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Trevi Fountain at night

It is for sure one of the most famous places in Rome and although it always looks stunning, we must admit seeing Trevi Fountain at night and lit up, is something magical. Below, we are going to tell you everything you need to know before visiting “Fontana di Trevi” at night.

Trevi Fountain at night pictures

Of course, before giving you all the information, we have to show you how beautiful it looks when you visit it at nighttime, therefore, here you have some images:

Trevi Fountain at night hours


What are Trevi Fountain opening hours? It is open all night? The answer is yes! Well, kind of. Trevi Fountain is operating during the 24 hours with only one exemption, which is when they must take off the coins and clean the fountain. Luckily, they will usually do that from 6am to 10am, so if you are planning on visiting Trevi Fountain at night hours, you shouldn´t have any problem.    

At what time does Trevi Fountain light up?


That´s one of the things people ask the most when visiting Trevi Fountain at night, however, we must tell you, there isn´t an exact schedule where they light up Trevi Fountain. Lights are turned on and off, whenever the sun rises and goes down, so it basically depends on the different seasons.

Is the Trevi fountain lit up all night?


Although we did spend a lot of time at the Fontana di Trevi, we even visited it three times, it wasn´t enough to prove if they turn the lights off at some point of the night. What we can sure tell you, is that it lasts quite a long time.

Anyway, if anyone wants to spend the night at the fountain or has already done it, tell us your discoveries, so we can all know haha.

Trevi Fountain: Day or Night?


If you have the chance, we will always recommend you to see it both, at nighttime and daytime, as it almost seems as if you were seeing two different monuments. The problem is that as you may know, Rome is huge and it has too many things to see, so there isn´t always enough time to visit a spot twice. If that is your case, stay tuned, because below we are going to tell you the pros and cons of visiting Trevi Fountain at night in comparation with visiting it during the day.

  • Right after it gets dark, di Trevi fountain lights up, something magical to see.
  • If you visit it late (super late), you might be able to see it without the huge crowds. Of course, there will always be people, but the difference is huge.
  • Nightlife near Trevi Fountain is amazing, there are many restaurants and ice-cream shops to hang out and enjoy the atmosphere.
  • Even though the fountain lights up at night, you won´t be able to see the details of the different statues, the same way you would during the day.

Enjoy it!


That´s everything you should know about visiting Trevi Fountain at night. In our opinion, it is something you must see too really appreciate how beautiful it gets, but we hope our article gave you an idea and answered all the questions you had. Any other suggestions or questions, please let us know in the comments.

⭐ Trevi Fountain at NIGHT & LIT UP: 🌔 Hours, Pictures & +...
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⭐ Trevi Fountain at NIGHT & LIT UP: 🌔 Hours, Pictures & +...
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