What is travel photography? Definition


We bet most of you already know what´s the travel photography definition, or at least you have an idea of what could it be right? Well don´t be so sure about it, it isn´t just about taking some pretty photos of your trips. The photos don´t even have to be pretty! Doesn´t matter if we are talking about professional photography or about photography as a hobby, behind every photo there is a whole story. Either from what the photographer had to go through to take that shot, the meaning of it or the why of that composition, there will always be a story.

Travel photography definition and meaning

In case you are looking for the travel photography definition, this is what it would be for us. It is all about capturing what that place means to you or what is more representative of it. It can either be the beauty of its landscapes, the emotions and feelings you get from their people or just your experience in that place.

What is a travel photographer?


Now that we know the definition, let´s get to know those who take the photos.  A travel photographer is the one responsible of capturing those moments, actions, views… that will showcase the beauty and the life of the place.

Different types of travel photography

If you are looking to get into it, the first thing you should decide, is what type of photography interests you the most. We take many types of travel photos, so we are not saying you should just choose one and stick to it. What we are trying to tell you, is that at least you should specialize in one, that way, it will be easier for you to stand out in something. You will have more practice with it. These are some of the most common ones:

  • Landscape travel photography
  • Portrait travel photography
  • Aerial tphotography
  • Street photography
  • Wildlife photography
  • Food travel photography

How to do travel photography

It is a simple as, getting yourself a camera or a phone, organizing a trip and taking shots of the things that get your attention. The photos will not be amazing at first, or maybe they will, but in any case, just start practicing until you start to like what you see in your photos!

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