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Information about the Trevi Fountain of Rome

It was already time to talk about one of our favorite monuments from our trip to Rome. We know the city also has the Pantheon of Agripa, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and like a million other places, but we still believe Trevi Fountain should be included in the top 3 of best sites in Rome. Anyway, since we liked it so much, we have decided to write an article telling you all the information about the Trevi Fountain, hopefully we don´t miss anything, but if we do, just ask us about it.

Why should you visit Trevi Fountain?


We are not going to give you a million reasons why you should visit it, as we think it´s not needed…It´s a beautiful fountain! But one thing you should know is that for most of the people, the Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful fountain in the world. Even if you look it up in Google, you will see that people say the same in many articles.

And I guess that if you are already visiting Rome, you will regret for a long time not seeing the most beautiful fountain on earth with your own eyes, right?

From our experience, although we haven´t visited all the places on earth, we believe is the best fountain we have seen until now (Maybe it changes in the future).

Trevi Fountain description


Here is the first recommendation we are going to give for your visit to the fountain. If possible, try to get to the square entering through Vicolo del Forno o por Vía di San Vicenzo, as these are the only two streets that will give you a front view to the fountain, and that will make your first impression much more shocking.

Once you are already at the square, you will realize that the Fountain is huge comparing to the small size of the square (This probably gives even more credit to the architect). Oh, another thing you will see is tons of heads, as this site is fully packed almost during the whole day.

In regard of the monuments, the fountain is formed by sculptures of newts, seahorses, seashells, and of course you will also see the small waterfalls and the paintings that represent part of the history of this monument. You will also see that the water is very clear, and that is because they keep it clean and use many chemical products to maintain it that way and make it look purer.

What to do at the Trevi Fountain?

It may look like a stupid question, but there are so many rumors and sayings about the Trevi Fountain that it´s important to know what to do when you get to the square.

First of all, forget about everything you have heard and just admire the monument for a while, it´s not all about taking pictures and fulfill traditions.

Once you have enjoyed it for some time, if you want to do take some pictures, depending on the time there will be less or more people. If it´s very crowded, we advise you to go near the fountain and take the photos from there, that way you won´t have thousand of heads on the frame. Another option is to go to the sides, it looks better than what everyone thinks.

And last of all, go ahead and follow the tradition by throwing your coins and making the wishes. If you have time, you can also go for a coffee, a size of pizza, or a gelato in one of the many restaurants that are near the square.

When should you visit Trevi Fountain?


Once we knew we were going to travel to Rome, we made up our mind to visit the fountain during different times of day and check if the photos with no people were real or were just photoshopped. And believe us, we will write a full article about it to share with you our conclusions.

Meanwhile, we can already tell you that no matter when you go, you will always find people at the fountain, so seeing it completely empty is very hard. But it´s true that the sooner you go the less people you will see, so you better wake up early.

If you decide to go to the trevi fountain at night, your visit will be completely different.

Trevi Fountain square and its surroundings


When you visit the Trevi Fountain you realize that almost all the people who is there go straight to the fountain to take their photos or throw their coins, but not many people take time to see the rest of the square and the streets on its surroundings.

We are also that kind of people who spend a million hours taking pictures and making the wishes, but since we had enough time, we decided to explore a little bit and admire the surroundings of the fountains and the square. Everything was beautiful, but being more concrete, the street Via delle Muratte surprised us a lot…The colors of the buildings, the two Italian flags and the coffee shop made it very photogenic…You must go!

Trevi Fountain visitors per year


When talking about the Trevi Fountain of Rome, you always end up mentioning the huge amount of people that visit it. Although it´s true that the square is not very big, we were very sure that the number of visitors that it receives per year was big…So we decided to inform ourselves and we didn´t find the exact amount, but apparently between 1.000 and 1.200 people pass through the Trevi Fountain per hour. Impressive right?

The biggest fountain in Rome


Is the most famous and most beautiful fountain in the world for most of the people, but that’s still not enough for Trevi Fountain, they wanted another achievement, and yes, although there are a million fountains through all the city, the one from the Trevi Square is the biggest one in all Rome.

It has a length of 20 meters wide and another 26 meters long.

Hope you enjoyed learning all about Trevi Fountain

That´s all you need to know about the Trevi Fountain, as you have seen there is more than just going there and throwing the coin.

If you haven´t visited it yet, hope you can go soon and enjoy it. Oh, and if you have any other question, just let us know.

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ᐉ Discover all the Information about the Trevi Fountain of Rome ⭐
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