why it has the round shape of the moon.

There are many ways to do it depending on the region, but the original one is made of sweet lotus seed paste and salted duck egg yolk.

6)🥟 Dumplings


Dumplings are also a very popular food in China and one of those plates you must try when visiting the country. This traditional Chinese dish is one of the oldest, as it was invented about 1800 years ago. The most curious fact about this meal, is that it was created as a medicine, the goal was to cure the frostbitten ears.

Nowadays, they are eaten ofently, but mainly during Chinese New Year´s eve. The most common fillings of this typical Chinese plate are mince pork, diced shrimp, ground chicken, beef, and vegetables. They can either be boiled, steamed, or fried.

7)🍢 Ma Po Tofu


Tofu has gotten extremely popular in the last years due the veganism and vegetarianism, but believe it or not, it has been used for a long time and it is the main ingredient of this famous food of China.

It is said this dish was invented about 100 years ago, by a woman called Chen Mapo and that´s why it is called this way. Other than the tofu, this famous Chinese recipe is also made of minced beef (or pork), chilies and Sichuan pepper, which is what makes it be so hot and spicy.

8)🥩 Sweet and Sour Pork


Another classic from the famous Chinese cuisine and a food that everyone in the world will recognize, is the sweet and sour pork. We all have seen that famous bright orange-red color and tasted that unique sweet and sour sauce.

The sweet and sour pork has gotten so popular in the last years, that now a days you will find the same plate with other types of meat such as chicken or beef.

You will find this plate all over the country, but it is particularly popular in the Shanghai area.

9)🍙 Yangzhou Fried Rice


Frying rice is quite common all over China, but there are many different recipes and ways of doing it. Out of all of them, the Yangzhou fried rice, typical from Yangzhou in Jiangsu Province is the most famous one.

Other than the rice, the eggs are a very important part of this famous Chinese recipe, as well as small pieces of ham, shrimps and peas. As you can imagine, this is one the easiest Chinese recipes to make, plus it is also pretty heavy and not very expensive, so we totally recommend you trying to make it at home.  

10)🍓 Lychee


Last of all and to finish the list, we just had to mention one of the most exotics foods of China, the Lychees. Although this fruit isn´t only found in China (you can find them in some places of Indonesia and the Philippines), it is the country where you will find more, plus they are super popular.

Lychees have a unique look and it´s red skin really gets your attention while you are at the market. Once you peel them, its white look may be a little bit weird at first, but go a head and eat it, because they are tasty!

11) Wonton


A must include in the “Most popular food in China” list, is the wonton, because it´s probably their prefered snack.

The wonton is very typical in the North of China, but you may also be able to find it in the South as well, and it comes from the Cantonese cuisine.

Depending on the area, the wonton is filled with different things. For example, in the Guangdong area, they add shrimp and minced pork inside, but in the northern part, they like it better with celery and minced mutton.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the famous Chinese food!

That´s all you should know about the famous Chinese dishes, as you have seen they are very unique and we totally recommend you trying them, it will be an incredible experience and you get to really know what is the Chinese food like.


We know there are many other popular dishes in china, so if you have more recommendations, or if you had a different Top 10 in mind, let us know in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article about the best Chinese foods!

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