They are everywhere, you can´t run from them, you can´t hide! Every new day, we find more and more! No guys, we are not talking about zombies or anything like that. We are talking about the Instagram photo spots in London.  Every year more and more people travel to the capital of England just to see these cute places in London and be able to have their shots taken. Of course, that also happened to us in our last trip to London. We would like to talk about all of them, but the list will never be over, and it would take more time than expected to write this blog. Therefore, we have made a short list with the best Instagram photo spots in London:

Best photo spots of Famous bridges in London

Westminster bridge

Of course, the first thing we had to add to this list of Instagram spots in London, is the famous Westminster bridge, one of the most interesting and iconic places to photograph in London. From here you will be able to capture, not just the Big Ben and the London Eye, but also, if you like to take portraits, Westminster bride is one of the best places for street photography, as millions of local Londoners cross it every day.

Millennium Bridge

Millennium bridge is really high on the list of best photo spots in London, and if we tell you the truth, the first time we saw or heard anything about this bridge, was through Instagram and I bet we are not the only ones, so it truly deserves a spot. Throughout the whole bridge you´ll be able to enjoy the fantastic view of London… it´s stunning. But our favorite part of it, is at the beginning, the bridge kind of divides in two pieces and you are able to see both the up side and also the river, which makes a really cool effect for photography. It´s


London Tower bridge

Our last but not less famous bridge is London Tower bridge, one of the cute places in London and from where you can take thousands of different photos with different perspectives of the bridge. Although the whole bridge is beautiful, one of the main reasons why London Tower bridge enters the list of the “cutest places in London”, is because of the view from the monument of the girl and the dolphin, with the Shard behind the bridge. At sunset or sunrise time it gets wonderful.


Cute places in London: Skyline views

Sky Garden´s view

Other than being a great place to hang out and meet some new people, the Sky Garden has probably the best view of London city. Which also means, this is one of the best places in London for sunsets and even sunrises if you can make it on time. We couldn´t go, but our good friend Diana from @dianamiaus, woke up early and managed to see the best London sunrise. Before getting there, you should know that you may need to get your tickets with some time a head, that way you make sure you will get in. Although it is possible to get into the sky garden without booking there is no guarantees you will get in. The Sky Garden price is totally free and there is no dress code for it. If you go to the Sky Garden restaurant, you may want to dress formally.

The view from the Shard

The view from the Shard is also one of the best in the whole city and it´s as well a great London Instagram spot. There are three possible ways to get in, one is staying at one of the best hotels of London, the Shangri-La Hotel. The second one, is having lunch or dinner at one of the restaurants. And the third is buying the tickets, which can go from £24 to £80.  The Shard opening and visiting times are from 10:00 to 22:00.


Best photo spots in London: Landmarks

Leadenhall Market

It may not be that important in real life history, but if you are a big fan of the Harry Potter saga, then you should visit this place. The Market is beautiful, and it has a decoration that makes you feel like you were in the film. No matter if you have watched the movie or not you would love coming to this place, it´s very photogenic and it´s one of the cute places in London.

Trafalgar Square

Other than being named with one of the most important naval victories of the British history, this square located in central London is also the place where thousands of people meet every day. It´s the perfect place for hanging out with your friends. Manny local artists play music or do other types of street are here. This makes it be one of the cutest places in London and perfect for photography.


St Paul´s Cathedral architecture

Due to the high number of beautiful spots there are in London, sometimes this place tends to be forgotten, but there are many different spots in its surroundings that will allow you to take thousands of photos and many types of perspectives.

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How much time do you usually need to see a city? In some of our lastest trips, we have spent a lot of time in just one city, ( 8 days for London, 8 days in Berlin…) the main reason is because we may need half of a day or a full day for each spot ( and we don't even go inside😱) Everything is different depending on from where you are, if you see it from the right, the left, close, far… we want to see as much as possible, but not just that, we also like to take photos and film it from each side too. The problem was that many times at the end we didn't even get to see the main places of the city, that's why we decided to start doing longer trips🐢🐢 Worth it? Maybe not for everyone but for us it definitely is!💪😁 . Cuanto tiempo necesitas para ver una ciudad? En algunos de nuestros últimos viajes, hemos pasado mucho tiempo en solo una ciudad (8 días en Londres, 8 en Berlin…) ka razón principal, es porque podemos llegar a necesitar medio día en solo un punto de la ciudad o incluso un día entero ( y eso que casi nunca llegamos a entrar dentro😱) Todo es diferente dependiendo de el punto desde el que lo estes mirando, ya sea de cerca, de lejos, desde la derecha, la izquierda… nosotros queremos ver cuantos más posible, pero no solo eso, además queremos hacer fotos y grabarlo desde cada lugar también. El problema era que muchas veces nos quedabamos al final sin ver algunos de los principales lugares de la ciudad🐢 asi que decidimos empezar a hacer nuestros viajes mas largos. Merece la pena? A lo mejor no para mucha gente, pero a nosotros desde luego que si!💪😁 . . . . #itssolondon #mylondonphoto #traverselondon #metropolis_london #london_vacations #londonguru #humlondon #londondiaries #londoncityworld #mydarlinglondon #thelondonlifeinc #londonforyou #mylondon #london_enthusiast #londonist #london4all #toplondonphoto #stpaul #timeoutlondon #londoncity #visitlondon #london

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Photos of London Eye

The famous London Eye…there is not much to tell you about it than what you already now. There is a cute spot on the other side of the river to take photos. You can either take it at night with the lights, or you can take it during the day, but mixing the London Eye with these typical red cabins is something that looks perfect on the shot. Other than this one, there are thousands of possibilities and if you want your photo of the London Eye o be successful, you really need to be creative and look for different spots


Big Ben: the bell, the clock and the tower

Until 2021 all the possible shots with the Big Ben, will probably be awful as it is going to be under construction. Anyway, for the future, right at the end of the bridge walking down the stairs and turning right, you will find what it´s for us one of the cutest photography spots in London (although the last time we went there, it didn´t smell very well. Our mate Teddy from @mutyyyaaa lives in London and he was able to take some amazing photos before the contructions started. We can´t wait to go back whenever they finish!

Most instagrammale Streets in London

Oxford Street


It´s one of the most important streets of the whole city, all the important shops are here, and you will recognize it because of the atmosphere, it´s crowdy all day long, from early in the morning to last time of the day, but that and the beautiful architecture of the buildings is what makes it a very charming place and another great Instagram spot in London.

Picadilly circus

This one, is what we call the Times Square of London, because of the neon lights,the commercials on big screens, the traffic and all the people walking around. Of course, if you are not into crowds, forget about visiting this place. Still, during Golden hour time, the beautiful colors reflected on the big buildings make a good photo for your next Instagram post. @mutyyyaaa got the reflections on point in this one!

Notting Hill and the colorfull houses

We did not know this when we went there, but it apparently became famous from a movie… anyway now a days, if there is one place in London, we can really associate with Instagram, that is Notting Hill. We probably have seen more photos in Instagram of Notting Hill than the Golden Gate of San Francisco or the canals of Venice!! So, if you really are looking for the cutest places in London, you cannot miss this one! Another great friend of us, Teresa from @broganabroad really knows how to capture this beautiful street!

That´s the end of our list, but there are way more cute places in London and hundreds of more Instagram spots, but we won´t tell you , because that´s the beauty about traveling finding beautiful places that you weren´t expecting! London has many of those and that is just one of the many reasons why you should visit the UK as soon as possible, so you can find them before everyone else!!

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