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What is Canada famous for?

What is Canada most famous for? Ice hockey, the kindness of the locals and of its impressive nature, you may have heard about all of it, but Canada is recognized for many other things.

10 famous things in Canada


It is one of the biggest and most popular countries in the world, therefore the number of things that are famous in Canada are uncountable. We would love to tell you about all of them, but it would take forever, so we have decided to make a short list with the top 10 things Canada is famous for:

🏒 1) Ice Hockey


You know how in the United States everyone follows American Football or how in England people go crazy about soccer, well, here in Canada it is almost the same when it comes to ice hockey. It even is officially one of the 2 national sports of the country, being more specific, ice hockey is the winter national sports and lacrosse is summer national sport.

If you are planning to watch a game in Canada, you should know the most popular teams are the Vancouver Canucks, Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens, and the Calgary Flames.

For those who have never seen a game, at first it can seem a little bit confusing, but we can promise you, it is one of the amusing sports we have watched.

🏞️ 2) Moraine Lake


Nature is one of those things associated with Canada, and no one will deny you that, but nature is very generic, so if we have to say one thing Canada is popular for, that is its lakes.

Studies say Canada with more than 2 million lakes, has 62% of the lakes there is in the world. That means, that if you combine the lakes of every single country, they will still have less than Canada, but that´s not all, about 9% of Canada´s territory is cover by lakes.

Out of all of them, there is one that stands out, which is Moraine Lake at Banff National Park. Why is it so famous? Well, the main reason is of course, Instagram! We bet you have seen at least on thousand times this place while scrolling through your feed, but I mean we are not going to judge anyone, it is indeed an authentic wonderland.

😊 3) Kindness


Yes, we know it is a topic, but it is true, Canadians are known for bein super friendly and they indeed are. They aren´t just nice, but they are also super polite. We are sure that after spending a day there, the words you would hear the most are sorry (even when it isn´t their fault), thank you and please.

Even though we love its nature and its cities, we mut say, this is one of the reasons why we love Canada so much, people over there just make your day better.

🦌 4) Moose


Moose are all over the country and even though they are not the Canadian national animal, which is the brewer, they are so popular that they even appear in one of the coins.

Unfortunately, during our trip there, we only got to visit the important cities, but it is said that if you get into nature, you will spot at least one easily.

The size of the moose can change a lot, but they are huge, they can be up to 7 feet tall, which is more than 2 meters, that´s definitely insane. Moose are peaceful creatures, but of course if they feel threatened, they can get a little aggressive, so you better respect them.

🍁 5) National flag


In our opinion, Canadian flag is just one of the most beautiful flags in the world, but those are just our thoughts, what you must admit, whether you like it or not, is that this flag is recognized by everyone, doesn´t matter in which country or continent you are, everyone will be able to guess it right.

Maybe it is because of the maple leaf that reminds of autumn, it could also be due to its strong red… We have no idea, but this flag is all over the place.

A random fact about the Canadian flag is how young it is, it was created back in 1965, so it is a little more than 50 years old.

🌌 6) Northern Lights


We have always said northern lights are one of those things you must see at least once before dying and luckily, Canada is one of the few countries in the world where you will be able to see them, so that´s another reason to visit the country. They are for sure one of the most popular things in Canada.

Furthermore if we only count with America, other tan Alaska and some northern territories in the US, Canada is the only country where Aurora Borealis take place.

The best place to see them is said to be Yukon and the ideal dates are from March to November.

🥞 7) Maple Syrup


Canada may not be famous for its food as it happens in countries like China or Italy, but there is one product everyone would recognize from this country, maple syrup.

We all have eaten a pancake or a waffle with this delish, it is perfect for breakfast. Canada is responsible for producing 2/3 of the world´s maple syrup, so there are big chances that the last time your tried maple syrup, it was originated in Canada.

Yes, your thoughts are correct, the leaf from the Canadian flag is also from a maple. That just proves how important this tree is for them. 

💦 8) Niagara Falls


Victoria falls in Zambia and Zimbabwe, Iguazu falls in Brazil and Argentina and Niagara Falls in Canada, and the United States are for sure the 3 most popular waterfalls in the world, which one is more impressive? That is your decision, but all we can say, Niagara Falls are a must visit once in Canada.

They are located about 1 hour far from Toronto and you will be able to see them either from the air with a helicopter, or just by walking though and visiting one of the many viewpoints. If you decide to do the second, just make sure to get a coat with you, because it might get wet.

🐻 9) Polar Bears


Of course, we couldn´t finish our “What is Canada famous for” list without talking about one of their most symbolic animals.

If you have ever dreamed with spotting a polar bear in the wild, the best thing you can do is traveling to Canada. Polar bears are spread through just 5 countries in the world; Russia, Norway, Denmark (Greenland), United States (Alaska) and of course Canada, but two-thirds are found in the Canadian Artic.

They can be seen in many areas of the country, but there is one town where your chances are much higher. It is called Churchill and it is considered the polar bear capital of the world. The best time of the year to see them in this area is from October to November.

🗿 10) Totems


Totems are another reason why Canada is famous, they have been getting more and more popular internationally in the last years. You will see people getting them tattooed or as a necklace, but they aren´t new at all.

First Nations people are the creators of these famous poles, totems have a special meaning for them and represent ancestral stories.

You will find totem poles in many different parts of Canada, but being more specific, if you travel to British Columbia, you will see them all over the place, the Stanley Park in Vancouver (one of our favorite places on earth), is a great example of it.

Hope you have enjoyed the most famous Canadian things!

That´s the end of our list of “What is Canada known for in the world”, we are sure there are many important things in Canada that we have skipped, so if you have any suggestions or want us to expand our list, please let us know in the comments. Oh, and if you end up traveling one day to Canada (which you should), enjoy it!

❄️ What is Canada famous for? ⛷️ 10 popular Canadian things
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❄️ What is Canada famous for? ⛷️ 10 popular Canadian things
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