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Our 10 best travel tips and recommendations

We always find two types of travelers, the ones that go on adventures without preparing anything, and the ones who like to have everything under control to avoid bad surprises…In our case, although we sometimes enjoy going wild and not thinking much, in general, we prefer to plan everything correctly.

If you are one of those, and you are going to have your first big adventure, don´t worry, because we have prepared a list of the 10 best travel tips… We are pretty sure that it will help you a lot!

Keep your passport updated


We are going to start out list of tips to travel with a recommendation that although it may seem obvious, many people forget about it and then have big issues with it. It´s something as simple as updated having your passport or your documentation and not obsoleted.

Before travelling, always check that your passport has not expired, or is not expiring at any time during your trip (If not you will have a hard time to go back to your country). Many countries require to have your passport updated with a minimum of 6 months before it expires, so check that us well.

Oh! And since we are already talking about passports, we also recommend you bringing a copy with you. It will be helpful if you lose it.

Book your tickets with enough time


Another great travel tip we can tell you, is to not wait until the last minute to buy the tickets for the tourist attractions.

There won´t be a problem when you are visiting recondite places, but when you are going to the Roman Colosseum, The Sagrada Familia or other very famous places, if you don´t book the tickets with enough time ahead, you may end up loosing the chance of seeing the monument… And after coming from so far away, we are sure that is not something that you will enjoy.

From our point of view, the best is to buy the tickets as soon as you know you are visiting a city, but if not, in the popular monuments, we advise you buying them with between 1 and 3 months of anticipation.

Don´t exchange your money at the airport


This is one of those unique travel tips that will help you save some money. Always (if you can), wait until you make it to the city to exchange your money, because at the airports, they always price you with very expensive commissions. And the same happens at the hotels.

At the cities, specially if these are big cities, you will always find shops where they exchange money, and the differences are pretty big.

Of course, if you are travelling to a not so safe country, or you don´t know if you will have the chance of exchanging the money somewhere else, don´t risk it and just do it at the airport.

Divide your money in two or more different wallets


As we were already talking about money, our next tip for travellers is also related to the money. In this case, we are going to advise you to separate the cash you take to your trip. It´s always better to have it in different places.

For example, you can have an amount on your wallet, and another amount on your pocket. You can also leave a little bit of cash at the luggage you have on the hotel room. This will be very useful in case someone steals you… You will have some money to survive.  

Travel light!


Maybe you don´t need to be as exaggerated as we are, travelling with just a few clothes and a small bag, but believe us, travelling light will give you many advantages.

On one side, you won´t have to carry the huge luggage to everywhere you go, and that will make you look less touristy (which is always great on “dangerous” areas). And on the other side, you will never pass the weight limit at the airport and that will save you a lot of money.

Remember that most travelers like to buy souvenirs and other things while travelling, and if your bag is already packed before starting the trip, imagine how it could end up once you finish. This is for sure one of the greatest travel tips we can give you…Or at least, one of our favorites.

Take one adapter… Ore more!


Everyone knows that in other countries people speak a different language, they have different schedules, or even that their rules can be different… But when you are doing your first trip, one thing you would have never thought about is that people use different plugs.

Well, yes, this happens, and we must admit that in more than one occasion, we have travelled to different countries without an adapter, and it has been very tough to charge our phones, cameras or computers.

Of course, you may be able to find the adapter in the country you are visiting but is not always an easy task. So, our best travel recommendation here, is that you buy a multi-adapter that can be useful in several countries.

Don´t suffer with the turbulences


Our first trip by plane was with just 6 years old, but we still remember that feeling of flying for the first time. You are a little bit scared and it´s almost impossible to not get nervous when there are turbulences… But don´t worry, even this, has a solution.

It´s proved that the place on the plane where there are less turbulences is in the middle, so, if it´s your first time, I would not be cheap and I would just pay a few bucks more to book the seat. That way, you will have a better first experience.

Now, we have to say that you will still feel the turbulences (just with a lower intensity), but don´t worry, planes are one of the safest ways of transport, so relax yourself and enjoy the trip.

Be COMFORTABLE while travelling


We write it on capital letter because it´s one of the best travels advise we can give you. Always travel comfortable, no matter if you are going by plane, by train or by car.

It may sound crazy, but we take our comfiest clothes and that´s what we use for the day of the journey, no matter how ugly we look. The trip can take between 2 to 10 hours or more and you don´t want to be uncomfortable during all that time, right?

In our case, what we need is a tracksuit and a toothbrush, but if what you need is a pillow and a mask… Then take it! You will be thankful for it later.

Learn to say NO


Learning to say no is something that is useful in life in general, but being more concrete, for travelers is not only necessary, but mandatory.

All over the world, locals see the people who travel as if they had a lot of money. For that reason they would probably try to take advantage of you on many occasions, by selling you the things to a higher price, or by making you pay for things that don´t really have a cost. On some occasions they may even try to blackmail you.

Don´t get bitter, just be always aware of what surrounds you, and don´t accept everything they people offer you.

Always go with a travel insurance


As an example, we always talk about what happened to Gon when he broke his ankle during the time he spent in the United States. He went to many doctors and did many examinations, something that in the US would have normally cost a lot of money, but thanks to going with an insurance, in total he only paid around 200$.

Although we all tend to believe that nothing bad is going to occur in our trip, the truth is that it can happen, and paying (not much) for a travel insurance will literally save your life or at least, it will help you save tons of money.

A sprain, an intoxication, or a bite of an animal… All those things would normally be covered with the insurance, so don´t risk it and get one.

Do you know any other travel tips?

These are our top 10 recommendation to go on a trip, but we are sure there are a million more. If you know any other, tell us in the comment section below so we can all know about it.

We hope this article was useful and you can enjoy travelling as much as we do.

ᐉ Our 10 best travel tips and recommendations 【 2021  】
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ᐉ Our 10 best travel tips and recommendations 【 2021 】
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