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What is Italy famous for? In other countries this could be a hard question, but with Italy it´s pretty clear. Italy is known for their famous Italian pizzas, their gelatos and their food in general, Italy is famous for their Tower of Pisa, and Italian people are also recognized by their flashy accent. We could name a million things that make Italy famous, but it would take us forever, so we are going to make it quicker and tell you all you need to know about Italy:

Famous places in Italy to visit


When talking about what is Italy known for, I am sure most of us have in mind a few names of cities already (ours would be Venice). So we want to go directly to one of the most important things: Which are the best Italian destinations? There is no easy answer for it, as depending on your taste, the time of the year, or many other things, the answer will be different. For example, many people love Rome, but others hate being surrounded by thousands of tourists, then we are sorry, but Rome is not your type. Choosing can be really hard, but the good thing is that you have a huge variety, from big cities to mountain places, or even Paradise beaches like the ones in Sardinia.

What are famous italian foods?

Believe it or not many tourists come to the boat of Europe just to eat the famous Italian food. Even if you don´t know anything about Italy, there is one thing you must learn: Italian food is the best. It may or may not be your favourite, but it´s true that almost everyone on the likes Italian food. And we can almost guarantee that Italian food has been tasted by everyone, which means that Italian gastronomy is either the best or one of the best.

Italian food menus

Although the variety of dishes you can order in any Italian restaurant is huge, there are some typical Italian dishes that you will see at every single menu. Even if you are in Italy or eating at Italian places out of the country, these dishes will always be an option for you:

Traditional Italian pizza


It may sound like a cliche, but Italian pizzas are a must, everyone knows that there will never be pizzas as good as the ones you can find in Italy. Now there are thousands of pizza varieties, and a lot of them really good (not all) but to recognize and Italian pizza the type doesn´t matter, the fundamentals of the Italian pizza are the mass of the bread and the tomato, make sure to have this in mind before ordering one!

Authentic Italian pasta


Another meal you won’t miss at any restaurant is the authentic Italian spaghetti, well spaghetti and pasta in general. There are also a lot of types of Pasta and sauces for pasta, but the one you definitely need to try is the spaghetti alla Bolognese, is delicious!

Classic Italian lasagne

Less popular than the last two, but another worldwide Italian dish you will find everywhere you go is the lasagne. Having just a small portion of lasagne will make you feel like an Italian citizen.

Famous Italian mountains - What is Italy famous for?

The alps, the Dolomites, Mont Blanc, the Apennine mountains, Mount Etna, this is just a short list of the famous mountains in Italy. Of course, these mountains are one of the reasons why Italy is famous for, but not just that it´s also a good reason for tourists to visit the country. One really nice journey that many people do is renting a car and do hikes during a road trip through any of these Italian mountains.

The Alps in Italy

As you may know the Alps are a mountain range that goes through 8 different countries: France, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Yes, the Alps are huge, actually the Alps are the most extensive mountain range in Europe. It´s not just the perfect place to do hikes but also the Italian alps are famous for its ski resorts all over Europe.

Mont Blanc

The Mont Blanc also known as the “White mountain” is the highest mountain in Europe. It goes to 4.808 meters from the sea level and it´s the 11th highest mountain in the world. The Mont Blanc is also on the top most visited places and it´s the perfect place to enjoy a hike with beautiful landscapes and a nature area.

Visit Mount Etna

Mount Etna is an active volcano located in Sicily, Italy. Although Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe it´s still possible to visit it and actually many people do it every year. There are many tours and agencies that organize trips to the volcano, but you can still visit it by yourself. The best time to visit Mount Etna is in May or during the months of September and October.

Famous Italian buildings and monuments


Many people recognize Italy just thinking on the monuments that the country owns. Italy is one of the most artistic countries, and that means they have a lot of important monuments, as well as statues. Their architecture is unique and it goes through all the possible styles from the ancient ruins to the most modern buildings. Some of the most famous monuments of Italy are:

The colosseum, wonder of the world
Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
Trevi Fountain
Leaning tower of Pisa
The Duomo of Milan
Rialto bridge of Venice
Statue of david Michelangelo

Famous Italian beaches

In most of the cases, when we think about what is Italy famous for, we would never think of their beaches, even though we know beaches in Italy are pretty nice. Italy has so many things that we sometimes forget about their beautiful beaches. Their beaches are not as paradisiac as the Maldives ones but these will surprise you in the best way possible. One of the best examples of the best Italian beaches is the Rabbit beach in Sicily but without any doubt the best place to go the beach is Sardinia, where you will see perfect clear waters to do scuba diving and many other fun activities.

Famous Italian history


And the last thing we need to mention when talking about what is Italy famous for, is their history. Everyone has heard once in their life about any Italian historical fact. At least you may know about the Roman empire or it may be familiar the name of Julius Caesar. The thing is that Italy is one of the richest countries when talking about history. The last two are just some of the most important dates, but there are many more:

Timeline of the Italian history

The year 753 BCE: Romulus founds Rome as the legend says
Then in 334 BCE: The Romans began to colonize Italy
In 146 BCE: Rome takes over Greece
Later 45 BCE: Julius Caesar is named the dictator of Rome
The next year in 44 BCE: Julius Caesar is killed
27 BCE: The Empire of Rome is established with Augustus as the first emperor.
The tragedy of 64 CE: The great fire of Rome occurs.
Later 79 CE: Pompeii is destroyed by the Mount Vesuvius volcano.
Right after in 80 CE: The Colosseum of Rome is complete.
476 CE: The Rome Empire falls.
1200 CE: City- states began to develop: Milano, Florence, Venice and Naples.
In1348 DE: The Black Death kills one third of the population.
1377 DE: The Papacy returns to Rome.
An artistic event occurs in1503 DE: Leonardo Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa.
1626 CE: St. Peter´s cathedral is built in Rome.
1805 CE: Napoleon declares the kingdom of Italy.
In 1814 CE: With Napoleon being defeated, Italy divides in different states.
1871 CE: The reunification of Italy is almost completed. Rome is the capital.
Later in1915 CE: Italy joins WWI on the side of the allies.
1925 CE: Benito Mussolini becomes the dictator of Italy.
In 1929 CE: Vatican City becomes an independent country.
1940 CE: Italy joins the WWII to the side of Germany and invades Greece.
At the end in 1943 CE: Italy surrenders to the Allies.
1945 CE: Mussolini is executed.
1946 CE: New constitution.
In 1955 CE: Italy joins the United Nations.
2002 CE: The Euro becomes the currency of Italy.

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