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Where is Trevi Fountain located?

Believe it or not, we got lost the first time we went to Trevi Fountain, it took us 1 hour more than what we expected to get there. It is true that the first times are always harder, but we must also admit Trevi Fountain is a little bit hidden and it usually isn´t easy to get there for tourists. Luckily, during our trip to Rome, we visited it more than three times, so now we have all the routes under control and we can easily tell you where is Trevi Fountain located and how to get there.

Where is the Trevi Fountain situated?


First you should know the exact Trevi Fountain location. It is situated in Rome’s Trevi district, right next to Palazzo Poli, the huge building you will find behind the fountain. In despite of being one of Rome´s most emblematic monuments and the largest fountain in Rome, the square where it is located, called Piazza di Trevi, is tiny and there you will only see a few buildings with restaurants, ice cream shops and of course the fountain.

Directions to Trevi Fountain

Below you will find the different ways to get there depending on the type of transport.

How to get to Trevi Fountain by metro?


In our opinion if you are just visiting places and sightseeing, this one is the easiest and most comfortable option. Many of the important places in the city are located near a metro station, therefore the communication between them is great. Plus, Rome metro´s system is quite simple and easy to understand.

The closest metro station to Trevi Fountain is Barberini, located in line A (Orange). Once you get there; you will just have to walk 5 minutes through “Via del Tritone”. Later, right before you see Tritone Hotel, take the “Via Poli” and at the end you will see Trevi Square.

Taking a bus to Trevi Fountain


Going by bus is usually the fastest option, but it has a slight problem. Many areas in Rome are constantly under construction, therefore, when that happens, those bus stops aren´t operating and the driver will keep going until the next one.

That´s what happened to us and it´s the reason we got lost 🤣. Maybe we just weren´t luck and they only blocked off the road while we were there, but it is true that there´re always construction works in Rome, so you should have it in mind.

Anyway, if you are going to take the bus, you should know these are the closest stops to Trevi Fountain:

  • L.go Chigi: 4 minutes walking.
  • Corso/Minghetti: 5 minutes walking.
  • Venezia: 8 minutes walking.

The lines you should take are: C3, N5, N46, 51, 52, 53, 62, 63, 71, 80, 83, 85, N90, 100, 117, 119, 160, N201, 492 y N543.

How to go walking to Trevi Fountain?


Of course, going walking is also an option, but you must organize it correctly, otherwise it can be deadly.

Our main tip for you, is to take a morning route in which you start at the Spanish Steps. From there walk to Trevi Fountain, which will take you around 8 minutes. After that head to the Pantheon (8 minutes) and last of all, go to Piazza Navona (4 minutes). In case you aren´t tired and you have enough time, you can take the chance and go to Sant´s Angelo Castle, which is just 10 minutes walking from there, but we think it is better to leave it for the same day you visit Vatican City.

By taking a route like this one, you will make sure to visit all the places in order and you won´t have to walk more than what it is needed.

Enjoy it and don´t get lost!

We hope now you know the exact Fontana di Trevi location and how to get there, and if you have any suggestions or questions, please just let us know in the comments.

➤ Where is Trevi Fountain located? 📍【 How to get there? 】
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➤ Where is Trevi Fountain located? 📍【 How to get there? 】
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