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Welcome to our free travel photography guide! Here we will be sharing new travel photography tips for beginners every week!

We didn´t follow any course to learn about photography and if we could go back in time, we wouldn´t do it neither. The main reason for it, is because we believe the best way to learn travel photography is by practicing. That said, it´s true that tips are always welcome, and they would have helped us a lot. In despite of not taking any class, by doing the things we are going to teach you, we were able to travel to many countries, grow a big following on our social media channels and work as photographers with big companies like Facebook. Therefore, the first one of our tips for beginners in photography, is to not listen those who said you need a degree to become a travel photographer! 

Top 5 Travel photography tips and tricks:

Here is a more specific list with the top 5 travel photography tips and tricks for beginners:

1- Photoshoot preparation checklist


Our first travel photography tip for beginners is something that we don´t do always (because we are lazy) but something we should prepare, as it is very helpful. A photoshoot preparation checklist for a photographer could literally save the day. First, make sure you have all the things ready, batteries, sd cards, tripod… otherwise, if you forget anything, you may not be able to go back get it. This is one of the main differences with other type of photography, you can´t know what will happen and when will the shot come up, so you need to be ready for it. It is not just about bringing the gear, it´s also about knowing the place where you will be shooting, thinking about the possible shots you may want to take and if you need to bring anything specific to improve your composition.

2- Travel photography timing tip: Take your time, but not much!


When you´re a tourist, many times you don´t have more than 10 or 20 minutes for a spot. That is something you won´t accept most of the times as a travel photographer. You need more time; you need to make sure you get the shoot you want. That said, you are also traveling, so you won´t be able to stay a whole day in one spot. You must cover more places. Therefore, we advise to find something in between, not too short not too long!

3- Best time to take photos:
Sunrise and sunset


If you know as well, or if you see our stories ofently at @thetravelertwins, you will probably know how much we love shooting at sunrise and sunset. These are the best times to take photos. During these two times, is where you will find the best lights and of course the best colours. The sky usually gets impressive, which helps a lot in the composition. But it isn´t just that, if you want to take an empty photo in a big city, early morning photography may be your only chance to do it. It is worth it waking up early! We just can say; you should at least give it a try!

4- Importance of photo editing!


Many classic photographers say editing the photos is ruining them, well it is not. It is the opposite; it is giving life to your photo! Editing your photos is one thing, and digital art is a completely different thing. We are not talking about adding a couple of dragons and moon to your photos (although if you want to do it, go for it!), we are talking about editing the lights, the tones… By editing them, you are getting the best out of your shots.  There are million free good apps to edit and you can even do it with your phone, start by trying Lightroom mobile which is very easy to use and pretty good.

5- Creative travel photography tip: Look for inspiration, but don´t copy!

This is probably the most important advice we can give you. When you are starting, you want to get better as fast as possible, which is great! But some people make the mistake of just taking the same photo everyone else takes, so they can have a “great photo”. Having inspiration from amazing artists is very helpful, but if you just copy their work, you won´t have something different, something that identifies you. Therefore, don´t rush, take your time to look for different angles, look for different spots, create your own editing style… Find what you like!

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