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Rome metro system

Today we are going to tell you all the information you need to know about Rome metro system: How to buy Rome metro ticket and how much do they cost, at what time does it open and when will it be closed, how many lines are there, is it safe and much more. With this Rome metro guide, is going to be hard to get lost again.

How to use metro in Rome?


First, we are going to make a quick overview of how the Rome metro works.

Roma ATAC is the official Rome subway system and they aren´t just in charge of the subway, but also the bus, train, and tram system. The good thing about it, is that if you get a ticket for the metro, it will also work for the rest of the public transports. The same happens, if you buy a pass for a week, you will be able to use the 4 different services.

Rome metro system is currently, the smallest one in Europe, and although many people complain about it and it has many disadvantages, we try to see the positive side, which is that it is way easier to understand for first time visitors.

Rome metro map


Now that you know how it works, let´s talk about what really matters, how to get around. In the picture, you can see the map of the metro in Rome from the official website. Below, we will tell you about the different lines and what are the most important stops in each one.

How many metro lines are there in Rome?

As you may have seen on the map, there are just three different lines, A, B and C. They are also quite short, so there is now way you can get lost. Let´s see where each line can take you.

Line A


Line A is the orange one, it goes from the northeast to southeast of Rome, and it has 27 metro stations. Its frequency is of 3 minutes during weekdays and 5 on weekends. The most important stops are:

  • Ottaviano: The closest one to Vatican City, it will leave you about 12 minutes walking far from St. Peter’s Square.
  • Flaminio: It is right next Popolo Square. From there you will also be able to visit Villa Borghese.
  • Spagna: Just two minutes far from Spanish Square. Also, ideal to get to Villa Borghese.
  • Barberini: The closest station to Trevi Fountain (7 minutes walking). From there, you can take route and go walking to the Pantheon, Navona Square and Campo dei Fiori, which are all nearby.
  • Termini: It is the most important station in Rome, and it connects line A and B.

Line B


Line B is the one marked in blue. It crosses over Rome from the south to the north and it includes 26 metro stops. There also is an expansion of it, represented don the map as B1. The underground in this line arrives every 5 minutes during weekdays and every 9 minutes on weekends. Other than the already mentioned Termini, its most important stations are:

  • Piramide: If your flight arrives to Fiumicino airport, you can take the regional train FR1 and it will leave you here.
  • Circo Massimo: As its own name says, this stop is at the Circus Maximus, but that´s not it, it is also the closest metro station to Trastevere, although it is faster to go by bus.
  • Colosseo: It directly connects with Colisseum and from there you will be able to walk to Roman Forum, Trajan Forum…

Line C


Last of all, we have the less important line, which is line C, colored in green. This one is mostly used by locals, instead of tourists, as it doesn’t go through any of the most relevant tourist spots.

If you look carefully into the map, you will see a dashed line over the Coliseum, Venezia Square and Vatican City, well, the reason for it, is because they are making new expansions and hopefully soon line C, will go through those places.

The metro in this line arrives every 12 minutes.

Rome metro tickets

Now that you know how to get around Rome by metro, we are going to tell you about the tickets; How to pay for the metro, how much is it and where can you buy the metro tickets.

Where to buy Rome metro tickets?


It is super simple, you can get them at the different metro stations in one of their machines or if you prefer to do it the old way, or if you have any question, you can just go to a newsstand or a corner shop.

Rome metro Price


The price of the metro tickets in Rome depend on whether it is just for one use only or for multiple uses.

But, for example, the simplest ticket (BIT), costs 1,50€. You will be able to use it for 75 minutes from the time o validation and as we said at the beginning it also works for the other types of public transport.

Rome metro hours

As it happens in most cities, the underground in Rome doesn´t operate 24 hours a day and it usually closes at night.

At what time does the Rome metro open?
    The opening hour of Rome metro is always the same, 5:30 in the morning.
At what time does the Rome metro close?
    The last metro during weekdays is at 23:30 at night and during weekends it closes at 1:30am.

Is Rome metro safe?


Of course, bad things can always happen, but we used the metro a lot while we were in Rome, and it was just like in any other European city, you should always watch out for pickpockets, but that´s pretty much it.

Don´t get lost!

That´s everything you should know about getting around Rome in metro, we hope you have enjoyed our article and if you have any questions or suggestions, please just let us know in the comments.

 🚆 Rome metro system: ✖ Map, Tickets and Price, Hours & Lines
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🚆 Rome metro system: ✖ Map, Tickets and Price, Hours & Lines
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